Little traffic but queues at the airport

zAt the start of the school holidays, many people from North Rhine-Westphalia set off for their summer vacation on Saturday. At the airports, the number of passengers jumped again. There were sometimes long waits at Dusseldorf airport: Pegasus airline canceled five out of 17 planned flights to Turkey.

Six more flights to Turkey have been moved to Frankfurt, Münster and Cologne-Bonn, an airport spokesperson announced on Saturday afternoon. “We regret the situation and the associated inconvenience to our passengers and are providing support through our staff to inform passengers of the situation.” Officials from the Federal Police and State Police are also on site to provide assistance. A spokesman for the Federal Police confirmed the provision of administrative assistance at Dusseldorf Airport.

The day before, state and federal police calmed the situation when there were long wait times at airline counters for check-in. As WDR reported, frustrated travelers kicked Pegasus counters and threw objects to the ground on Friday. Then the employees fled the workplace. There were noisy scenes.

According to the airport spokesperson, Pegasus canceled four flights to Turkey on Friday evening. Passengers should be able to board from Dusseldorf on a Saturday afternoon. At first, the airline itself did not comment on the incident. Otherwise, the airport spokesperson said the start of the summer holidays at Dusseldorf Airport has gone smoothly so far. About 120,000 passengers are expected to arrive at the largest airport in North Rhine-Westphalia in the first weekend.

Little traffic jams

Road traffic was running relatively smoothly at first. On Saturday afternoon, the WDR traffic congestion detector showed less than 50 kilometers of traffic jams on motorways in North Rhine-Westphalia. The first wave of travel on Friday afternoon led to further delays with more than 300 km of mostly slow traffic passing. According to ADAC spokesman Thomas Muther, it was particularly crowded on well-known roads such as the A1 around Cologne and the A3 towards the Ruhr.

In addition to North Rhine-Westphalia, the federal states Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hamburg, Brandenburg and Berlin are already on school holidays. Many people drive their cars to the popular holiday resorts of the North Sea and Baltic Sea. A spokeswoman for Mittelsdorf Highway Police in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern said Corona’s relaxation is preferable to travel. “Since the opening of tourism, the streets are noticeably full.”

However, there will only be a few traffic jams in northern Germany this weekend. “The current volume of traffic is normal during the holiday season,” motorway police Bad Oldeslaw in Schleswig-Holstein said. Traffic condition is not particularly noticeable. On Saturday afternoon, there were only six kilometers of traffic jams on the A1 motorway north of Lübeck. Traffic was slow between Kreuz Hamburg-Ost and Hamburg-Billstedt. On the A7 motorway towards Flensburg, there was a temporary one kilometer long traffic jam.

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