Basic pension 2022: more than 400 extra euros for pensioners

  • The 2022 basic pension is up to the following level: All pensions are checked
  • More than 400 euros per month is possible – But who actually gets it?
  • Payout too Possible retroactive: You need to know that

The basic pension payment began in 2021, and now – about a year after the start – the pension insurance is being examined Possible benefit for the majority of pensioners in Germany. in the new year Basic Pension Supplement Examination Pay, the chief said German Pension Insurance AssociationGundula Robach, German news agency in Berlin. There is also More good news for retirees: The government decided on April 13 that the largest pension increase in decades would be. All changes to the pension in 2022 can be viewed here – with one innovation that was especially bitter.

Basic Annuity 2022: Decisions also apply retroactively – request payment now

Payout basic pension Happening since mid 2021 Retroactively instead of. First of all, all new retirees were screened to see if they were eligible for the basic pension supplement. The reason for the delay was the enormous effort involved in determining the claim. Because of the income checks that were due, a data highway had to be created between the pension insurance system and the financial authorities. Retirement insurance tells tax offices Who worked long enough to get a basic pension – Check out all of them Revenues. Robach emphasized that the interaction with the tax authorities in the income examination is going “smoothly”.

According to Robach, after examining all of the new retirees, they all had a basic guarantee and were followed by senior retirees. “Now the other current retirees will follow – i.e. Everyone who has retired since 1992″Robach said. “We will start with the older age groups, and in the new year we will gradually start checking the basic supplementary fee for pensions for all age groups.” A total of about 26 million pensions are being checked to see if the surcharges will be paid.

Why does the basic pension come? Anyone who has paid in statutory pension insurance for at least five years is also entitled to an old-age pension. But only a little more than half are satisfied with the amount of their salary, according to the Pension Information Portal To change that, the government decided to introduce a basic pension. As of January 1, 2021, retirees with lower-than-average incomes must receive an additional cost. This can go up to 418 euros. Thus the provision of old age should be ensured more stable for low income earners.

The basic pension is checked: who is worth about 400 euros?

But who gets the pension increase? The basic pension is intended for all retirees who have earned below average income during their working life.

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This will be loud Federal government It affects about 1.3 million retirees.

What you need to know: It’s not just years of service that count when it comes to a basic pension

In order to receive the basic pension, At least 35 years of basic pension it is necessary. only from 33 years He also received a basic pension Not completely. according to German pension insurance In addition to working hours, the following times count toward basic retirement periods:

  • time in children education
  • care times
  • Illness And Rehabilitation times
  • Exchange times (eg times of military service, prisoner of war or political prison in the German Democratic Republic)

However, the basic pension period does not include:

  • unemployment time
  • Small working hours
  • school education
  • times disability pension
  • times when Donations Paid

In addition, a Below average earnings on average. Income must be throughout your working life at least 30 percent, But 80 percent at most from German average income reach. Last year 2020, for example, that total was between €1,013 and €2703 per month, explains Daniel Kunzwald, a member of the board of directors. Federal Association of Retirement Counselors.

Attention pension recipients: Not all low-income earners are eligible

It follows this Not all low-income earners are automatically entitled to a basic pension. workers that They earned less than 30 percent of the average earningsto receive There is no basic pension at all. This also applies to the father Small working hours. So it is entirely possible for retirees to take a very low monthly pension and still not receive a basic pension.

Basic pension insurance pays out in full only if the pensioner’s taxable income and the tax-exempt portion of the pension and capital gains do not exceed a certain level. The maximum limit is 1,250 EUR for individuals and 1,950 EUR for couples. If the income is higher, the basic pension decreases accordingly.

If the income is up to 1,600 euros for single individuals and 2,300 euros for married couples, 60 percent of the income in excess of the allowance is taken into account.

Basic Pension Calculation: Income Limits Apply – Example Calculations

If the income is above the maximum limit of 1,600 euros or 2,300 euros, the amount exceeding the limit will be fully compensated for the basic pension supplement.

Sample accounts: Only a 67-year-old pensioner who has recently received €2,000 and who has 35 years of entitlement to the basic pension is entitled to the basic pension. The retiree’s income was 60 percent of the median income in all years. Assuming a pension of €738.50 West / €753.25 East, his base pension would be €209.41 West / €205.00 East, according to Berlin asset manager Growney. the father calculated. The pension then totals €947.92 West and €958.25 East.

If this pensioner had a wife who last received 3000 euros and also worked for 35 years of the basic pension, then the situation is completely different for her. You get €1107.76 West / €1129.87 East pension. Thus their average wage is more than 80 per cent of the average wage. Therefore, she will not be entitled to a basic pension. However, her husband’s pension will not be affected. Her husband continues to receive the full basic pension, because they are both valued together and have less than 1,950 euros.

Example of a mini job calculation: A woman who has worked for 17 years in a small business without pension contributions. In addition, she worked for 18 years and earned 60 percent of the average income, that is again 2,000 euros per month. In total, they are entitled to a pension of €476.95 West / €520.81 East. However, there is no entitlement to the basic pension. The required number of basic pension years has not been reached because years of work for the mini-job do not count.

When do you get your basic pension – and what years count?

was the basic pension July 2021 Retroactively. You do not have to apply for a basic pension. If you have a claim, the money will be paid automatically. Due to the administrative efforts involved in determining claims, it is expected that the payment of the award will take up to end of 2022 sway. Until then, there is no risk that the claims may fall out. In this case, you will receive an additional payment.

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