Formula 1 in Miami: Mick Schumacher disappointed after qualifying

Mick Schumacher wanted more than P15 in the Formula 1 qualifying for the Miami Grand Prix (stay tuned here in the F1 live tape!), but in the end it was exactly that: P15, last place in the second part of qualifying at the Miami International Circuit. Schumacher already has an explanation for why he did not make any decisive gains in the second quarter.

In “Sky,” the world champion son says he couldn’t find the optimum temperature window with new tires. “It was fine on lap one, but the tires were very hot on lap two. Once under, again. It didn’t hit optimally. That’s a little disappointing,” said Schumacher.

In Q1, he had secured the lead with 1:30.645 minutes in P11, in Q2 with 1:30.423 minutes, he lost the lead by three-tenths. “Unfortunately, we didn’t improve on the new set of tyres. And when that is the case, it’s usually not a good qualifying session,” he says.

Mick Schumacher shortens the duel with his colleague Magnussen

Qualifying got off to a good start for the young German: Schumacher won the team duel in Haas against Kevin Magnussen, who was 16th and had to retire after the first part.

Magnussen himself attributes this to the lack of radio contact with the team and says, “The car is good, but I couldn’t talk to the team. So we only made one long attempt in the first quarter instead of two short ones.”

The result: In a direct comparison of his Haas teammates, Schumacher lowered the qualification to 2:3. In the race before the Miami Grand Prix, Magnussen has a 3-1 lead over Schumacher.

Formula 1: Mick Schumacher’s praise of Uncle Ralf

And the Dane “remains optimistic” about the chances of overtaking: “There are points on Sunday. Let’s see what else we can do with strategy. Our pace is good. It will be a crazy race for sure and I hope we can respond.”

Schumacher is also satisfied on Saturday in Miami, albeit not with the result on the right track. But: “We understand the car better and what the tires need. I get the car more in the direction of what I need. I am happy with the progress.”

The praise comes from Uncle Ralph Schumacher, who mentioned his “nephew’s buildup from the weekend” on Sky and attested to his “good” performance. According to the motto: “You start slow, hopefully you’ll improve without making mistakes, and eventually you’re at least as far ahead of your teammate or as good as possible.”

When it comes to tires, Schumacher Team Haas has problems

However, Formula 1 tires are a science in themselves, as Ralf Schumacher emphasizes, and Mick Schumacher explains: “The main reason is that the track [in Miami] Very different from normal methods. Accordingly, we have difficulty simply not getting the tire temperatures into the tires themselves.”

Miami has a track surface that doesn’t put much pressure on the tires, “but it’s like sandpaper, really rough,” says Mick Schumacher. “This means that the surface of the tire is damaged, but the tire is not exposed to any temperature. That’s how I said: in Bahrain [zum Beispiel] On the contrary. We still have to find our way there.”

Ralf Schumacher says that Alfa Romeo with Valtteri Bottas Haas currently has the same advantage. “They are finding it a bit easier at the moment to stay roughly at the level they were at the beginning of the year. With Magnussen, you can see that Haas is starting to find it a little more difficult.”

Ralf Schumacher gives Schumacher chances to score

But that doesn’t necessarily mean Haas has no chance in the Miami race. “In theory, anything is possible,” says Ralf Schumacher, because you can expect “many mistakes” in a grand prix. “But in practice, I think performing is a bit difficult, and starting at 15 doesn’t make it any easier either.”

Overtaking may also be a stumbling block in Miami, according to the former Formula 1 driver. The reason: There is only one real lane, and next to it is a very slippery lane. “This is just a problem,” says Ralf Schumacher.

His nephew Mick Schumacher adds, “But if you have a fast car behind you, at some point it will try to overtake you. I think we see the work. Mistakes will happen on that track. It’s just about not being the one who makes a mistake.”

This article was written by Stephen Ellen