Corona currently rules Bavaria: retail, gastronomy and 2G: these measures apply in 2022 – current regulation at a glance

at Bavaria It occurs seven days in new coronavirus cases slightly increased. According to the current number of cases from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) from Tuesday (January 4), the infection value (the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week) is 199.9. The RKI itself maintains that the numbers may be incomplete due to the Christmas holidays and the start of the year – due to less testing and reporting activity. Expect Bavaria due to the frightening spread of Variable Omicron With more in the coming days new infections. Therefore, the new Corona rules currently apply in Bavaria.

  • So what applies to private meetings?
  • can you come in Resturant To eat out?
  • What rules apply in Retail?
  • The New aura rules at Bavaria In overview.

Private celebrations and contact restrictions in Bavaria – a quick look at all the rules

Since December 28, 2021, only a maximum of ten people are allowed to gather to feed And get well Spread Meets – This applies to private gatherings. If only one person is not immune, then the strictest rules of communication apply in any case: then there are only meetings of members of one family with a maximum of two members of another person family permissible.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health announced that the statistic had been excluded children Under 14 years old, as agreed upon in a federal state decision. This means some relaxation for Bavaria: so far, only children up to twelve years and three months old have been excluded from the account. Other areas, such as access restrictions based on 2G or 2G-plus base.

Gastronomy in Bavaria: 2G, curfews and upper limits for people

The 2G rule still applies in Bavaria Restaurants And cafes, inside and out: so only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered have access. upper limit of 10 peopleWho are allowed to interview do not apply in gastronomy. Children under the age of 14 are now generally exempt from the 2G rules – not just children up to 12 years and three months, as was the case previously. Bavaria is now teetering on the path of a common federal state.

The closing hour Because the gastronomy of Bavaria will continue to exist, but it was for New Year’s Eve Exceptionally Has risen.

Compulsory 2G + test in Bavaria – also applies to vaccinated people

For those who have been vaccinated with a booster vaccine, the additional vaccine is located in Bavaria test commitment With Corona access rules largely gone – for now until the measure will be reviewed after two months at the latest. The health ministers of the federal and state governments agreed to this. People who “boostYou no longer need an extra one – except for clinics, nursing homes and nursing homes – anywhere else the 2G-plus rule still applies. a test send. However, the booster vaccination should be given at least two weeks in advance.
Corona test in the restaurant: mandatory test for those who have been vaccinated, except for those who have been boosted

Retail in Bavaria: These stores are exempt from the 2G rule

The 2G rule also still applies to retail in Bavaria. The exceptions are shops for daily needs. here they are:

  • Grocery store (supermarket)
  • Beverage Markets
  • pharmacies
  • Health Food Stores
  • Baby Stores
  • Children’s toy stores
  • shoe stores
  • pharmacies
  • Medical Supplies Stores
  • Opticians and audiologists
  • gas stations
  • Newsstands
  • Post office
  • Libraries
  • flower shops
  • Animal and feed markets
  • Electronic equipment store
  • garden centers
  • wholesale

This applies to sporting and cultural events in Bavaria

In Bavaria, this was already the case for senior citizens Sports Events a spectator ban. This is now expanded. Spectators are not now allowed to attend major national cultural events or similar events.

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New Corona measures expected according to MPK – Holetschek wants Omicron rules nationwide

On the occasion of the upcoming Corona Summit on Friday, January 7, 2022, the Bavarian Minister of Health made a statement Klaus Holichick (CSU) with desire Uniform Aura Rules In the fight against the variant Omicron. Holetschek is hoping for nationwide measures from Friday’s prime ministers’ conference so that they “do not go blindly into a fifth wave”. On January 7, heads of government were to adopt measures “through which we can Variable Omicron Nationally,” Hollyczyk said of Augsburger Allgemeine (Tuesday). The state government will then examine “the screws we still need to wrap in Bavaria and any other important and necessary measures.”

Due to its high portability and still insufficient scientific data on Omicron, caution is advised. The burden on the health system remains high. Holetschek said he believes in Omikron that “the reduction or even exemption from quarantine for augmented contact people”. Protection against infection and maintenance of critical infrastructure must be evaluated. However, meaningful scientific data is needed in order to be able to make a decision.

Diakonie: There are no stricter Accor rules for children and youth

Diakonie Bayern demands that children and young people be exempted from the restrictions of contact with the Corona virus. Diakonie chief Michael Bamisel said Thursday that exceptions previously applied to 2G or 2G-plus rules should continue to apply. Children and young adults in particular suffer from communication and entertainment restrictions. It is important now that they can continue to exercise, for example.”

The Social Evangelical Society has demanded that the exceptions for children and young people that have been in force until now be extended beyond January 12th. Then the temporary regulation in the Bavarian Infection Protection Act expires.

Children and young people need to be connected to their peers and have the opportunity to pursue their interests outside of school and at home. They should be able to do it for as long as possible.” Children and young people depend on their parents when it comes to vaccination. “We must not forget: Children and young people under the age of 18 need parental consent to receive the vaccination. If this is not available, children may fall victim to their parents’ doubts about vaccination.”

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