Coach Klaus is upset: Now the club is threatening to drop to eighth place – 1. FC Nuremberg

– Instead of gaining momentum for the new season, the final business trip of the season for 1. FC Nürnberg ended in a fiasco. The apparent 0:3 defeat, but above all the indisputable way in which the club presented itself in the penultimate game of the season at Holstein Kiel, did not stop at unnerving coach Robert Klaus.

Just two days ago, Robert Klaus confirmed how much he enjoyed working for him on the occasion of his early contract extension 1. FC Nuremberg to make. On Sunday afternoon, the coach appeared to have temporarily lost job satisfaction. Which should come as no surprise in light of the undeniable performance his side gave both defensively and offensively over extended periods in the clear 3-0 defeat at Kiel.

“It annoys me greatly. The way we played was good in the first half, but not in the second,” summed up Klaus, although if you look at it closely, he wasn’t much good in the first half. After all, it was already 2-0 after 45 minutes for KSV Holstein, whose season is also over, but still seems to be feeling some interest in professional football. “Of course it’s a little easier to play without pressure,” coach Marcel Raab said.

With the club’s professionals, whose support some 1,200 fans have traveled more than 700 kilometers to the Baltic Sea, there was no sign of this lightness of existence. The lack of athletic motivation after the explosion of promotion dreams seems to paralyze the head and legs, and the air is somewhat out. Even the prospect of a bonus of about one million euros, which would have tempted the club if they had been put on the table and improved in the arrangement of television money, was clearly not a good incentive for the summer footballers in Nuremberg.

The basic virtues were missing

“She talks a lot when the opposing goalkeeper doesn’t have to carry a single ball,” admitted Christian Matteña, who had a less relaxed work day than Ioannis Gelius and also had to plow three balls out of the net. Explain how we play this match here today. “The team did not manage to bring their ‘core advantages to the pitch’, and criticized the captain, ‘and then it will be difficult for us to win matches.’ In a second-division season marked by ups and downs, the general positive impressions that the club threatens to frustrate with such performances at home.

Klaus has announced his desire to gain momentum and “feel good” for next season in the last two games. “Unfortunately, that opportunity was given up on Sunday,” the 37-year-old said, not trying hard to hide his frustration. “I don’t believe in letting the season go to waste. We want to get the points. We have nothing to give up.” And by which he meant not only TV money, but above all empathy values.

As a result of the defeat, the club fell to seventh place in the table, and in the last round of the first round. Heidenheim FC could pass if they win their home game against Karlsruhe SC and Nuremberg also in a duel with FC Schalke 04, who has already been promoted should get out. Eighth place in the final reckoning would then be inside the table area only as the official target of the season, but in the meantime it should be seen as a small disappointment.

“Now it’s about getting ourselves together and playing another good game against Schalke 04 next week. That’s important,” warned Klaus, also from the perspective of the collective mood ahead of next season – which will then affect both the coach and the fans. It should be really fun.


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