“Temptation Island” on RTL+: Jesse and Abdo face a relationship test

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Season 4 of the TV show “Temptation Island” is currently airing on RTL+ streaming service. Among the couples involved are Jesse and Abdo from Neuenstadt am Kocher.

Instead of vacationing together in the Greek sun, they stay in separate villas. Prize-winning women get companionship from twelve men, a well-built mass. Your partners will be equally surrounded by beautiful women who will do their best to entice candidates. Emotions will rise and jealousy will be the order of the day. This is how Jesse and Abdo from Neuenstadt am Kocher currently operates. She participates in the TV show “Temptation Island” on RTL +.

The idea to score in the figure came from 21-year-old Jesse. “We have a mutual friend, Mike, who got engaged last year,” says the young woman. “Because of it, we know the shape and that’s why we came up with the idea of ​​applying there.” The blogger admits that her 22-year-old partner wasn’t sure at first if TV was really for him. “However, we are both very open-minded and like to try new adventures.”

‘Temptation Island’ on RTL+: Neuenstadt couple undergo relationship test

When they told those around them that they were on the TV show, the response was mixed, with the majority being positive. “Most people find it admirable that we dare to be involved in such a way, even though we are so much at risk,” Jesse says.

Jesse already had reason to doubt her boyfriend’s loyalty. “There was a deception now and then that hurt me a lot in the past,” Neuenstädter admits. “So I took the coordination as an opportunity to test it. Above all, I don’t really know what it is like when partying or towards women, because we met during the Corona period,” says Jesse. “Of course, what I fear most is that his servant will not pass the loyalty test. However, I go there with great optimism because I trust him.”

‘Experience Island’: Jesse and Abdo – Jealousy is a controversial issue

On the other hand, Abdo is not worried about his potential girlfriend’s betrayal, because Jesse has not given him a reason yet. “Sometimes you worry, but that’s your head,” says the rapper. “Of course I’m afraid of losing my girlfriend, but even if the fear is there, I still trust her.”

Jessi and Abdu from Neuenstadt am Kocher are part of the “Island of Temptation”.

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When it comes to jealousy, the spirits of the spouses are different. “I’m not jealous at all. Sometimes his slave wishes I was more jealous,” Jesse admits. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, is actually a very jealous person. “But now I have control of it very well.”

Neuenstadt am Kocher: A Couple on Temptation Island.

Jesse had already thought about what would happen if Abdo looked too deeply into his servant’s eyes. “Of course it depends on how involved he is with the temptress. Good compatibility, spending time together, liking each other, doing bullshit together,” says the 21-year-old.

“What is absolutely taboo to me, though, is asking a temptress to do something.” A woman who looks like her type poses a serious threat to their relationship. “I prefer blonde, natural, open and down to earth,” says Jesse. “What he doesn’t like is when a woman does too much for her.”

“Experience Island”: Jesse and Abdo are looking for adventure

Abdo is convinced that a dark-haired, dark-skinned man can have a special attraction to the Queen of Hearts. “But everyone is unique and special in their own way,” he asserts. “Jesse is dating not only because of my looks but also because of my personality.”

I’m sure Jesse knows her limits and sticks to them.

Abdo, Neuenstadt am Kocher, on “Island of Temptation”

His servant will be angry and sad if his partner gets involved with a single man. “But I’m sure she knows her limits and sticks to them.” The young couple is very much looking forward to chilling dates and experiences as well as staying in a villa on a beautiful island. In addition to an unforgettable adventure and a lot of fun, Jesse and Abdo also hope to “make new connections and meet great people” when they participate.

Neuenstadt am Kocher: This is how you see Jesse and Abdo on TV

It remains to be seen if Jesse and Abdo will eventually go their separate ways or if their relationship will come out stronger from the experience. Season 4 of “Temptation Island” can currently be watched on RTL+ streaming service (for a fee). However, both Jesse and Abdo agree: “We are sure that our relationship will stand the test of loyalty,” Jesse and Abdo say. “If we were unsure, we might not have come forward in the first place.”

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