NBA Playoffs: Balance! The Dallas Mavericks shoot the Phoenix Suns outside the auditorium

The Dallas Mavericks tied the series against the Phoenix Suns. For Game 4 of the conference semi-finals, almost the entire downtown team is preparing. Chris Paul appears strangely on the other side.

The Mavericks scored 20 three-pointers as a team, eight of which came from Dorian Finney-Smith alone (24 points, 8/12 3FG, 8 rebounds). Luka Doncic scored 26 points (9/25 FG, 7 rebounds, 11 assists), and Jalen Bronson 18 points. Maxi Clipper put 11 and 7 rebounds coming from the bench.

On the flip side, Devin Booker was clearly the best man with 35 points and 7 assists, but was somewhat disappointed by his backcourt teammate. Chris Paul had 5 points and 7 assists because he fouled in 23 minutes. Jay Crowder (15) and Dender Eaton (14 and 11 rebounds) provided some support, but it wasn’t enough.

Both teams started with the usual starting runs. Both teams started with good chances, less than four minutes later Dallas was already 13:8 ahead. However, there was still cause for concern, as Doncic was so upset about a missed whistle after just two and a half minutes that he got his first technical technique in the match.

Otherwise it went very well for Dallas at first. Doncic did what he wanted, and the Mavs hit three. Vinnie-Smith made it to 24:13, then Crowder limping into the locker room, but was able to quickly turn back. Phoenix still looks oddly disorganized. Bertans raised the corner to +13, Poker (already 13 points) ensured damage reduction. 37:25 Mafs after a quarter.

Chris Paul was barely on the field in the second half

Bertans gave the next three suns, Dinwiddy continued, and Crowder caught fire a little on the other side. After more than six minutes off the bench, Doncic is back for his team at +9, and Phoenix is ​​now better in the game. Doncic blamed Paul and Bridges for their third foul, and things got tough again. Right at the end of the quarter, Paul also received a loose ball foul – his fourth foul! 68:56 Dallas at break.

Phoenix walked out of the steamy locker room, but Paul took the wind out of his team’s sails by claiming his fifth foul on the spot. The Mavs opened the quarter with a 0-7 score before Bronson hit a tricky jump, then immediately switched to a 7-0 run. Doncic picked Paine several times and scored, but Johnson got up on the other side and gave Booker at least a playing partner. That was enough to keep going. 87:78 after three quarters.

Hard to believe: Paul came back and received his sixth foul almost immediately, as he was kicked out of a playoff for the fourth time in his career. Booker initially kept his team in contention, putting three goals to -8 with less than four minutes to go, but the Mavs hit back with three again. 1:34 Before the end, Doncic put the ball up after a later run against Johnson to make it 109:95 and grinned – it was the final decision.

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