NBA Playoffs Insights to Mavs Game 4 Winning: Here’s What Luka Doncic Learned From CP3

The Dallas Mavericks also won their fourth game in the conference semifinals, and their streak tied against the Phoenix Suns. Once again, it is of note that Mavs Defense Phoenix is ​​struggling – and Luka Doncic certainly has a helping hand. Insight into the game.

1. Real Mavericks Defense

After a second straight win, one can probably no longer speak of a slip: Dallas found a way to upset the Suns’ rhythm. Having achieved at least 50 percent of the field in nine consecutive games, they failed in this division for the second time (46 percent) and had their second lowest tally in this post-season (after Match 3).

The Phoenix had their share of it, but the Mavs defended it once again aggressively as a team. Much pressure was put on the ball carrier, Reggie Bullock once again playing a key role in the fact that the Suns were often slow to attack (or cross midfield).

Especially in the minutes when Maxi Kleber was the only big one, the Mavs also applied so consistently that their Phoenix stars (for a long time only one: Devin Booker) flashed and often felt compelled to take the ball out of their hands. .

As a result, it was up to the weaker players in attack to make the decisions. Jae Crowder used some space, but Dallas could live with his 15 points, and most of the time the Mavs were able to spin quickly anyway, providing the least amount of room to attack. The whole team was involved, and Luka Doncic also played a good game mostly in that regard.

Booker still gets 35 points, of course, but he’s had to work hard for most of it — and the Mavs will probably get along well with the throw distribution. Phoenix was significantly weak at the three-point streak and rarely flowed throughout the game. The Suns almost slid across the field on their best days, but the Mavs dragged the series into quicksand at home.

The Suns have now lost 17 spins twice in a row. In the entire regular season, there were only four games they were involved in more – turnovers are actually nothing to them at all. In this game, the best smart team of the season shoot in the foot again and again.

2. Luka Doncic learned from Chris Paul

We mentioned Doncic’s good defense: perhaps his biggest contribution was the offensive mistakes he made. The same was true of Galen Bronson. The Mavs sold every contact, fall, and framed Booker for three offensive fouls and two for an increasingly desperate Chris Paul.

This might sound critical, in fact flipping (on both sides) was stressful to watch – but it worked and was (unfortunately) justified in that respect. Ironically, the “victim” was Paul of all people, who may have faked more calls in his career than any other current player in the NBA.

“We were taught that by one of the best point guards ever on the other side,” Muvs coach Jason Kidd said after the game of making mistakes at key moments. “That’s pretty cool.” You will continue after this game again it will be a great topic.

During match 3, Doncic himself several times gestured towards the audience that the referees had been bought – and in this game he used them to his advantage. Like before the end of the second quarterfighting for a rebound when he called Paul and came down like… Paul.

“I learned that flop from you,” Doncic said right afterwards at the CP3 free-throw line. In this game, the Slovenian allowed the maestro to taste his own medicine. Paul had some unfortunate calls, but he also took unnecessary risks and didn’t know how to adapt his playing style to the picky streak of referees.

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