Putin’s lover: Where does the Russian Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva live?

Alina Kabaeva, Russian Olympic champion and partner of Russian President Vladimir Putin, watches the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
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Not much is known about Vladimir Putin’s personal life. For months there has been speculation about a possible illness of the Russian president.

Just as many rumors surround his love life. While his two daughters have been on the official sanctions lists since the beginning of the Ukraine war, Alina Kabaeva has not yet appeared there.

The 38-year-old Olympic champion is said to have two sons from the Russian war meadow. We have compiled everything that is known about Kabaeva.

She is beautiful, young and said to be the darling of Vladimir Putin: Alina Kabaeva, 38, a former European and world champion in rhythmic gymnastics, also known as the “most flexible Russian woman”. She is said to have two sons with the Russian president, although the relationship between Putin and Kabaeva has not been officially confirmed. We collected everything you know about the Russian supermodel.

The love affair between Putin and Kabaeva began more than 20 years ago. On December 1, 2001, the two made their public debut together. She was only of legal age at the time. Kabaeva may have lived in Switzerland for a few years, where her sons were also born, as a reporting team from the Swiss daily found out. For the first time in 2008, Kabaeva was referred to as the supposed lover of Russian President Putin. But the Russian newspaper that published it was closed down shortly thereafter.

She has at least two children from Putin – some say four

Kabaeva is said to have given birth to Putin’s son in 2015 – in a hospital in Ticino, Italian-speaking southern Switzerland. A Russian-born gynecologist and confidant of the Russian president is said to have helped with the delivery – and traveled to Moscow in 2019 for the birth of the little brother. This is reported by newspapers in Ticino and Italy. An Italian newspaper published a photo of the villa in which Putin’s lover allegedly lives.

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In 2013, Putin announced his separation from his wife Lyudmila. He never confirmed his relationship to former competitive athlete Kabaeva or his alleged paternity. As head of the “National Media Group”, one of the largest Russian media companies, Kabaeva has received an annual salary of nearly ten million euros since 2014. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the 38-year-old has appeared in Moscow several times for propaganda purposes. Among other things, she honored Russian veterans of World War II at a charitable event named after her, the “Alina Festival”. Parts of these events will be broadcast on Russian state television on the day of the feast (May 9). Here you can see the 38-year-old workout.

Putin’s alleged mistress was also seen on television at the 2014 Sochi Games, as well as at party events for United Russia under Putin. She works in the Russian President’s party as deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Youth Affairs. It is not clear whether the 38-year-old has moved permanently from Switzerland to Russia since the start of the war, or if she only flies to attend representative events.

This time, she did not escape punishment

It seems that Alina Kabaeva would like to keep her private fortune as small as possible due to the numerous gifts from Putin and potential possessions in Switzerland. So far, the most prominent Russian woman with ties to the Kremlin has not been affected by the sanctions over the Ukraine war. The EU wants to change that, and Alina Kabaeva’s name can be found in a draft of the latest EU sanctions list.

In fact, many wealthy Russians and oligarchs consider Switzerland their favorite haven in Western Europe. At the end of February, Switzerland decided with hesitation to support EU sanctions and freeze parts of Russian assets. According to the Swiss Ministry of Economic Affairs, more than seven billion euros in assets have been confiscated.

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