Police expect 150 members of Russian national rock group on Monday

Commemoration and demos at the end of the war

And the rock group “Night Wolves”, which is close to Putin, wants to come to Berlin

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More than 50 commemorative events and demonstrations have been announced through Monday to commemorate the end of World War II. Members of the Russian national rock band Night Wolves are also expected to attend.

World War II ended on May 8, 1945, 77 years ago. Russia traditionally commemorates the victory of the Soviet army over Hitler’s Germany on May 9. Several commemorative events and demonstrations have been announced in Berlin and Brandenburg this year to mark the end of the war. But at the same time, anti-Russian rallies due to the war are also scheduled this year, mostly through Ukrainian initiatives. And the security forces prepared for the confrontation.

In the context of the anniversary, members of the Russian rock band “Night Wolves” are expected to arrive in Berlin. As a police spokeswoman told RBB on Saturday, an estimated 150 members of the rock club associated with Putin are set to ride from Frankfurt (Main) to the federal capital by motorcycle. The spokeswoman said the rockers wanted to take part in the “Memorial Elevator for Red Army Soldiers,” which is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. Monday in front of the Brandenburg Gate and lead to the Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten.

Brandenburg police said on Sunday that “night wolves” had not yet been spotted in the capital. She added that officials will monitor highways and federal roads on Sunday and Monday morning to see if rock club members are arriving in the metropolitan area. Since the Night Wolves wanted to be at the Brandenburg Gate around 11 a.m. on Monday, police assume the rockers will make their way from Frankfurt (Main) on Sunday, according to a spokesperson.

In Berlin, more than 50 demonstrations and commemorative events are expected over the two days. The Senate gave this number in advance. In some cases, several hundred participants were registered.

In the Sunday The following major commemorative events are planned:

From 10 a.m., the Association of Undiscovered Countries is holding an event under the theme “The 77th Anniversary of Emancipation from German Fascism” in Treptow Park Organized in Berlin. 50 people are registered here.

before Karlshorst Museum On Zwieseler Strasse 2, the Berlin Karlshorst Citizens’ Association organizes a rally from 11 am entitled “Mothers for Peace”. 500 people registered for this.

Ukrainian Ambassador Andrei Melnik wants a wreath at 12 noon Soviet War Memorial Tiergarten put down.

From 1pm the Bund der Antifaschisten and the Pro meeting place will also be in the hall Treptow Park March on Liberation Day from Fascism. Organizers expect 200 participants.

It’s 1:45 p.m. before that Brandenburg Gate Demonstration under the slogan “No to war in Ukraine”! registered.

In the Brandenburg State Parliament The commemoration of the 77th anniversary of the liberation from National Socialism was planned at 3 pm – with the Ambassador of Ukraine Andrei Melnik. Prime Minister Dietmar Wojdicki (Social Democratic Party) and Viennese historian Christine Susan Jobst are scheduled to speak.

Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD) wants one on Sunday evening Television speech (ZDF) At the end of World War II in Europe 77 years ago and about the war in Ukraine.

In the Monday The following major commemorative events are planned:

One person participated in a rally against the attack on Ukraine at 8 am Treptow Park invited. The number of participants is expected to reach 500.

The Berlin Association for Victims of the Nazi Regime organizes from 9 am Soviet memorial in Treptower Park “March Against War and Thanks to the Editors”. 100 participants are expected.

A person called for the construction of a “Memorial Elevator for the Red Army” at 11 am Brandenburg Gate start and Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten should lead.

The Russian Embassy It keeps secret the exact times of the commemoration in Berlin at the end of World War II in Europe. “exactly Dates and places Unfortunately we do this for security reasons not the audience“It is scheduled to organize a series of commemorative events for the Russian Embassy in Germany,” she announced.

It was only announced that wreaths and flowers would be laid on Sunday and Monday in Berlin at the Soviet memorials and cemeteries of dead soldiers in Tiergarten, Treptor Park and Pankow. In addition, visits to the most important memorial sites of former concentration camps are scheduled.

Regulations for memorial sites

In light of the tensions over the Ukraine war, the senator for the interior in Berlin, Iris Springer (SPD), announced that the police would constantly intervene in any confrontation between Russian or Ukrainian organizations. The police will against
“Any form of support, approval, glorification or even glorification of Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine.” About 3,400 police officers are said to work in Berlin on Sunday and Monday.

In addition, the internal management issued a special set of rules on 8/9. May to ensure a dignified and peaceful commemoration. This includes terms for 15 specific memorial sites, such as the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park. “No military flags or symbols are allowed there,” said a statement issued by the internal administration in Berlin.

Accordingly, on the floor of the memorials and “in the immediate vicinity” it is forbidden to show such symbols as: Russian or Ukrainian flags, the so-called George ribbons and “uniforms or parts of the uniform, even in modified forms”. It is also forbidden to “play marching or military songs and chant appropriate, in the current situation, to support, glorify or glorify the war in Ukraine.”

Jevi rejects the allegations of the Ukrainian ambassador

These rules have sparked controversy ever since. Ukrainian Ambassador Melnik said on Twitter that he and a slap in the face of the Ukrainian people not allow the display of Ukrainian flags; He called for the flag ban to be abolished. On Saturday, Berlin’s ruling Mayor, Franziska Jaffe (SPD), rejected Melnik’s claims about the event’s requirements: the ban applies only to 15 memorial sites. However, the Ukrainian initiatives joined the criticism of Melnyk.

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution calculates that there could be pro-Russian actions across the country, especially on Monday. On May 9, Russia traditionally celebrates the anniversary of the Soviet Army’s victory over Hitler’s Germany – an “ideal date to be exploited in Russian propaganda,” the head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, said, “Welt am Sonntag.” Parades and demonstrations should be expected with cars, which may also display the Z symbol for the invading Russian army in Ukraine. It is considered a sign of approval of the Russian war of aggression.

Broadcasting: Radio 1, 7 May 2022, 11 am

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