Daniel Gunther: A Man for the Future of the CDU

Hamburg. if it was CDU She wants to know what her future will look like, not to say she should, and then she had to follow her on Sunday Schleswig-Holstein Look. There is a man there state elections Which was unknown five years ago and was an emergency solution and is now the most popular prime minister among all 16 heads of state in Germany.

Daniel Gunther has shown admirably that in these times you can clearly win the election with the CDU, despite the SPD’s chancellor and despite a federal party struggling to get close to 30 per cent in the polls.

Friedrich Merz needed Günther’s victory

Frederick Mers, head of this federal party, was pleased with Günther’s victory, and desperately needed it after the CDU lost Saarland to the Social Democrats, who could now rule there on their own. Whether this joy is justified in Merz’s view is another question.

With Daniel Gunther largely the opposite of the CDU leader, he embodies a surprisingly modern, fresh, and modest style of politics that Merz is far from. Günther revitalized the CDU in Schleswig-Holstein, bringing a woman from Hamburg to Kiel with Education Minister Karin Brin, who is now considered one of the great (and few) hopes of the federal CDU, of which she serves as its vice-president.

However, his greatest strength was the manner in which he assaulted the various partners in the Jamaica alliance, which was praised even by those who are usually critical of Gunther.

Government agencies deserve good results

Because state elections are for politicians what testimonials are for schoolchildren, the three governing parties deserve good results. The CDU, Greens and the FDP have steered Schleswig-Holstein through the pandemic better than any other government.

In terms of corona incidents, the North has always been one of the federal states with the lowest values ​​for nearly two years. Schleswig-Holstein was the first to reopen tourism, and Schleswig-Holstein began vaccinating schoolchildren and booster vaccinations for adults more consistently than anyone else.

The prime minister benefited from the government’s performance

All this led to the impression among voters that their government could handle even the most difficult situations. Sunday’s elections came accordingly, with the prime minister benefiting disproportionately from the good performance of his government and not even slowed down by contracting coronavirus in the final phase of the election campaign.

The Greens have had their best result since they run in the state election in Schleswig-Holstein, but they also have to live with the realization that there is a huge gap between the claim made by their top candidate Monica Heinold (“I want to be Prime Minister”) and reality. It probably can’t be closed at all if you’re a junior partner in a triple constellation like Jamaica, it might work better if you can criticize the prime minister’s policies forcefully as the most powerful opposition party.

Plan B for the Greens: Government with the CDU

This was not the goal of the Greens, they like to rule in Schleswig-Holstein and, as the past five years have shown, they do well too and, as Plan B, hoped to stay in power with the CDU alone. . It’s still possible, but not particularly likely: Daniel Gunther is enough to rule with the FDP, which remains the CDU’s natural coalition partner.

The Liberals are the only ones in the Jamaican government who have fared worse in the current state election than they were five years ago. This may have something to do with the fact that the hugely popular Wolfgang Kubicki was still active in the country at the time, but it’s still unfair. Because if you praise Schleswig-Holstein’s coronavirus policy where you have to praise it in light of the numbers, it is mainly due to Heiner Garg, the health minister of the FDP.

The course is set for new positions

Economy Minister Bernd Buchholz was able to announce big plans for Schleswig-Holstein at the start of his first legislative term, most recently the LNG terminal at Brunsbüttel. In other words: the path for new jobs and additional income is set apart from the increased tourism in Schleswig-Holstein.

During the elections, the SPD felt there was little to complain about in the country. In addition, top candidate Thomas Los Muller is a likable and competent man, but also someone that Daniel Gunther says he looks exactly like. And when you have a choice between the original and the copy, do you choose? merely.

Will Günther reconsider his role in the federal CDU?

The question remains whether Gunther will reconsider his role in the CDU after his success. In the search for a successor to former President Angela Merkel, whom Friedrich Merz is known to have won on the third attempt, he deliberately stopped the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein.

I don’t think you’re wronging him when you say what happened at his party was too ridiculous for him. Additionally, Günther, like other younger CDU politicians, was smart enough not to get bogged down at the wrong time. He has now won the state election for the second time: that is at least a very strong argument to hear in the planned renewal of the party.

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