Reichhart Logistik’s Entrepreneurship Award from Gilching: Great Masters of Logistics

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to: Peter Shell

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Entrepreneur of the Year: Reichert bosses Michael Jackel (second from left) and Alexander Reichart (center) with founder Horst Reichart (second from right), Landtag President Ilse Aigner and Manfred Herz, President of the Mittelstandsunion Federation. © Stefan Schuhbauer-von Jena

Mittelstandsunion on Tuesday evening honored the managing partners of Reichhart Logistik as Entrepreneur of the Year. Landtag’s president, Ilse Aigner, described the Gilching-based company as a “comic book company.”

glching – About 1,000 exhaust systems ready to be installed on assembly lines at the BMW plant in Munich every day – brought by Reichart. About 70 Airbus fleet tailpieces to Hamburg for assembly each month – brought by Reichart. What started 51 years ago with a truck has long become one of Germany’s largest logistics companies. Nearly 1,000 employees at 21 locations, plus a modern fleet of 380 trucks and vans: for Ilse Aigner, Speaker of the State Parliament, the company is a “comic book company” – above all because, despite the success, it still has its roots in Gilching.

At its city hall there, the CSU-Mittelstandsunion (MU) District Association honored managing partners Alexander Richart and Michael Jackel as Entrepreneur of the Year in front of nearly 200 guests Tuesday night. This means that the award is still in the economically thriving community – last year it was awarded to Peter Rissenthel, the king of shopping baskets. And now, the masters of logistics, who are at home not far from Reisenthel headquarters in the Gilching-Süd business district – in the amazing building called the “Red Magnet”.

“This is a special day for Gilching too,” Mayor Manfred Walter said happily. Over the past 51 years, the community and the company have grown hand in hand. “It’s something special when a company is so committed to its position,” Walter said. The Reichhart bosses deserve the Entrepreneur Award more than anyone else. Reichart and Jackel have run the company founded by Horst Reichart in 1967 on an equal footing for 17 years.

The company has always been about much more than just bringing merchandise from A to B – even if large private transportation like aircraft parts or the use of long-haul trucks are among the amazing demands. As a supplier to the auto industry, the company manufactures parts, including exhaust systems, seats and door panels. It develops driverless systems as well as its own software. Aigner praised “the company is always up to date”.

Most recently, Reichhart spearheaded a “massive digital strategy,” MU President Bernhard Kösslinger emphasized. In addition to the economic successes, Manfred Herz, also MU District Manager, emphasized the company’s social commitment. “All of this prompted us to give you the prize,” he said toward Reichert and Jackel. It is clear to both who owe their success, and thus the award, to: “Our employees are our most important capital,” they said in unison. “You are the biggest contributor to our success.”

According to business promoter Christoph Winkelkotter, this success is also an example of the efficiency of the economy in the Starnberg region. In the past 14 years, the number of jobs subject to social security contributions has increased by about 43 percent to nearly 50,000. “Businesses are a mainstay in the region,” he said, speaking in favor of “reasonable development” in the business space. For example, Heine Optotechnik (from Herrsching to Gilching) and Lobster (from Pöcking to Tutzing) could have been kept in the area. In addition, the region, for example in Oberpfaffenhofen, offers a wide range of opportunities with companies from research, development and production. “We live in the highest quality economic and living space near a cosmopolitan city,” said Deputy District Director George Sheetz.

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