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Already five games before the end of the season, the rookie club Hamburg managed to remain in the German Handball League. With a lot of commitment and a great deal of humility, the people behind the scenes gave the club a new look.

“We can be very proud of ourselves,” captain Niklas Wheeler said after a 32:24 home win over rookie joint TuS N-Lübbecke. “It’s something very special with this team, who have grown so much together and close to each other for a long time.” Coach Torsten Janssen was so happy we were able to give this gift to each other at home. IM so happy.

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Coach Jansen knows all the ups and downs of Hamburg

Janssen and Wheeler are among the mighty heroes of the new HSVH. 2007 World Champion Janssen saw all the ups and downs of the first era: two cup wins (2006, 2010), a championship title in 2011 and a Champions League victory in 2013 – but also a license revocation and withdrawal from the game in 2016.

After a break at THW Kiel, the 45-year-old returned to the Hanseatic city. First as a temporary player and youth coach, then as head coach since 2017. In 2015, Weller joined the then Hanseatic U-23 League in the Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein Oberliga. Three promotions later, the 28-year-old reached the Bundesliga.

Martin Schwalbe (left) and Johannes Peter

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HSVH stands for Honest Business

HSV Hamburg has learned from the mistakes of the past and changed its image. The club is no longer as ostentatious as it used to be Andreas Rudolph, but for honest work. This is ensured by club president Mark Everman, former coach Martin Schwalbe, who is the vice president, and managing director duo Sebastian Frick and Florian Gere.

To make the league perfect for five games before the end, that’s more than great for an up-and-coming team: “If someone had told us it was pre-season, we would have signed it straight away — and we didn’t believe it,” Frick said.

The team positioned well

On the field, it is Hamburg’s special blend that makes success. Local players such as Weller, Leif Tissier, Dominik Axmann and Finn Wullenweber complement each other well with seasoned professionals such as Tobias Schimmelbauer, Manuel Späth, Casper Mortensen and Johannes Bitter.

With 173 goals so far, Danish left winger Mortensen is HSVH’s best kicker and fifth best kicker in the league. With 255 saves, former national goalkeeper Peter is the fourth best goalkeeper among the 18 clubs in the Bundesliga.

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The German Handball League has recognized five years of work for the club since its inception in the third division in 2016. More

Three new arrivals have already been confirmed

Spatt (retired), Jan Fürstbauer, Jonas Mayer, Jan Clinedam and Philip Bauer will leave the club for the new season. Dutch playmaker Danny Bigins (ASV Hamm-Westfalen) and two Danes Jacob Lassen (backcourt/Bjerringbro-Silkeborg) and Andreas Magaard (circle player/Nordsjælland HB) have been confirmed as new arrivals.

Knowing the Bundesliga’s affiliation in the new season, the club will certainly continue to explore the transfer market. “It is very important to be able to plan at this time,” said Frick, managing director of Hamburger Abendblatt. Before that, Hamburg can enjoy the remaining five matches in the Bundesliga – including against designated champion Magdeburg and against record champion THW Kiel.

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Handball professional Manuel Spaet of HSV Hamburg.  © IMAGO / Lobeca

The 36-year-old former national player will not extend his contract with the newly promoted Bundesliga side, which is set to expire in the summer. more

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