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Student life can be hectic and stressful. From getting good grades to excursions in a variety of science fields to part-time or even full-time jobs – hardworking students of all ages are always on the move.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series can help with that and provide the right tools for the lives of many students. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra sets the modern standard for the Galaxy tablet, combining a large screen and slim bezels with convenient portability, so students are ready for any challenge in and out of the classroom.

Take notes to master each course

It’s hard to keep track of everything during a course or lecture. To get a good overview, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s Split View function can be activated and multiple apps can be arranged next to each other on a single screen.1 Up to three windows can be displayed parallel to the screen during online lessons. For example, the reading task can be opened on the left and the notes app on the right to easily access all the applications you need on one screen. With the tablet’s large 36.99 cm / 14.6 inch screen, there is plenty of space for notes. Even in split view mode, the apps are easy to use and can be adjusted according to the current focus.

For important lectures in which no details should be lost, the live audio recording can also be synchronized with notes.2 All you have to do is tap the Record icon in the Notes app when the lesson starts and you can start writing. The audio recording can be easily played back and synchronized with the notes afterwards and it becomes easy to follow the notes.

See and sound your best in every video call

The Galaxy Tab S8 series is packed with easy-to-use video calling features. Whether it’s for an online course or for video chatting with fellow students, users can always be heard loud and clear. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is the first device in the Samsung Galaxy Tab series to come with a 12MP main camera on the front and an ultra-wide angle lens for a wider viewing angle. The Galaxy Tab S8 series also features an AI-based auto framing feature that automatically adjusts the camera setting, for example by zooming out or adjusting the angle when someone walks into the frame. The device’s three precise microphones can also reduce annoying aberrations and reduce background noise for crisp and clear sound quality.

Switch from tablet to PC

There are moments when a laptop is simply needed, for example when completing tasks or preparing a group presentation. In this case, Samsung DeX offers3 PC-like experience, allowing multiple application windows to be opened at the same time. With DeX mirroring function, work on a large screen can be accomplished by mirroring the tablet’s DeX window onto a TV or monitor. With the Galaxy Tab S8 Series Book Cover Keyboard and Bluetooth Mouse, the tablet can be turned into a work laptop in no time.

Instead, with the second screen4The Galaxy Tab S8 can be used wirelessly as a second monitor if a laptop is already available. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra simply connects to your computer and expands or doubles the screen to increase productivity.

With the modern S Pen, writing on a tablet is as smooth and easy as it is on paper. The S Pen is highly responsive thanks to its predictive algorithm, providing a realistic pen-to-paper or brush-to-cloth experience. Anyone annoyed with loud laptop keys or simply prefer writing by hand will appreciate the S Pen.

The perfect companion for hobbies

Bring some color to life or draw something – the S Pen is the right choice. Samsung has partnered with Clip Studio Paint to create a seamless experience on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. To do this, the tablet is connected to the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. When Companion Mode is activated in the app and connected to the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the mobile phone can be turned into a color palette and the tablet into a canvas. Nothing stands in the way of digital artifacts and creativity.

When it comes to watching your favorite shows, the Galaxy Tab S8 delivers an optimal viewing experience. Whether on campus or at home, with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s large screen and rich sound with Dolby Atmos, broadcasting can be enjoyed at the highest level anytime, anywhere.

Students all over the world work hard to realize their dreams, and the Galaxy Tab S8 is available to help every student meet their schedule and achieve academic success. Whether you’re studying at the library, exploring new hobbies, or taking a break, the Galaxy Tab S8 offers the flexibility to adapt to different lifestyles on campus, and tools for learning, creating, and playing.

1 The Galaxy Tab S8+ and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra feature a “shared screen” mode that allows users to work with up to three apps on a single screen. The Galaxy Tab S8 series makes screen sharing easy, and users can customize the size, layout, and arrangement of split windows based on their preferences.

2 This feature is for personal use only. Lecture recordings may not be published, distributed, or redistributed without the teacher’s permission. Please review your academic institution and faculty policies before enrolling.

3 Samsung DeX is supported on select Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Additional features are only available on compatible devices such as the Galaxy S22, Galaxy Tab S8, and devices with One UI 4.1 or higher. Compatible apps may vary and not all apps can be resized on Samsung DeX. External monitor connection accessories are sold separately.

4 The second screen function is supported for Galaxy Book running Windows and Galaxy Tab S7/7+ or later models (requires January 2021 update for Galaxy Tab S7/S7+). Windows 10 PC models and Windows 10 v.2004 or later (Windows Update: Sep 2020 or later) are required. For greater efficiency, the second screen function can be used with the Galaxy Book’s second screen app.

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