Ukrainian ambassador slams ‘blind spot’ in commemoration of German war

Speech in the State Parliament of Brandenburg

Melnik slams ‘blind spot’ in commemoration of German war

dpa / Soeren Stache

Audio: Brandenburg antenna | 08.05.2022 | Andrei Melnik’s statement | picture: dpa / Soeren Stache

Under the impression of the Russian aggressive war on Ukraine, the Brandenburg State Parliament commemorated the liberation from National Socialism and the victims of the World War. Ukrainian Ambassador Andrei Melnik was also a guest.

Marking the commemoration of the end of World War II in the Brandenburg State Parliament, the Ambassador of Ukraine, Andrey Melnik, called for the closer participation of Ukrainian war victims in the commemoration. In Germany, even 77 years after the end of the war, there is a “huge blind spot” in memory of the barbarism of the National Socialists when it comes to Ukraine. According to the ambassador, the Ukrainian victims of the German war of aggression in Eastern Europe are currently not represented either in history books or at memorial events.

Woodicky: ‘The devastation in Ukraine provokes astonishment and outrage’

In addition, Melnyk called for a monument to the Ukrainian victims of World War II. Such a memorial would give the approximately 150,000 Ukrainians living in Germany a place where they could mourn their fallen compatriots.

In his speech, Brandenburg State Prime Minister Dietmar Vodecki (Social Democratic Party) recalled the civilians and soldiers who lost their lives in the war. “Among them are many soldiers from the Soviet Union, Ukraine and today’s Belarus. They all paid an incredible price in blood for our liberation,” Woydick emphasized.

Regarding Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, Wodecki said he was shocked by the return of the war to Central Europe. “Millions of Ukrainians are suffering from Russia’s criminal war of aggression,” Wodecki said. “The destruction of Ukrainian cities, villages and culture leaves us dumbfounded and angry.”

Head of State Lideteke calls for reconciliation

Given its history, Germany bears a special responsibility for peace and coexistence in Europe. It is important for the Brandenburg state government to provide the best possible care to refugees from Ukraine: “We treat these people with a big heart.”

The speaker of the state parliament, Ulrike Lidtke, had previously called for peace and reconciliation in Parliament. “Even after 77 years and beyond, we still owe a deep gratitude. And that is precisely why the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine hurts us Germans and Europeans so much: because the Russians, whose great-grandparents were among the liberators, savagely attacked a people who were himself one of our liberators. of National Socialism.

Several events and memorial gatherings will take place on Sunday to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the end of World War II. Wreaths are laid in front of the statue of the “accused” on Schlossplatz square in Oranienburg (Oberhavel) in the morning. In the Peace Park in Angermünde (Uckermark) there was a “silent mode of flowers”, at the Soviet Anger memorial in Lindenstraße Frankfurt (Oder) the millions of victims of World War II were commemorated.

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