Weather Week in Quick Check: Early Summer Warming Ice Saints

Weather week in a quick check
Warm early summer icy saints

Next week is tough: While Monday is still a cold start with ground frost, Wednesday has already broken the first heat record of the year. There is no sign of Ice Saints. Weather expert Björn Alexander has revealed that the weekend will remain friendly at temperatures up to 25 degrees.

In the new weather week, summer really begins and Wednesday – the day the first ice saint Mammertos is named – prepares us for the warmest day of the year yet. Even the 30-degree heat mark fluctuates wildly. And even if the temperatures drop again after that, we should still not shiver.

Meanwhile, the Indian subcontinent is groaning under a severe heat wave that is now beginning to regain its speed again. As of Tuesday in particular, the 50-degree score could be broken in India and Pakistan. At night it sometimes does not cool below 30 degrees. Even the mega-city of Delhi with a population of over 30 million is likely to reach peaks of around 45 degrees again. And that’s after the month of April was already marked by record heat. A trend towards increasingly intense spring heat, which will only slow down by the June monsoon season.

It can’t be compared, but it’s still worth noting that Europe also experienced its first heat wave this year. Namely in Spain and Portugal, where peak values ​​​​between 28 and 35 degrees are possible throughout the week. The reason is the hot desert air that extends from its front to us in Germany for a short time. Here are the details.

Monday Night: Ground Frost Knocking

During the night, the last rains subside quickly and become mostly clear. Later, isolated patches of fog can spread. In addition, it often cools to 10 to 5 degrees, in the north sometimes to 5 to 2 degrees. Here you have to calculate the ground frost from time to time.

Monday: Lots of sun, only local thunderstorms

The “wolf” is located high above the Baltic Sea and provides sunlight almost throughout the country, thin veil clouds and small cumulus clouds over the mountains are almost undisturbed. Only in the Alps are the clouds more dense and it is not possible to exclude showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Everything is mostly very nice from 20 to 26 degrees. Only at the lake and in the foothills of the Alps is it slightly cooler with values ​​of about 18 degrees.

Tuesday: some rain in the north

In the northern half of the cloud the fields pass through and temporarily block the sun. It can rain a little, especially on the coast. On the other hand, in the southern half, it will remain dry and the sun will mostly shine. Temperatures on the islands of the North Sea reach wind values ​​of about 18 degrees. Otherwise it will be mostly warm from 23 to 28 degrees in early summer.

Wed (Mamertus): 30 degree mark in hand

Not only will Wednesday be the warmest day of the week, it will also be 2022 so far. Summer temperatures spread from 24 to 28 degrees, and can approach 30 degrees in the Upper Rhine. Of course the weather is also good with plenty of sunshine. Only in the north and east will there be more clouds at times – but it will remain dry. Meanwhile, fast westerly winds in the north at temperatures of 16-22 degrees have already announced the end of the early summer period.

Thursday (Pankratius): The cold front extends in summer between them

There are still some doubts about the details. But from today’s perspective, the early summer flare-up has already been extinguished once again. How strong the cold front actually is and how fast it can move over Germany is still assessed very differently by weather computers. In any case, with a combination of sun and clouds, showers and thunderstorms will form in the south throughout the day. Depending on the weather model, storms, which can also rage in the center and north, cannot be ruled out. With strong winds cools significantly. The temperature is expected to be 16 to 22 degrees in the north, and only 14 or 15 degrees in the North Sea. Temperatures range between 22 and 25 degrees in the center and south.

Friday (Servatius): A little mutable and fresher again

Bjorn Alexander is an NTV weather expert.

Doubts remain in the predictions of computer models. As things stand now, however, we can expect a slightly mixed day with the occasional sun shining, before some rain appears as well as thunder and lightning in the afternoon. The maximum values ​​are 14 degrees in the North Sea and 22 degrees in the Upper Rhine. Strong winds are still blowing in the northern half.

Saturday and Sunday (Boniface and Sophie): The sun rises again

During the weekend, the chances of a new high increase. This means Saturday still has a few rains at first, before Sunday it’s often sunny and dry again. In addition to Saturday 14 to 24 and Sunday from 15 to 25 degrees. The bottom line is that the Ice Saints bring us cooling, which may be accompanied by the local ground frost under a clear Sunday night sky. But in general, the temperature level after a very hot Wednesday is very normal in the middle of May.

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