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Panthers first, then howitzers, and soon tanks fight? The chancellor distributes sedative pills on TV. Anne Weil’s reaction: “More arms for Ukraine – is this the path to peace?”


Kevin Kunert (32, SPD). The Secretary-General received electoral chatter in Kiel, the following threatening to speak, through plain text diplomat Andrei Melnik.

Britta Haselman (60, green). The faction leader wrote on Twitter: “Putin and his leaders should be held accountable before the International Criminal Court!”

Andrei Melnik (46). The ambassador calls for a commemoration of the eight million Ukrainian victims of Nazi tyranny. He wears a red poppy lapel as a symbol of the victory over Hitler’s Germany.

Robert Bollins (75, CDU). The former Secretary General is head of the Department of Eastern European Studies and wants the Federal Chancellor to arrive in Kyiv at the end of the war: “Schultz must travel!”

Harold Welzer (63). The sociologist is a co-signer of Emma’s controversial letter to Federal Chancellor WG. arms shipments.

Ann Wille Colorful Alarm Clock Set: Five Guests, Five Locations? Zoff-O-Meter hopes for civic ethics.

Most enemies melee pen

Sociologist Walzer signed up with Alice Schwarzer and first slandered the Federal Chancellor: “I listened to the whole speech at half past seven and find it very indifferent,” the scientist grumbled. “I’m becoming a little bit more straightforward relatively than I was at 7:15 p.m.” Off!

CDU politician Paulins signed off on the counter rhetoric and dealt better with Schulz’s policy: “After talking about the beginning of the era, I thought the path was now clear, but then there was a stumble. Now I have hope that this is over. Now he is rallying his government. behind him to continue the path.”

highest comment

Koehnert finds criticism of the chancellor’s communication “remarkable, considering that he communicated more during four or five months of his tenure than his predecessor in two electoral terms!”

Regarding countermeasures, the SPD General says: “We are making tough decisions, but bear in mind that we want to punish Putin’s war promoter and his inner circle of power and not shoot in the knees to hurt Putin.” Rooms!

Most disappointed feedback

“We would have liked more details in this letter,” Ambassador Melnik complains. For weeks, there was no “movement” in the arms deliveries, “and there was also no ammunition in Brazil, so this decision is likely to be invalid.”

In World War II, the Western Allies handed over 14,000 aircraft, 8,000 tanks and 7,000 anti-aircraft guns to the Soviet Union, “according to the diplomat’s estimation,” and we are talking here about seven self-propelled howitzers! “

The worst dizzy spell

The sociologist would like to turn the studio into a lecture hall: “We are dealing with a violent process here,” he lectures, “and this violent process is characterized by the fact that it itself produces an escalation.”

His insightful vision: “The dynamics of escalation of military violence risk further opacity of war. Military violence is a social process of its own quality. A continuous game of action and reaction. An abbreviation of phases of consideration.” Heidewitzka!

was a topic Foto: Das Erste/ARD

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Anne Will’s theme was: “More arms for Ukraine – is this the way to peace?”Photo: Das Erste/ARD

The most active contrast

Lulzer’s most important sentence is a quote from the philosopher Jürgen Habermas: “The war against nuclear power in the traditional sense cannot be won.”

“Error!” Polenz counters. The Americans lost in Vietnam. In any case, the Americans, along with two other nuclear powers, France and Great Britain, did not win in Afghanistan. And the Soviet Union did not win in Afghanistan either.”

The most assertive definition

“Of course you can say: This is a violent process, as you say as a sociologist,” the CDU politician explains. I would describe it more accurately as a war of aggression!

Because, according to Pollins: “Putin’s goal is to eliminate Ukraine as a state. And when he now talks about de-Nazification of Ukraine, he means that every Ukrainian who does not feel Russian is a Nazi. They go to infiltration camps and end up somewhere in Siberia.”

Zoff-O-Meter appears immediately

The sociologist has dug deep into his chair. “The question of permanently rearming has no logical end,” he said, waving his mangled hands. “If you create a situation of equal power, the result is a perpetual war of attrition or attrition with an increasing number of casualties…”

Now a beefy buck! “What you and your colleagues offer is a complete illusion,” the ambassador says angrily, adding, “It is easy for you to sit in your professor’s room and philosophize!”

party request

The talk show host intervenes: “Do not tarnish your reputation,” the Ukrainian strongly warned, because: “There are a lot of people who talk like that.”

Welzer plays bored and provocatively supports his head with his hand. Seriously now?

loud slap

“They want the Ukrainians to surrender because Russia has nuclear weapons,” the ambassador accused the sociologist. “It means that no matter what you do, you cannot win a war against Russia. And that is wrong!” Polenz repeated gestures.

Melnick’s most furious criticism of Welzer: “What you’re offering is morally irrelevant.” chat!

cutest attack

The sociologist laments: “It often surprises me that you are so strong with your interlocutors.” His central argument: It is possible that 45 percent of Germans who oppose heavy weapons have “very present war experience in the family.”

Wilzer’s example: Federal President Richard von Weissacker spoke of “liberation” on May 8, 1985, even though his father had been convicted as a war criminal in Nuremberg. Your Majesty.

Sociologist Harald WelzerFoto: Das Erste/ARD

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Sociologist Harald WelzerPhoto: Das Erste/ARD

And again Zoff

“Just keep listening and don’t comment!”

“I’m not a student,” Melnik replied dryly.

Welzer wants to respond, but can’t help but limp “And I’m not you, I don’t know what.” The sociologist is so excited right now that he can’t even remember the talk show host’s name.

Worst bout of arrogance

The ambassador goes better: “Your ancestors destroyed ten million Ukrainians,” says the sociologist. “It’s a religion!”

“Mr. Melnick,” Welzer replies, “Know my scientific work, you won’t have to come to me with that argument. That’s just too narrow-minded!”

The smartest comments

Konert refuses to intervene: “I’ve been feeling very uncomfortable here for the past few minutes,” he admits, “and I don’t want to do any textual explanations now.”

Because, according to General SPD: “I don’t know where this is supposed to lead us.” He worries about the inner cohesion of the community, and “in some places it threatens our heart.”

The Green Politician is even more blunt: “I think that’s arrogant,” criticizing the demands of Schwarzer’s letter. One country, Ukraine, is under attack and we ask them: There must be a compromise. What is the compromise supposed to be? “

And again Zoff

“There is a complete ambiguity about the aims of the war,” says Welzer. Because: “What does it mean here: win? What do you lose mean? There is already talk of regime change in Moscow.

Now for Könert it’s a bit sassy: “There is no serious political force in Germany that talks about regime change, Mr. Welzer!” intervene. “Please do not put it all together and pretend that these are serious contributions to the public debate in the Federal Republic.” Patch!

Lt. Col. Ann WillFoto: Das Erste/ARD

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Lt. Col. Ann WillPhoto: Das Erste/ARD

The most urgent reminder

Melnyk complains that “requests for 100 Marders tanks and 88 Leopard 1 have been in the Chancellery for three weeks and have not been approved.” “And I have doubts that this will happen!”

The ambassador adds that Germany’s “Never Again” campaign will be tested in Ukraine today, May 8. His anger: “Every day costs lives! The longer you sit here arguing, we lose lives!”

last stand

The talk show host does not want to admit it: “Wisdom does not kill people, Mr. Melnik!” She ponders the willful misunderstanding.

But for the Ukrainian, this kind of wisdom means nothing but “hesitation. Postponing decisions. And it costs my compatriots their lives. That simple!”

Quote from the evening

Anything that Putin took up by force of arms after February 24 and could keep would be a success for him. This is not difficult to understand! Ruprecht Bollins


Snipers and snipers, direct hits and tickets, plus a lot of mental mishaps due to excessive excitement: this was recent in the tank howitzers category: quick shots and constant changes of location!

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