BVB: Sebastian Keel is ambiguous about Marco Rose’s future – what is Eden Terzic actually doing?

The job of a football official can be complicated at times. Dortmund’s appointed sporting director, Sebastian Kehl, had to realize this too at the weekend, when somewhat ambiguous statements about the future of coach Marco Rose immediately went around his ears in the media.

Before 3:1 Saturday at SpVgg Greuther Fürth, the 42-year-old caused an outcry when asked if Rose would still be coach next season, twice answering on Sky: “I suppose that’s the case today.” answered.

The statement leaves plenty of room for interpretation. No wonder, then, that reporters at Ronhof in Fürth confronted Rose with his boss’s remarks.

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Nor is it surprising that the 45-year-old underestimated them. “What can I say about that? You’re trying to conjure something out of something,” replied the coach, noting the totally trustworthy relationship between him and management.

He is sure that he will be “the coach of Borussia Dortmund next year” and he “is very much looking forward to it, because I have an excellent relationship with my team and I want to get some things on the ground”.

But is the coach’s future in Dortmund really secure?

Kehl backtracks: ‘unfortunately drafted’

The truth is, Kiehl was back rowing on Sunday. “Without much intent” he said quite unfortunately, the former First Division captain scored it in the record, but also noted that “we will now sit down after the season.” We have a few things to discuss, and certainly some critical things to analyze as well. Then I hope we can tackle this together in the new season.”

Sebastian Kehl from Borussia Dortmund

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Kiel knows what’s to come from his statements, but he can clearly say he’s planning for next season with Rose.

The clear, unexplained statement seems different.

Rose’s debut season: mixed at best

The fact that Roses’ future could ever become an issue is due to a sufficient first season for the coach who moved from Gladbach to Dortmund. Sure, Rose only had to admit defeat in the league, series champion Bayern Munich, who took the championship trophy for the tenth time in a row on Sunday – so no shame. However, the disappointing performance in three cup championships has much more weight.

In the German FA Cup, the last door was wide open after Bayern Munich lost to Borussia Mönchengladbach (0:5) in the second round. But instead of taking advantage of Munich’s pseudo-faults, Black and Yellow gave up only one round later in the round of 16 against second-division club FC St. Pauli.

FC St. Pauli beat Borussia Dortmund in the DFB Cup quarter-finals

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The group stage of the Champions League was similarly bitter. With Besiktas, Ajax Amsterdam and Sporting, the BVB was already tasked with feasible tasks, but after three wins and three defeats they were relegated to the European League.

But instead of starting there as one of the big favorites, they lost shockingly poor to current finalist Glasgow Rangers. By that moment at the latest, the season had suffered permanent damage.

Rose and BVB: It’s All About Athletic Success

“I think in football it happens relatively quickly, if you lose a couple of games you’ll come back again,” Rose said on Saturday and confirmed that he had seen the hustle and bustle about his persona being “relatively calm” despite everything.

He knows there are people who say he might not be the right coach. “But there are also many people who say the track and conditions have been tough this season,” the Leipzig native defended, noting the major injury problems that have plagued Dortmund repeatedly over the course of the season.

Erling Haaland

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In fact, Rose’s debut season at the traditional Westphalian club has not been easy. But despite all the adversity, his future at BVB naturally depends solely on athletic success.

What does Eden Terzic actually do?

His predecessor Edin Terzic, who led Borussia to the top flight in a thrilling final race as a temporary solution after the sacking of Lucien Favre and then won the DFB Cup in the final against RB Leipzig.

Terzic, who has also been a staunch supporter of black and yellow since childhood, still has a great reputation in the fan scene and management level due to these short and intense months as well as a coach.

In order not to lose the 39-year-old following Rose’s commitment, which was already certain before Terzic’s resounding success, BVB quickly created a new position. Terzic is involved in the planning of the Dortmund team and is the link between the licensed players’ division and the youth academy.

Edin Terzic (left) and Marco Rose

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Since then, his name has circled above Rose like the much-cited sword of Damocles. And Dietmar Hamann criticized in the “Sky” column at the end of November after leaving the Premier League: “In my opinion, the fact that Terzic remained at the club undermined the authority of the coach from day one.”

Moreover: “The fact that Terzic stayed it seemed to me that they said, ‘Okay, we’ll keep him if anything happens.'”

A lot happened in the year of Rose’s premiere – a lot of good things, but also a lot of negative things. The fact that the coach now has to publicly explain his boss’ statements about his future on television on the penultimate day of the season is at least unfortunate and could be an indication of more serious problems.

The talks Kiel announced in the summer will clarify the course the club and coach will now take.

Everything seems possible.

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