Currently on Disney+: Do You Already Know These Movies?

Discover here the current movie highlighting Disney+ in May 2022. We also give you an overview of all the new releases in the past few weeks.

New releases on Disney +
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What recommended movies are currently available on Disney+?

expands regularly Disney+ His streaming show with new shows Movies and serial. In this article, we will introduce you to exciting and recent movies with top-notch ratings and let you know about the very new titles that have only been released on Disney+ in the past few days and weeks. In May 2022 we recommend, among others, “Deadly” with Brenda Fricker and Peter Coonan, “Masks” with Roberto Lombardi, Anthony Horton and Walter DeShields, and “Company – The Law of Power” with Ajay Devgn, Vivek Oberoi and Mohanlal .

By the way, series fans can enjoy several innovations in Disney +: The current Disney + series. Here you can find out about recommended new movies from other major streaming providers Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV +:

Disney+ highlights of May 2022: 5 movies not to be missed

“The Company – Power Law” (“Company”): Malik is the confidant and follower of Aslam Bhai, the most powerful leader of the Mumbai underworld. When Malik brings reckless Chandu to his boss’ gang of gangsters, tensions quickly arise between the men. The two of them were waiting for this opportunity to eliminate all their opponents and seize power. Shortly thereafter, the two friends become the ‘godfathers’ of new Mumbai and control all the criminal business in the city through their ‘company’. But Police Chief Srinivasan takes the fight and starts to put more and more pressure on Malik and Chandu’s gang. The two decide to flee to Hong Kong with their wives, where they expand their empire with the help of their criminal machinations. But slowly, Malik and Chandu’s friendship developed deep fissures.
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama from 2002
Duration: 156 minutes
IMDB Rating: 80/100
Cast: Ajay Devgn, Vivek Oberoi, Mohanlal, Manisha Koirala, Seema Biswas and many more.

“Tutankhamun – Burial Chamber Mysteries” (“The Absolute Tutankhamun”): The pharaoh Tutankhamun ruled Egypt about 3300 years ago. To this day, it employs scholars from a variety of disciplines. Since Howard Carter discovered the governor’s nearly complete tomb in 1922, new tools and methods have been used to unravel the ultimate mysteries. The documentation brings together the research findings of archaeologists, geologists, chemists, Egyptologists, anatomists and microbiologists using the latest media and creates the most detailed and realistic picture of Tutankhamun to date. Egyptologist Dr. Chris Naunton visits the world’s leading scientists and thus gets an overview of the state of research and the latest research findings. (National Geographic)
Genre(s): Documentary film released in 2013
Duration: 1 minute
IMDB Rating: 76/100
Cast: Chris Nonton, Robert Graves, and many more.

Polar bears are very close. (“Watch the Bear”): “So Close to the Polar Bears” follows the makers of Disney Nature’s “Polar Bears” as they face challenges deep 300 miles from the North Pole. The team that set up a revolutionary camp in the Arctic at the site navigated nearly impassable snowdrifts and thin sea ice, amassing unprecedented footage showing adaptive behaviors that surprised even this veteran film crew.
Genre(s): Documentary Film Released 2022
Duration: 83 minutes
IMDB Rating: 75/100

“A wonderful spring with Mickey Mouse” (“Mickey Mouse Wonderful Spring”): Mickey Mouse and his friends explore the promise of spring through the lens of a one-of-a-kind nature documentary.
Genre(s): Animation, Comedy, Adventure Set in 2022
Duration: 23 minutes
IMDB Rating: 74/100
Cast: Chris Diamantopoulos, Kaitlin Robrook, Bill Farmer, Tony Anselmo, Trace McNeil and many more.

“Tiger” (“Tigers”): Martin Bengson walks in goal. At just 17 years old, the Swedish football talent secured a contract with Inter Milan. He’s been struggling with this for years. But the reality of the young professional does not correspond to his dream at all. Contrary to what he promised, he never gets his own room at the boarding school, the coach only speaks Italian, and his classmates want to see him fail and bully him. The only glimmer of hope is Ryan, the American goalkeeper, who becomes his friend and starts him with professional football tricks – until the club sells him overnight. When Martin is also prevented from having contact with Vibeke, a model with whom he has a love affair, he falls into a deep depression… From the perspective of an insecure young man, Tiger tells a touching drama coming into adulthood like part of the tough business of modern football.
Genre(s): 2021 Drama
Duration: 116 minutes
IMDB Rating: 71/100
Cast: Eric Eng, Frida Gustafsson, Johannes Bah Konke, Maurizio Lombardi, Alfred Enoch and many more.

A quick glimpse of the current movies on Disney +

Started the address
05/2022 “Pepper and the Curse of the Black King”
05/2022 “Gang story – a matter of honor” (“Gang story”)
05/2022 “UMMAH – between friends”
05/2022 “Bateson and Fundus: A Small Annoyance, a Great Friendship”
04/2022 “the lesson”
05/2022 “mask”
05/2022 “Biggest Little Farm: Back”
05/2022 “Polar bears are very close” (“Watch the bear”)
04/2022 “Polar bear”
04/2022 “Explorer: The Last Tepui”
04/2022 “Long Gone Summer”
04/2022 “Tigers”
04/2022 Operation Orangutan
04/2022 “The Challenger Disaster: The Lost Tapes”
04/2022 “The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse”
04/2022 Daughter of the Levant 2: The Serpent’s Gift
04/2022 “Wild Ways of the Vikings”
04/2022 Shamir’s daughter
04/2022 “Tutankhamun – the secrets of the burial chamber” (“Tutankhamun Absolute”)
04/2022 “fact”
04/2022 “port”
04/2022 “deadly”
04/2022 “Company – Law of Authority” (“Company”)
04/2022 Munich: The Edge of War
04/2022 “Secrets”
04/2022 “Epic”
04/2022 “Africa”
04/2022 “3”
05/2022 “22 bullets”
04/2022 The Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Koolhaas

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