No to war and capitalist misery! For the socialist revolution in Latin America!

This is the speech given by Tomas Castanheira on the 1st of May 2022 at the International Labor Day Rally Online. Castanheira is a prominent member of the Socialist Equality Group in Brazil. You can find all the sermons below

Tomas Castanheira, a prominent member of the Socialist Equality Group in Brazil

On this historic day in May, the ICFI called on the working class of all countries to engage in a united struggle against the imperialist war, the endless epidemic of COVID-19, and their true common cause: the capitalist system in its dissolution.

On behalf of the Socialist Equality Group in Brazil, I invite all Brazilian and Latin American workers and youth to join this struggle. Only cooperation among the working class – both in the oppressed countries and in the imperialist countries – based on the perspective of world socialism is able to overthrow imperialism throughout the world and ensure the progress of all mankind.

It has been proven in all countries in recent years that the capitalist class is wholly unfit to maintain its control over society. In Latin America, a region of the world marked by extreme social inequality, billionaires have doubled in the midst of the pandemic while the living standards of the masses have plummeted for decades.

It is estimated that the impact of the war in Ukraine on fuel and food prices is keeping more than 10 million Latin Americans in poverty. But the financial elite is speculating on the profit opportunities offered by the war. “There are many countries that import the same products from Russia and Ukraine as they import from Latin America and the Caribbean. The President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) said.

Representatives of the Latin American bourgeoisie and its media propagate the illusion that they can remotely play with the fire of the imperialist war. This points to an urgent need for the working class to take over.

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