Munich: Tips for children and families during the carnival holiday – Munich

The carnival holiday begins. And many families who don’t go away think long and hard about what they can do with their children – or what they can do without them. So Lilalu’s workshops are already fully booked. “We always need a certain lead time. Now, for example, I can recommend interested parties to sign up for our workshops during the Easter holidays,” says Vera Tecchi of Lilalu, Johanniter’s holiday programme.

However, even those who decide spontaneously do not have to despair. Since there are institutions such as the Children’s Art House, the Children’s Museum, the German Museum and the Feierwerk, whose shows can be visited without prior registration or where you can still register for individual courses. In the Children’s art house For example, the “Open Program”, which is usually only available to young amateurs and their families on the weekends, is extended during the carnival holidays: it can be attended automatically on Tuesdays through Fridays from 2 pm to 6 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am Until 6pm, provided there is space. There are about 50 places for crafts in the large studio room. “Because experience has shown that the stay is around two hours, we can use several time slots,” explains founder and director Alexandra Helmig.

You can also do crafts at home: this is what the physical bags that the Kinderkunsthaus team sends to participants of online courses look like.

(Photo: Kinderkunsthaus)

When it started last December, Helmig and her tech broker team were still thinking about “whether people will ever come back to us, but now I have to say: The need for face-to-face events is huge,” Helmig says. Accordingly, the current face-to-face workshops are fully booked. Here, too, early bookings for the Easter holiday make sense. However, there are still places on online courses designed during lockdowns. “We kept it. Because there are still a lot of parents who are suddenly at home with their children because they are either infected or have had to stay in quarantine and look for work.” Virtual course formats are just right for them: after you register, you will be sent portfolios of materials with which you can work on the course (

Holiday program for Munich: before turning the tree into a table or chair, it must first be moved out of the forest.  The exhibition shows how it is done

Before the tree can be processed and turned into a table or chair, it must first be moved out of the forest. Wood’s exhibit at the Children’s Museum shows how it’s done.

(Photo: Children’s Museum)

The practical exhibition, which has just been extended, revolves around the theme of “Wood”. Children museum in Arnulfstrasse. Until June 19, young visitors have the opportunity to explore raw materials at different creative stations: how does a tree actually become a table, a cabinet or a chair? Visitors become forest researchers who learn to “read” the annual rings of trees or accompany a tree’s path from its growth in the forest to its processing into everyday objects. On Sunday, February 27, “Fantastic Tree Books” will be presented in an open workshop between 11 am and 5 pm, and is a participatory event for children 4 years of age and older. Together with young visitors, a wooden library is created from trees that spring from the imagination – from dreamy fir to pearl beech (

visit to German Museum It’s actually always exciting – even if the Children’s Kingdom is currently closed. There are also specials here during the holidays, for example at exhibitions of “energy machines” and “shipping” on March 2 and 3 from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.: With a professional radio operator, young researchers look at charts in Exactly concerned exhibitions. They can then produce their own radio report with support (

Munich holiday program: at the fair

In the “Shipping” gallery there are many dioramas – for example the facades of the “Wooden Shipyard”.

(Photo: German Museum)

Also this Celebration work Offers a special vacation program at children’s and youth entertainment centers Jungle Palace or South Pole Station. For example, on March 4, the Jungle Palace organizes a day trip to the Five Continents Museum, followed by a creative program for children ages 6 and up. Antarctica Station invites children and young adults to experiment with light, shade, different colors and materials and their sound. In arts and crafts workshops, they can create something cool and beautiful or experiment with radio making. A trip to the Brandhurst Museum on March 2 gives children aged eight to twelve the chance to be inspired by the work of contemporary artists. Then they try to paint light and shadow themselves in a workshop (

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