Optimism after the crisis: We are ready for the future

With the exception of the first youth leader, all positions available for election at the general meeting at Überberger Sportheim were filled. Also shown in the photo are club president Manfred Gerbach (far right) and mayor Gerhard Weiss (far left). Photo: quinque

The coach, continues to reinforce the team with four newcomers, and the number of members has remained stable – SV Überberg is optimistic about the future after the Corona crisis.

Altensteig-Überberg – At the general meeting, Alexander Gogolin was confirmed as second president, Stefan Beckmann as secretary and Marcus Francesky as second youth leader. Jacob Kalmbach and Alexander Bilder will continue to serve on the committee. Christoph Kepler replaced David Gerkin, who was no longer a candidate. Christoph Gerbach made himself available to be the second master of the game. Contrary to her original intention, Martina Hauser-Hartmann resigned as the first youth leader. Since the decision was made only a few days ago, no successor could be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

Chairman Manfred Gerbach has announced that honoring the club’s long-deserving members by the Football Association will only take place at the Summer Party on 5 June. But he did not want to do without two “smaller” awards that evening. Janne Hauser reliably and conscientiously takes care of sports field maintenance and keeps your lawn mower in top condition. Bernd Gerbach has grilled sausage at the cottage for many years.

After positive prep matches, coach Philippe Horner was confident of scoring three points in his first league game against Spielberg. In the end, the eleven stood empty-handed. She also lost the next three matches. In order to give up the Red Lantern in the Zone B League, it was necessary to win – it was achieved a week ago with 3:1 against Ruhrdorf Islshausen. “And now we’re going to beat Emmingen as well,” the coach chanted loudly at the public meeting on Friday night.

They also want to score a second team

The fact that the coach agreed to coach SV Überberg next season, his third, has been a huge relief – and that the squad will be bolstered with a player coach and four newcomers. It is planned to register a second team again. A prerequisite, Hurter said, is that a full number of training participants on Tuesday and Thursday evenings is possible. The club’s youth are part of the Northern Black Forest playing community, which consists of Oberberg, Siemersfeld, Spielberg, Bernic-Zuerenberg and Ettmannsweller and currently have 110 kickers – divided into A, B and C as well as two D and E youth teams. 50 F-Kickers and Bambinis Ball.

Alexander Gerbach’s Treasury report for fiscal year 2021 was encouraging because more was received than spent. The club wants to spend the money on Wursthütte to “modernize” it. Auditors Frank Mohrlock and Jacob Kalmbach confirmed that all 212 outstanding receipts were properly booked.

Kaufman presents a professional mission statement

The pandemic has left “brutal marks” on some clubs, and has also presented the city with significant challenges – first with the ever-changing Corona regulations and now with housing refugees from Ukraine. For Feeß, the fact that SV Überberg has developed a professional mission statement in a workshop and in several workgroups, which also emphasizes important values, is very commendable.

At the beginning of the general meeting, Gerhard Kaufmann solemnly presented the “foundations and directions of our cooperation in the sports club”. There you will find data on the cohesion, sportsmanship and external influence of the club as well as on the future of the game’s operations, the sports house, new events and public relations.

Finally, a number of event dates have been announced for this year. On the 10th of May the group of Boeblingen-Calw district governors gather for a meeting in Oberberg, on the 4th of June there will be prize binoculars in the open air, and a day later they want to celebrate a summer party with a church service and instant tournament and on the 10th of June. A penalty shootout tournament will be organized. A club outing takes place on June 25 to the Lochmühle amusement park in Eigeltingen. Football players head to a training camp in Schreeseheim near Ellwangen from August 5-7. Once again, SV Überberg has been awarded a contract to host the VR Youth D Cup on October 3 and the District Hall Tournament on November 12 and 13 in two sports halls in Altensteiger. 80 teams are expected. The Christmas tree sale in front of the Sports Center is again scheduled for December, and the Pinocle Championships in January 2023.

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