“I was overwhelmed by the beautiful landscapes of Cornwall”

“I was overwhelmed by the beautiful landscapes of Cornwall”

Next Sunday, May 15th, at 8:15pm, ZDF will be showing a new film by Rosamunde Pilcher, “Love is Unpredictable”. For this production, which is about love in the digital age, colonial actor Tobias Schaeffer was in front of the camera.

We talked to him about photography in Cornwall and love in the digital age.

How do you face the current situation that differs significantly from the idealized world of Rosamunde Pilcher films?

Tobias Schaeffer: In the beginning, what was happening in the pandemic and now in the Ukraine war was very present to me. But at some point you start to kick everything out of the habit and keep working. All this happens in the background, in fact a ridiculous situation.

What is the significance of Rosamunde Pilcher in such difficult times?

shepherd: It enables people to immerse themselves in another world, at least temporarily. Cornwall, with its landscapes, offers unique visuals. Anyone who sees such a movie can take a moment to breathe and get a contrast with the horrific images in the daily news.

What is the new TV movie “Love is Unpredictable”?

shepherd: It’s about Mary, who is convinced that love can be calculated using an algorithm she created for a dating portal. This brings together couples in love who should fit together perfectly. With Amanda and Zack, whom I play, there is a test couple who didn’t honestly answer questions asked, but still found each other in the end.

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Can you imagine calculating love for yourself?

shepherd: It’s not far. People who work and do not have much time or who do not have contact on the site due to Corona, for them, this dating portal is a great opportunity to meet for a walk, for example, in order to get to know each other . It doesn’t have to work properly on the first try. However, the idea of ​​just using an algorithm to create a perfect love affair wouldn’t really work.

How was the filming in Cornwall?

shepherd: I arrived in the evening when it was already dark. My hut was right by the sea and the next morning I was completely stunned by what I saw. The landscape of Cornwall is incredibly beautiful – a true paradise. You need time to do all of that. I didn’t know the area before, it was all new to me there.

shepherd: Zach is a little shy and clumsy. He has his own focus on life and things. It’s a little close to me there. In the film he is a stark contrast with his partner. When it comes to love, Zac is overprotective, which makes him a bit nervous. But he’s always helpful and has a good core, and that’s something that connects me with him.

Do you still watch TV movies by yourself on Sunday nights?

shepherd: I loved watching crime scenes with my dad in the evening. But today, because of my job and the wide range of streaming services, I rarely understand it. You often think twice about staying up late in the evening or whether you’d rather be refreshed again in the morning.

As a citizen of Bonn, what is your relationship to Cologne?

shepherd: I live between the two cities. Bonn is my haven, the place where I grew up. My family lives there and I find peace there. Cologne is where many friends live, I work, and I also feel a lot of creativity.

What projects do you currently have as an actor?

shepherd: I am currently filming for the biggest project that has ever been shown to me as an actor. However, I cannot reveal anything about it yet. But I am very happy that I had this wonderful opportunity.

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