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Promotion jubilation at Eintracht Braunschweig: The traditional club from Lower Saxony was able to immediately return to the second Bundesliga – and fans spontaneously celebrated it on the field.

by Bettina Lehner

BTSV capitalized on a surprise 2-0 defeat to 1. FC Kaiserslautern at Victoria Coln on Sunday and Magdeburg followed it up to the Football League bottom. Eintracht tweeted and was invited to the party at the Arena in Hamburgerstrasse: “How cool is that!?! In second class, we’re back!”

Nearly 2,000 fans flocked to Eintracht and celebrated wildly with the team. “No More Third Band” and “We are Eintracht” professionals and supporters sang in unison. “This day is unbelievably beautiful. I am just proud to be a part of this club,” said Robin Krause enthusiastically.

The team follows the game together

Players together watched the appearance of the guest stalker in Cologne and shared the excitement. “We all sat together, it was great,” Brian Henning said in a hoarse voice. Climb on the sofa or not—“It doesn’t matter, it’s so cool,” he cried and happily hugged his teammate, Maurice Clapped, who said, “I still can’t believe it.”

“I was more nervous than when we played our game because you can’t influence it.”
Captain Jasmine Vesic

Coach Schiele operates the Autobahn

It seems that successful coach Michael Scheele did not expect the surprise and was on his way to his family in Würzburg. “I covered 200 km and then turned around. I saw Peter (Folman, so.The coach asked him with a laugh if he would get the tickets. “Very few of them expected it. This is a lucky situation for us, especially because we were all so broken yesterday,” said Peter Follmann, managing director. “We want to win again next week.”

A minor incident during the boarding break did not go unnoticed for Shell. While showering with beer, he hit the glass so hard that it broke. Some pieces had to be removed, but there were no deep cuts. Despite the incident, the party managed to continue unhindered and culminated in a long night on the bar’s rooftop terrace.

additional information

The “lions” returned in the second German league. The somewhat sudden rise presents a great opportunity for continuity. more

Congratulates the Managing Director of the German Football Association, Hopfen

Donata Hopfen, managing director of the German Football Association, was among the first to congratulate: “We welcome one of the first German champions in the history of the German Football League back to professional football.”

“It’s total madness, fantastic. The past two days have been like a ski trip,” Nicole Combes, the new head of Eintracht, told NDR. “It is very important for the region and for the club as a whole that they play in the second division because we simply need the financial resources.”

Last match of the season against Cologne live on NDR

The Lions, who netted their first match point after their 2:3 defeat to SV Meppen the day before, are one point ahead of the Red Devils in the table and cannot be disqualified from second place anymore. As BTSV plays its final game of the season in front of a home crowd against the now-saved Cologne next Saturday (1.30pm, live on NDR), Kaiserslautern has already succeeded.

The Palatinate’s last opponent was Türkgücü Munich, which stopped playing at the end of March due to bankruptcy. Lotterer now meets Dynamo Dresden, bottom three, in the relegation.

Back without too much pressure

Braunschweig’s long history of first- and second-class promotions is thus a chapter richer. Lower Saxony was relegated to the third degree on May 23, 2021 However, the German champions since 1967 have not been under much pressure from having to make an immediate recovery. In addition to Schiele, the club has signed 16 new players in recent months. The aim of this major upheaval was to restore calm and continuity to the club.

“We’ve had a great season. If you finish second, you deserve it. The team spirit is incredible. Now let’s just celebrate!”
Janice Nikolaou

Follmann said: “We weren’t expecting to rise again ourselves. We planned something for two years and did it in the first year. Now it’s about losing the elevator team title. We have to invest next year, so we can stay in the league.”

Despite the unexpected setback at Meppen, Eintracht has proven more stable this season than Kaiserslautern and VfL Osnabrück. The next big post-rising turmoil in 2020 won’t have to happen this time around.

Fans and players celebrate Eintracht Braunschweig's promotion to the Second Division.  © NDR

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