Schalke 04: Six facts about the young team – Analysis – Bundesliga

Schalke’s last goal came eight minutes after the final whistle. At 10:34 p.m., the box in front of the north curve collapsed under the weight of some fans sitting on the crossbar. At that point, top scorer Simon Tyrode (34/29 goals this season) had long since broken all the dams…

Mucus and water, like royal blue cult figures Charly Neumann and Rudi Assauer once did, Ballermann vom Kohlenpott finally made its way into fan hearts…

Pyro. Storm place. party, party. With the return of the German League, Schalke has regained its pride! No more mayhem and the intrigue club everyone laughs at! The S04 has completely reinvented itself in record time. The resurrection has many causes.

Until the tape breaks!  And while storming the field Foto: Sebastian El-Saqqa/firo Sportphoto

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Until the tape breaks! And during the storming of the square, the gates to the arena were “disassembled”.Photo: Sebastian Sakka/Phiro Sport

The Great Rise Analysis. Here are six facts about Schalke…

Buskins is coach of the year!

Not Flick, Nagelsmann or Rose, Mike Buskins (54) is Coach of the Year. Seven matches, six wins (2.57 points on average) – an upgrade! Hardly anyone lives their Schalke more emotionally than the Eurofighter Buskins. Only real upgrade fighters formed a talented squad. Players who believe in themselves until the last minute and push their limits. “Schalke is the most exciting club in the world” – with the Büskens, fans are once again believing in one of their favorite battle songs.

Terodde must go to the World Cup!

No professional German striker promises a higher goal guarantee than Simone Tyrudy (251 goals in his career). How often the national team has lacked a super joker, and that is exactly the role the Bocholter native should play in the Winter World Cup in Qatar. Redeem, Pick Up, Earn, Done. With bench players like Sane, national coach Hansi Flick also faces a much greater risk of disruption than Terodde…

Schalke’s greatest asset is the fans!

One thing is for sure: had it not been for his supporters (and Terodi, of course), Pot Klopp would not have returned to the Bundesliga. The return of fans after the Corona Geisterspiel period was vital to Schalke 04 and was instrumental in the success of the club. The 2-1 victory at Sandhausen, when 10,000 blue and white catapulted their team to the top of the league, is a case in point. The twisted final match point against St. Pauli (3:2 after 0:2) is a case in point. Loud, passionate and loyal. Schalke’s greatest asset is the fans…

Gazprom’s breakup was the best signal!

Rarely in its history has Schalke shown more behaviour! The rapid separation from Gazprom, the sponsor of the Russian blood donations, immediately after the outbreak of the war had a major impact on the liberalization of the club and the environment. Breaking free from the shackles of the past, Schalke has created a healthy foundation for a sustainable economic reorientation in the first place. At the same time, the long-lost trust of supporters was restored by the steady move.

Knäbel and Schröder are the up-and-coming architects!

There are more officials than speakers. Show less, perform more. With sporting director Peter Knebel (55) and sporting director Reuven Schroeder (46), Schalke has found a firm hand after decades of mismanagement. With a small budget of 20 million euros, they formed a promotion team. There were about 50 transfers necessary after the collapse in Division Two. Its motto: Speak less, work hard. After that they need to re-establish Schalke in the Bundesliga. More transfers are sorely needed: Starting with wobbly goalkeeper Martin Friesel (28), the club will have to replace up to ten positions in the squad to remain competitive.

high shower!  It was completed Foto: Jürgen Fromme /firo Sportphoto

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high shower! Coach Mike Buskins was “christened” with beer by Chowder (left) and Asamoah (right) and company.Photo: Jürgen Fromme / firo Sportphoto

Schalke is still a savings club!

With debts still at €183.5 million, shrinking legacy assets from the eras of Clemens Tonis (65) and Peter Peters (59) remains the toughest task for CFO Christina Ruhl Hammers (45) and her colleagues. So smart austerity measures and creative shifts will define actions in the coming years and limit Schalke’s chances. Promotion to the Bundesliga calms the situation. Players who expect big salaries in the millions are still in the wrong place in Gelsenkirchen.

Schalke’s toughest coin has been called with pride again since promotion night.

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