Hard case: 5 models for your next trip

Do you have an upcoming flight? So, it is definitely worth looking for a solid case that will support you in your project and reliably accompany you on vacation.

The selection and variety of bags is huge and hard to keep track of. That’s why we offer you five different hard-shell bags that are especially suitable for all types of travel.

What is the difficult case?

The name expresses it, because the steel casing is distinguished by its rigid frame and therefore highly resistant. Plastic or light metal such as aluminum is often used as the material for wagon cases. The bag is usually lined with a thin fabric on the inside and provides space on each side for clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and other utensils you want to put in the trolley.

The bag is suitable for this

Hard shell bags are suitable not only for vacations, but also for business trips. Stable buggies are especially suitable for air travel. The cases are not weak and can withstand shocks better than traditional models. Even the most delicate items tolerate rough transportation better and do not break easily. In addition, hard bags impress with complete comfort. Despite the hard shell, it is very light and weighs very little. Thanks to two to four wheels, the case can be conveniently pulled or pushed.

How do you find the right difficult situation?

Since there are so many models, searching for a suitable stroller can become very challenging. Here we show you what to look for, and which bags are worth investing in and will reliably accompany you on your travels. All bags shown are medium in size and suitable for week-long trips.

5 best travel bags

Suitline: difficult case

subordinate Hard Case from Suitline It will not only convince you with its functionality, but also with its beautiful design.

price: €99.95

Dimensions: 66 x 44 x 27 cm

amount: Approx. 58 – 68 liters

Weight: 3.6 kg

handles: The telescopic rod can be adjusted to different heights, which makes the case particularly comfortable and makes pulling it uncomplicated. There are also handles on the top and side, which also makes it easy to carry the bag.

furnishing: The Suitline has four wheels that allow for secure grip and easy pulling. The case has four small feet on the long sides that provide extra support when the case is on. Inside the cart is equipped with a piece of cloth. It has a flexible shelf with three separate compartments that divide the interior. The contents can also be secured with criss-cross straps, so that your luggage is in good hands especially in the suitcase.

protection: The hard-shell case is equipped with a TSA combination lock, which can be secured with a personal code. This lock can be opened at the airport with a master key without damaging the suitcase.

optics: The box is available in different colours. Available in classic black, grey, white or titanium as well as trendy mint, violet, yellow and coral. Each stroller has a matte finish, giving it a premium look.

Additional advantages: The hard-shell case has an expansion fold that makes the trolley expandable, saving 15% more packing space. If the wheels, feet or handles break, they can easily be rearranged and replaced individually. The material made of 100% ABS plastic is not only unbreakable, but also scratch-resistant. This trolley bag can also be purchased as a handbag or in an XL size. What’s especially nice is that there is a full suite and that you are fully equipped for every ride.

Samsonite: S’Cure – Spinner

to Samsonite There is a bag that can do more and offers some features that will make your trip more enjoyable.

price: 219.00 EUR

Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 81 cm

amount: Approx. 79 liters

Weight: 4.2 kg

handles: This Samsonite travel bag has a dual multistage tube pull handle and an aluminum handle. Practical handles are also attached at the top, side and bottom.

furnishing: The trolley has four wheels that can be rotated 360 degrees for convenience. Inside, the case has straps that can be crossed in different ways, keeping clothes securely in place. The divider pad has a zipper and holds things tightly on the other side so there’s no mess in the bag.

protection: Equipped with a three-point lock and thanks to the TSA function, the bag allows for particularly secure travel. What is particularly good about this seal is that no water can penetrate its seal and thus moisture is avoided.

optics: With this model, Samsonite has developed a very simple travel bag that comes in colors like black, blue and red. The main focus here is on functionality and to a lesser extent on special designs.

Additional advantages: The Samsonite hardcover case has an integrated address label, which means the cart can always be easily found and customized. The case is also available as a trolley and as a travel case.

Capital Bag – Alex

Capital Suitcase presents a hard case, ensuring a nice feel and gliding very smoothly over any bumps. This stroller is really eye catching that you will definitely not miss.

price: €129.95

Dimensions: 65 x 41 x 26 cm

amount: 74 liters

Weight: 4.2 kg

handles: With a height-adjustable aluminum telescopic rod, which can be extended from 92 to 103 cm, special comfort is provided and made possible. There are more handles on the side and at the top next to the strap so the bag can also be carried.

furnishing: The case has two feet on the side and four wheels that can be maneuvered and rotated. Each of them can be rotated separately. Thanks to the rubber wheels, it runs almost silently and you can easily rotate the case 360 ​​degrees. The hard box features crisscross straps to secure contents. A buckle also divides the interior and has a mesh pocket and another pocket for reliably storing utensils. The materials are also easy to care for and washable.

protection: The hard shell case has a combination lock, which can be locked using a three-digit combination of numbers. So you can reliably secure and protect your luggage in the suitcase.

optics: This bag looks very modern and clean. The angular shape and shiny ABS / PC material make it particularly elegant and elegant. The stroller is available in various colours, ranging from soft to very eye-catching. Due to the special colors, the case also has a very high distinguishing value.

Additional advantages: The case has protective covers for shock absorption and an additional zipper, which can be used to provide an additional 15% storage space. Capital Bag also offers cabin trolleys and large suitcases in groups.

TITAN: Travel bag with four wheels

If you like it muted and simple, this is for you The hard case of Titan Maybe just right for you.

price: 139.95 €

Dimensions: 44 x 66 x 26 cm

amount: 73 liters

Weight: 3.3 kg

handles: The telescopic handles on the trolley are made of aluminum. This makes it very light and strong.

furnishing: With four wheels, the case allows for flexible and comfortable rolling on a variety of floor types. The interior of the bag is distinguished by cross straps on both sides, which optimally hold the luggage. With several zipped pockets and separate compartments, small items can also be stored in the trolley.

protection: The bag is secured with a TSA lock. Airport staff can easily open these locks without damaging the tough bag.

optics: With this bag it remains classic and reserved. With smooth edges and a ribbed surface, the Titan wagon convinces everyone who prefers simple models.

Additional advantages: With the expansion fold, the case can be increased in size to provide more storage and space. This gives the piece of luggage a total volume of a maximum of 79 liters. To enlarge the case, simply open an additional zipper. In addition, the fasteners are resistant to splashes of water, so water cannot penetrate so quickly. If you also need a travel bag and trolley for this size, you can buy these models in a practical travel kit.

American Tourister: Soundbox

American Tourister Bag It provides the largest storage space and leaves you with enough space for all the important items for your next trip.

price: 179.95 EUR

Dimensions: 67 x 46.5 x 32 cm

amount: 81 liters

Weight: 3.7 kg

handles: The case has several carrying handles and a two-part telescopic rod that can be easily adjusted to your height.

furnishing: Dual wheels ensure comfort when towing, making it easy to carry the bag with you. Luggage can be secured with a crisscross strap and a room divider and neatly stowed away. The section has a large side pocket.

protection: The three-digit TSA lock ensures additional security and can be closed with a personal number code. Using the master key, which is owned by the airport staff, the bag can be opened without damaging.

optics: This bag is really eye catching. Due to the solid surface that features circles, the bag looks particularly modern. Combined with the bright colors, this luggage piece really stands out everywhere and is quickly recognizable on the luggage strap.

Additional advantages: The case can be expanded with an additional zipper, giving you more storage space for everything you want to take with you on your next trip. The case is made of polypropylene and is therefore particularly light and durable. The bag is available in different sizes, so you can also buy it as a trolley or a large travel bag for long trips.

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