Schalke 04 beat St. Pauli in first match after furious race to catch up and makes Bundesliga promotion perfect

At 10:26 pm, all the dams in Schalke were stormed: fans stormed the field after their return to the Bundesliga, top scorer Simon Tyrode howled like a fox and coach Mike Buskins hugged his players. “The S04 is back,” fans enthusiastically chanted. It was the start of a long night of partying in Gelsenkirchen.

“The feeling is incredible. It was our dream. We had to fight for it, you didn’t get it for free. A huge compliment to the team. It’s unbelievable,” Buskins on Sky said.

To return to the German House of Lords after 382 days, an energy performance was essential. Second Division leaders FC St. Pauli are defeated 3:2 (0:2) after a 0:2 delay and cannot be ejected from one of the top two places on the last day of the match.


The Büskens effect: Schalke look forward to promotion

Yesterday at 13:09

Top scorer Tyrodi with his season’s goals 28 and 29 (47, penalty kick/71) and Joker Rodrigo Zalazar (78) brought the Royal Blues back into the Bundesliga for the fourth time after 1982, 1984 and 1991 in front of 62,271 spectators. The Veltins Arena was sold – for the third time after a league season just one. On April 20, 2021, the Royal Blues achieved their fourth relegation with a 0-1 draw at Armenia Bielefeld Stadium.

Igor Matanovic (9, 17) put Hamburg ahead with a double. After a sixth straight game without a win, the chances of rising St. Pauli, the leaders a month ago, are just theoretical. Marcel Beevus also witnessed the red card for a fatal error (81), and Matanovic was sent off with a yellow card (90′ + 5′).

Even before kick-off, the Royal Blues: Eurofighters, who thrillingly won the UEFA Cup 25 years ago and achieved the greatest success in the club’s history, celebrated with perfection. The team gathered around century coach Huub Stevens on the lawn to celebrate the anniversary, and fans sang about the legendary journey across Europe.

Buskins, himself part of the 1997 team, has been busy with his current form. The 54-year-old has moved up two places compared to the emotional 2-1 win at Sandhausen and put Thomas Oegan and Dominic Drexler back in the starting lineup. His opponent, Timo Schultz, had to replace half a dozen players after the Corona outbreak last Sunday.

The two coaches almost scored the first goal after 32 seconds, but Tyrudy failed to save Dennis Smarsh. St. Pauli’s goalkeeper also saved the net against Marius Poulter (fifth). On the other hand, the first shot was a hit: Matanovic completed Hamburg’s first largely undisturbed attack with a lead.

Schalke goalkeeper Martin Friesel gave the visitors 2-0: the goalkeeper, who has been frequently noticed lately with dropouts, made a disastrously poor pass in building the match, which Matanovic used. Schalke responded and celebrated – too soon: Ko Itakura’s supposed equalizing goal was preceded by a Japanese handball (23). Then defender Tyrodi Yakov Medek hit the goal line from two meters (33).

Only a few seconds after the start of the second half, Medic Terodde tore through the penalty area, scoring the second-tier scorer with a penalty kick. After that, Schalke, led by the crowd, bravely stormed into despair. Terodde used a model from Darko Churlinov to target his 171st in the second division. Zalazar has finally turned the square into a crazy house.


Mike Buskins (Coach Schalke 04): “I told the players in the first half: It was the best first half we played.”

Ko Itakura (Schalke 04): “I’m going to be drinking a lot of beer today – but I really don’t like beer.”

Tweet about the game:

Today’s victory meant more than just three points, but it also meant a return to the Bundesliga after a year-long break. Good news for German football!

This was notable: Zalazar is the champion of Schalke

The surprise was that the in-form Zalazar was not allowed to start the match. After all, Uruguay has played a major role in the success of today’s Royal Blues. Next to the goal, Schalke almost got a pass, but Chorlenov’s goal was disallowed. Particularly explosive: Zalazar, who also scored in the first leg, played for the Kizickers last season.

Statistics: 4

This was not rewarded with points, but after the last four guest games at Schalke 04 without a goal of their own, FC St. Pauli have managed to score one or even two goals. The last time was in 1978, when Franz Gerber made himself top scorer in a 4-1 defeat.

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