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Chub. It should be a trip to heaven – in the truest sense of the word, if all goes the way Andre Muller imagines it. If it was up to him, he wouldn’t return from his “journey to heaven” as the project calls it.

Because Andre Muller is terminally ill. He has terminal cancer. Because of severe heart disease, chemotherapy and surgery are not possible. The 58-year-old’s greatest wish: to travel across Europe in a rickshaw “until I can no longer do it”. Sicily, Spain, Sweden, Lapland, Gibraltar, Greece – the list of potential destinations is long. Said, almost elated, talks about his plans over the phone – while at the clinic in Langensteinbach. “I had to call an ambulance a few days ago because my legs stopped working,” he explains. For this reason, he postponed the start of his journey by four weeks. “The doctors are confident I’ll be fit again by then,” he says. “I’m going to take this trip, there’s no other way,” he says.

It was no longer just his trip. Since Mueller came up with the idea of ​​announcing his plans on social media and looking for supporters, the whole thing has become a surefire success: his Facebook group, which he’s constantly active, has more than 1,100 members and crowdfunding Doppler, who has been a disabled retiree since 2018, has enabled him. And he has to make do with a few financial resources, so far he has raised nearly 3,000 euros in donations. “I have to take this journey. There are a lot of people who tell me that this allows them to escape their fate a little, even if unfortunately they can no longer do such a thing themselves,” he describes.

“I’m going to take this trip, there’s no other way,” says André Müller of Dobel.

But how did Mueller come up with the idea for the trip in the first place? “It happened this way,” he recalls. I’ve shared a lot on social media with other people with the same health issues as me. Suddenly there I asked, “Has no one got a cheap mobile home for me?” Because: In his career, Muller worked for a long time as a truck driver in international long-distance transportation. “I’ve been to many countries and cities, but I haven’t actually seen any of them because I don’t have time, and I often just drive the truck to the suburbs,” he recalls. Therefore, the “road trip to heaven” should be a kind of last trip for him, as the circle closes again.

“The worst thing for me is sitting at home and doing nothing”says the 58-year-old.

“When I wake up, I look at a meadow where a horse is standing. In between I look at the TV. Then back to the meadow. Some days a horse is the only living creature I see.” That can’t be all, “I would like a little more,” As Mueller says, who “feels like” giving himself a maximum of two years to live. When he talks about it, he doesn’t sound sad. Rather combative. He really wants to take this trip. Even if it is not easy for him to talk sometimes during the long phone call. “These are the side effects of many medications,” he explains, taking a sip and continuing to talk. “I have been under a lot of pressure all my life. Time pressure, the fight for my family. Now it’s my turn,” said the father of five, aged 34 to 4, who is now single. “I have worked for 38 years. The little life I still have is the most precious thing that exists.” And so his ride should also follow his own rhythm: “I’ll come when I’m there. I drive without time pressure and stay where I like it.”

Visit friends and family

When Muller starts, he first wants to take a tour of Germany and visit friends and family, including his children. Then you should go further south. “I can drive for hours. When I sit down, I don’t feel any pain. I did a test drive for a medical study,” Muller says.

The mobile home is already ready: “I rented it from a family in Bavaria and received it three weeks ago,” he says. The family made it available to him at a very reasonable rent, “I tried it on a little trip over Easter”. Muller sublet his apartment in Dobel. He explains in a practical way: “Either I die on the way, or I can’t take it anymore, then I have to go to a nursing home.” He does not want to return to Dobel.

Facebook Blog and Donations

Anyone wishing to accompany André Müller on his last trip can find his Facebook blog under “Road Trip to Paradise”. Financial support is possible through the following link:

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