3 reasons why Bayern Munich would sell Robert Lewandowski in the summer

The sporting future of top scorer Robert Lewandowski at Bayern Munich is still unclear. According to consistent media reports, the pole is now heading towards a premature farewell to the record champions. On the other hand, the officials are not really excited about this scenario. We give you three (good) reasons why Bayern Munich should definitely sell the 33-year-old striker in the summer.

Will he stay or will he bid farewell to Bayern Munich in the summer after eight years of success? Robert Lewandowski has been the number one topic of talks in Munich for weeks, and new rumors circulate about the Poland international almost every day.

Even if Bayern recently ruled out a sale at the end of the season, there are still several reasons for the change.

1. The perfect time to swap the striker

Regardless of the question of who will one day replace Robert Lewandowski in the FCB, sooner or later those responsible for Isar will have to find an answer to this question. One thing is clear: No player will find it easy to follow in the footsteps of a FIFA World Player twice. However, if you look at the current developments in the transfer market, next summer is the perfect time for Bayern to exchange strikers.

Bayern Munich needs a striker who can score 30-40 goals per season directly. It is not easy to find such ones and they usually cost a lot of money. However, there are currently many candidates who have the potential to achieve this target rate. This includes players such as Darwin Nunez, Romelu Lukaku, Sebastian Haller and Patrick Schick. All of these names have recently been linked to record champions and it is likely that all of these players will be available in the summer if you have the cash.

What is also particularly interesting is the fact that many of the top European clubs already have a strong attacking squad or are on the cusp of strengthening themselves. Juventus Turin treated themselves with a new striker at Dusan Vlahovic in the winter. Real Madrid sets its sights firmly on Kylian Mbappe. Manchester City is close to signing Erling Haaland. The Liverpool team plays well with Diogo Jota, Madio Sani and Mohamed Salah. As of today, Chelsea are not allowed to sign any new players. Manchester United are in danger of losing the Champions League, and FC Barcelona have chosen Robert Lewandowski as their dream player. Only Paris Saint-Germain, should Mbappe bid farewell, need a storm next summer and can seriously compete with Bayern Munich.

2. From an economic point of view, selling “Liwei” is the most reasonable solution

Even if Lewandowski’s summer farewell was a major setback for Bayern from a purely mathematical point of view, it would be the most logical solution from a purely economic point of view. If there is no extension between Bayern and the striker, the 33-year-old will leave the club in the summer of 2023 on a free transfer. Munich would have lost David Alaba, Niklas Sule and Lewandowski in three years without paying a cent. The market value of the three stars is 140 million euros. This is a lot of money, also for Bayern Munich, especially after 2.5 years of the Corona pandemic and the massive sales losses due to the crisis.

According to reports, Bayern Munich would be willing to let Lewandowski go for €40m if a suitable replacement is signed at the same time. Lewandowski’s fee can be used to fund players such as Chic or Nunez.

3. The topic is just annoying

Last but not least, a Lewandowski sale will finally calm things down. This topic has been making headlines on Säbener Straße for months. Not only those in charge and Lewandowski himself are upset by this, fans also want clarity at last. There are quite a few supporters calling for Lewandowski to be replaced in the summer so that the focus can once again be on sporting events in Munich.

Especially since then: if there is no extension and no transfer, Lewandowski will cause a lot of turmoil at Bayern in the new season, especially if things do not go well in the sport.

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