BW Christmas holidays 2021: apply, vaccinate against corona, 2G: Baden-Württemberg wants to use the week before the holiday for vaccination

  • You will find it in some federal states Christmas holiday earlier due to higher corona numbers.
  • Incidence values ​​are also increasing for BW and hospitalization rate.
  • However, it must be in Baden-Württemberg at the beginning school holidays Stay on 12/21/21.
  • The last week before holidays However, it must be used in corona vaccines.

Green Party Chairman Robert Habeck spoke last week in favor of high-event federal states Do you like school holidays?. “I think it’s right that the Christmas holidays be introduced in countries where the infection rate is high,” Habeck said on Tuesday in ZDF “Morgenmagazin”. Which way to go Baden-Württemberg In the fourth wave?

Education Minister does not want to introduce Christmas holidays in schools in BW

Education Minister Theresa Schubert wants this despite the worsening situation of Corona No earlier Christmas holidays for schools in the country. “We don’t want to bring the Christmas holidays forward today,” the Green Party politician said at SWR (December 6). You can not only send children home three days earlier, because then one of the parents will have to take time off three days earlier. “Imagine you’re a saleswoman in Rewe or another retail store, that’s when the bear dances,” said Schopper. Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann said at the weekend that schools would only close “when nothing else is working, with incidents like the one in Saxony around 2000”. The 7-day infection rate is currently 533 in the Southwest.

Christmas holiday 2021 in BW – the last week of school will not be served as vaccination week

In light of the rapidly increasing number of infections, including among children and young adults, in Baden-Württemberg greater patriotism vaccination campaign It has been tested in schools. Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Green Party) said the culture and health ministries are currently looking at “what is possible, what makes sense and what can be done”. But he is qualified: “You always have to distinguish between an idea and a feasibility.”

The Green Party had earlier proposed a nationwide vaccination drive. Parliamentary group chair Andreas Schwartz and education spokesperson Thomas Boriski said the last days of school before the holidays should be used to get the proper vaccinations to start the holidays safely. We are convinced: the time is before Christmas holiday It provides an opportunity to vaccinate children and young people and further protect their health during the holidays,” Schwartz added on Tuesday. “Schools are the central place where we can reach students with vaccination offers.”

2G must be introduced to schools in Baden-Württemberg after the Christmas holidays

After the Christmas holidays should l 12 to 17 years old Then everywhere except in School 2G Hold. But these plans were initially shelved by the Greens government and the CDU government. Now there should only be a solid door in bars and clubs, because 2G plus will apply to everyone in the future. Whether as an incentive to pollinate Enough? According to the Robert Koch Institute, 41 percent of this age group have been vaccinated twice.

The start of the Christmas holidays in BW . probably won’t be delayed

The chief epidemiologist at the state health office, Stefan Brockmann, assumes that schools in the Southwest Without locking and tightening Quarantine measures will come during the Christmas and holidays period. “It would be wrong to say that the fourth wave of corona stands or falls with children and young people,” said Brockmann of the newspaper “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and “Stuttgarter Natterchten” (Saturday). He does not believe that closing schools will tip the scales. Expect schools in the southwest Usually during the Christmas holidays He can go and start school in the new year, Brockman said.

Discussion about early school holidays in Bavaria for the winter

After the Infection Protection Act was reformed, there is no longer a legal basis for “school closures,” which is why state governments avoid this term as well. How the reaction in Bavaria? in a favorite topic Christmas holiday Prime Minister Marcos said SöderHe was open to talking to everyone about it.

Early school holidays due to Corona?  Discussion about the previous Christmas holidays in Bavaria

Corona’s new rules for contact restrictions – schools must remain open

Habeck said that regardless of the Federal Constitutional Court’s decision, it was quite clear what had to happen: “If… Contacts should be reduced2G must be enforced nationwide for all public utilities except for what is required in supermarkets or pharmacies uniform measurements You must face winter.

There is already a package lying around procedures On the table that will enable countries. for example:

You don’t have to wait, all this can already be activated.

The fourth corona wave must be broken with an omicron

It was a call for tougher countermeasures in the face of the new Variable Omicron Recently, the strength of the fourth wave of the aura increased. Most recently, Acting Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and her designated successor Olaf Schulz (SPD) with Prime Ministers and state heads of state over the phone about the crisis and other possible measures. They received specific guidelines about the scope of their work from the first fundamental decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court.

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