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Green or white asparagus? Johnny Marr or Morrissey? Accor or Ibis hotels? Olly Schulz and Jan Boomermann confronted the big questions about world history again Sunday in the new edition of their Spotify podcast from “Fest & Flauschig,” but they didn’t ask themselves the eagerly anticipated question: How does Schulz feel about Boomermann after his extensive, in-depth research on Schulz’s companion Finn Kleiman?

It’s about Kliemann’s opaque work with face masks, to put it mildly. suspected of fraud. It will be very interesting to see what Olly Schultz has to say about it. The musician and presenter are closely related to the two parties involved in the controversy: with Kliemann about a Netflix series including a floating house they bought together, with Böhmermann about this very popular podcast “Fest & Flauschig”, which airs weekly.

Not a word in it about Kliemann, the famous influencer (800,000 followers), businessman and musician mistake – Media Status of the Week. A complex story revealed by Boomermann in “ZDF Magazin Royale”, it is difficult for outsiders to sort it into the small parts.

Among other things, Kliemann had protective masks made in Bangladesh and widely sold as “fair” goods produced in Europe. There were only hints in “Fest & Fluffy” when Schulz mentioned people outside who might have approached the release of his new podcast on Sunday with a certain level of expectation.

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Kliemann’s story as a support for a music streaming service? Probably one of the most successful “Fest & Fluffy” releases. Schulz & Böhmermann are media professionals and are well aware that fans are hoping for a statement about Kliemann.

They didn’t, though several times it seemed as if they were leading to the case. Schulze told a story in which he passed on information to a good friend that his girlfriend was cheating on him. No more.

What remains of the case of Finn Kleimann, whose world-saving portrait (with his most famous project, “Kliemannsland”, a farm in Lower Saxony, a sort of adventure playground for adults), aside from the experience of listening to one of the most entertaining podcasts again and asking whether Will legal action be taken against Kliemann and how? hard to say. There is a suspicion of fraud.

Rich Wanker scolds Twitter buyer Elon Musk

Anyway, a look at the Jan Böhmermann phenomenon. There seem to be many Jan Boomermanns in this country. There’s the director of “ZDF Magazin Royale,” there’s the schoolboy Joker (“Three Wanker” berated Twitter buyer Elon Musk), and there’s the investigative journalist. Especially in the latter role, the Bremen native has a lot, no, a lot to offer.

Whether it’s media entrepreneur Hubert Burda, meat manufacturer Clemens Tönnies, or broker Vera Int-Veen, Böhmermann’s editorial team always brings out the unpleasant, even unappetizing. The research is so comprehensive, comprehensive and in-depth that internal radio station ZDF does not seem to have any qualms about repeatedly revealing abuses in the “ZDF Magazin Royale”. Comedian – is it still so? – He seems to be the best investigative journalist of the second.

Jan Boomermann showed that in addition to his big mouth, he also has a penchant for in-depth research. What he and his editors have revealed in the past few months in terms of dirt is even more remarkable. ZDF Magazin Royale has developed into an investigative hot spot.

That should make the ARD’s best traditional dog Monitor and Panorama into a well-thought-out ZDF Frontale. Your survey currently cannot keep up with the research power and rush of “ZDF Magazin Royale”. There has to be a reaction, otherwise people will ask what is the use of these magazines.

That’s not all “Fest & Fluffy” concerns, a 400-issue success story. “ZDF Magazin Royale” can do whatever you want, and it seems Jan Böhmermann and Uli Schulz are still best friends, discussing Smiths and asparagus on the podcast. Despite or because of Finn Kleiman.

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