Godzilla event in CoD Warzone starts on Wednesday

On Wednesday, May 11, the big event kicks off with Godzilla and King Kong in Call of Duty: Warzone – Operation Monarch. MeinMMO shows you the schedule, procedure and the most important details about the event.

The current third season of Call of Duty: Warzone is all about giant monsters. Operation Monarch is probably the most dedicated free Battle Royale event to date, bringing Godzilla and King Kong to the caldera. The most important information here:

  • When does the event start?
  • How does event mode work?
  • Will there also be a regular Battle Royale during the event?
  • What are the rewards?
  • What else does the event do?
  • What happens after the event?

Here we include the event trailer and the current Battle Pass for Season 3:

CoD Warzone shows your battle against King Kong and Godzilla in the Battle Pass trailer

CoD Warzone: Operation Monarch – All Info

When does the event start? Operation Monarch goes online on Wednesday, May 11 at 6 p.m. As per the current situation, the event will last for two weeks, until May 25th.

How does event mode work? The game is played in teams of 4 and the rules are mainly based on the normal Battle Royale rules. 150 people are dropped over the caldera and whoever is still standing at the end wins.

However, you can count on particularly large tools on your way to victory. You control King Kong and Godzilla.

During the game you have to find “Monarch Stream Device”. With this you can control the monsters.

  • Godzilla destroys entire regions with his atomic breath
  • King Kong throws rocks and stomps across the map

How exactly device search works is still not clear. It’s also not entirely clear if monsters are scattered across the island all the time or only when a player controls them.

It seems that you are fighting monsters with special weapons that you can find in the caldera. You open special hideouts that provide you with great war equipment to fight.

Will there also be a regular Battle Royale during the event? If you don’t like the action, don’t play. Regular battle royale modes will also be available online and you won’t have to deal with monsters.

What are the rewards? There has been no announcement of this yet. From experience, however, it is likely that there will be special tasks related to the event.

If you complete a mission, you will get themed cosmetics. If you complete all the tasks, there is an additional bonus.

What else does the event do? In addition to the crazy event mode, new cosmetic packs are coming to the shop with matching monster skins. The Godzilla blue skin pack is already online, and the trailer for the pack is on YouTube (via youtube.com).

What happens after the event? As things stand, Operation Monarch will last for two weeks. This is evidenced by the playlists posted by developer Raven Software.

However, destroying monsters can cause more damage to the war zone map. A lot has already changed on Caldera at the start of Season 3 and there may be more to come.

The roadmap for Season 3 announces mid-season that there are more secrets to be discovered in the Underground Caldera. An official teaser suggests that the surface is no longer safe (via twitter.com).

This could mean that the middle of Season 3 will start right after the event and bring with it more map tweaks.

Here we include a preview of our upcoming playlists:

cod warzone season 3 playlist 2022

Operation Monarch will likely become a leading event in the Warzone. But it remains to be seen if it can live up to the high expectations.

As soon as there is new information and more details, we will update the article accordingly.

Until then, let us know if you’ve been watching the action and what to expect from the monster attack. We love reading your comments on the topic.

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