Free for Android and iOS: These apps and games are free now

Are you looking for free apps for iOS and Android, you have come to the right place. All the mobile apps and games we recommend here are available for free for a short time.

Twice a week, we search for apps that are available to you for free for a short time in both the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore as part of the discount campaigns. We use sites like MyDealz as a guide and check apps like AppsFree.

Also free for 1 month:
More than 180 TV channels on up to 4 devices at the same time

important point: You must install an app even if you don’t currently have any use of it. Even if you delete them right away, they will go to your collection of apps. If you need it after that, you can always install it again for free on your mobile phone.

Free apps and mobile games in the Google Play Store

Free apps for your Android phone

  • Meta Launcher Pro – iOS 15 (6.49 euros): Meta Launcher Pro: This app adapts the Android user interface so that it is very close to the iPhone experience. The app still has 4.4 stars on the Play Store. (also in German)
  • Hybrid contact (1.49 €): Hybrid wallpaper with customizable style and information about activities. (also in German)

Free Android Games

  • Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD (€2.69): A top-down tower defense strategy game with HD graphics and more modern settings. Sounds easy, but the levels are hairy, believe me! (also in German)
  • Dead Bunker 4 Apocalypse (0.59€): A first-person shooter where you once again have to face zombies.
  • merge puzzle (2.49 ): A fun and intuitive puzzle game where you have to match numbers to solve the board. It is a very simple puzzle game to solve puzzles without hassle.
  • Superhero Fruit 2 Premium (0.59€): Superhero Fruit 2 Premium: A game about fighting the darkness with robots in the form of fruit – you must be crazy if you don’t download this.
  • Dungeon Corporation P (1.69€): Defeat company monsters and upgrade your equipment in this dungeon game.
  • Dead Bunker 2 HD (€0.59): Again, it’s about claiming something from the scientists’ lab. Who should do that? Well, of course you are!
  • Coin princess! (0.99 €): You only have a chance to escape from evil and the castle if you constantly expand and strengthen your forces of knights. (also in German)

Dinosaur Park – Primitive Zoo, Play for Free
Recreate the wonderful wildlife with prehistoric creatures!

Free apps and mobile games in the Apple App Store

Free iOS Apps

  • Epica 2 Pro (1.09€): Apply cool effects to your photos, from magical effects to crazy hairstyles. With Epica 2 you can spark every chat. If you feel uninspired, the app also provides charts to help you find the best position. (also in German)
  • Fenix ​​for Twitter (€6.99): Fenix ​​offers a customizable Twitter experience. Ad-free navigation through your schedule. Mutes unwanted users, hashtags, or keywords.
  • Centronics (16.99 €): Turns your iPhone or iPad into 17 classical musical instruments with 37 special effects and 50 instrument presets.
  • Contacts widget (€2.29): This app puts quick contacts directly on the home screen with the help of a widget. You can quickly organize these contacts using different widget windows on the home screen. So your important contacts are always available for a quick message or call.
  • bedtime | big watch (1.09 €): The name of the app says it all here. The time is displayed in large letters on the screen.
  • stable (10.99 €): Declare war on stress with this app using Vigilance Tools.

Free iOS Games

  • Finding (2.29 €): an adventure game with simple but beautiful graphics. It all starts with a cut flower and after that you have to solve puzzles to complete the story.
  • Trusket (1.99 €): a skate game that will delight fans of Tony Hawk’s legendary sports series!
  • sand planet (6.99 €): Build your solar system with stars, planets and black holes. Then watch them react and grow (or collapse).
  • Fill Me – Block Brain Game! (€3.49): A fairly simple puzzle game. Definitely not meant for fancy game nights, but when waiting for the bus…why not?
  • 3D chess plane (€5.99): A digital version of the classic board game Ludo.
  • Classic Warlord Strategy (5.99 €): If you want to play Amiga/PC classic on your iOS device, you have come to the right place. Play on 18 maps (including multiplayer matches) and conquer your opponent’s cities! (also in German)
  • match attack (2.29 €): A simple puzzle game that combines classic match-3 gameplay with the ancient Tetris formula.

With that, we’re done with this week and hopefully something works out for you. If not: Tuesday there will be the next slide! If an app is now subject to a charge again, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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