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Schleswig-Holstein elected a new state parliament. By the interim end result, the CDU comes in as the strongest force with 43.4 percent of the vote, the Social Democrats achieve 16 percent, and the Greens are the second strongest with 18.3 percent.

The Christian Democrats took 43.4 percent of the vote in Schleswig-Holstein in the initial final result. To obtain an absolute majority, they would have needed 35 seats in the state parliament, and with this end result they would have obtained 34 seats. SPD is up to 16 percent, thus reaching a historic low. According to the final result, the Greens came to 18.3 percent, and the Freedom and Justice Party to 6.4 percent. The AfD is at 4.4 percent, so it misses the opportunity to return to the state parliament. The South Sudan Party, as a party of the Danish and Frisian minority in the country anyway excepted from the five percent hurdle, achieved 5.7 percent.

Compared to the 2017 state election, the CDU gained 11.4 percent, according to the preliminary final result, and the SPD lost 11.3 percent. The Greens improved 5.4 percent, and the FDP lost 5.1 percent. The AfD deteriorated by 1.5 percent, and Sub-Saharan Africa rose by 2.4 percent.

Gunther: “The result touches me.”

Prime Minister Daniel Gunther was greeted at the Christian Democrats election ceremony in Kiel Arena with chants of “Daniel, Daniel.” “The winner of the election is the CDU, that’s us, there can be no doubt about it. This is a massive vote of confidence. For me, this is a result that affects me. I don’t remember when we got a result like this,” said Gunther happily. She talks not only about the CDU, but also about the government’s work for the Jamaica coalition.” That’s why I’m saying at this point that this trust and this support that we’ve received is also due to our coalition partners that we’ve worked with. For this reason, I would like to thank frankly the Green Party and the Freedom and Development Party for the great cooperation. “

Joyful mood in the CDU: Daniel Gunther scored a clear electoral victory.

After the clear electoral victory of the CDU, he wants to hold talks with his former coalition partners, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party, about the next state government. He said it was “absolutely clear” to him that he was now in talks with both parties. Gunther has ruled out allying with SSW despite “a very high trust relationship”.

These alliances will be possible

According to the initial end result, the CDU could achieve a majority with the FDP – they would have 39 seats and would therefore be 4 seats above the necessary majority. For example, it will not be enough for the majority of the SPD, the Greens, and the Southern Socialist Party.

The CDU could also cooperate with the Greens, so they would have a larger majority. It will also be possible to form an alliance with the SPD, as well as an alliance with the SSW, which gets four seats in the state parliament.

Losse-Müller: You weren’t able to move forward on the subjects

SPD candidate Thomas Luce Muller had already summed up after the first speculation: “We ran against three parties united. That was obviously a huge challenge. We didn’t manage to assert ourselves with these issues.” Los Muller continued that the defeat was also his personal responsibility, he was the face of the campaign.

SPD state leader Serpil Mediatli is also disappointed: “It’s a bitter result for us. Of course, we were hoping for a lot and a lot, but in reality it didn’t work.” Ralph Stegner, the long-time leader of the SPD parliamentary group in Schleswig-Holstein, still wants to encourage the top candidate: “I hope Thomas Los Muller will not surrender, but he will attack again. And there is at least something positive: if the right-wing extremists are from the state parliament, So there is at least good reason to feel happy.”

Voter migration towards CDU

As the voter exodus shows, the SPD lost 61,000 voters to the CDU, 37,000 to the Greens and 14,000 to the SSW. The 16 per cent of the provisional final result is well below the minimum value of the Schleswig-Holstein Social Democrats (25.4 per cent in 2009) that was in effect as of Sunday. Nevertheless, the SPD is still convinced that the people of Schleswig-Holstein deserve more social policies. They stand by the fact that there should be no “business as usual” and want to continue to put in place policies for reasonable rents, relief for families and climate protection in a consistent manner.

Heinold: Government action or strong opposition

“First of all, we are very happy to be the second most powerful force,” said Monica Heinold, the Green Party’s top candidate. “Now we’ll see if the government’s work goes any further,” Heinold continued. “I suppose we’ll be able to take on the government’s responsibility again or make a vehement opposition.”

Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) congratulated Daniel Gunther on his election victory. “It’s a very strong green result and Daniel Gunther won the election.” “He will also know to whom he owes a good result,” Habeck also explained. For Habeck, extrapolation only allows for alliance: “I think Daniel Gunther is smart enough to know if two parties will win the election and what the consequences will be.”

Bocholts promotes “central government”

“There is a lot in common between the CDU and the FDP when it comes to the content themselves, in the areas of politics. Thus, there is the potential for a government in the middle,” said Bernd Buchholz, the leading Democratic Party candidate. The missing percentages do not go unnoticed by the FDP. It’s a shame, we wish we had had more,” Buchholz said.

Hurt: Best score in history

Lars Harms, SSW’s top candidate, is proud of the numbers: “We certainly don’t tip the scales, it’s up to Daniel Gunther how to make the decision.” SSW is open for conversations. “But above all we are pleased to have achieved the best result that SSW has ever achieved in its history,” said Harms.

Nobis: “We’re out”

For AfD candidate Jörg Nobis, it is the end of his party in the state parliament: “Times of crisis are times of government. Mr. Gunther was able to benefit greatly from this. I congratulate him warmly.” Internal disagreements will not be appreciated by the electorate. He doesn’t think the obstacle was that high. Nobis went on to say that he believed that it was the federal political issue of Ukraine that would have prevailed in the elections and where the alternative alternative to Ukraine could not have scored. visibly moved, the top candidate in his parliamentary group said:We are outside and I still thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting.”

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Daniel Gunther (CDU), Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein and his party's top candidate, drinks non-alcoholic beer in the electoral party.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Christian Charisius / dpa

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