Simply Third Class: In the end, everyone played 1860 – not just 1860

They wanted to be party breakers, but in the end they were just sparring partners: During 1. The frantic FC Magdeburg Championship celebrations, Löwen’s last dreams of climbing were shattered.

TSV 1860: Defeat increased as the game progressed

“I think we saw a worthy master,” 1860 Michael Kollner had to admit after the 4-0 defeat to the third-tier leaders and the 60th match and especially the inappropriate transitional situations: “We didn’t do a good job”. Even shortly after the break, 1860 was able to make the asymmetric clash open with difficulty, but as the game progressed, disaster inevitably took its course.

While there was no doubt about Magdeburg’s dominance and deserving of the championship, “It was the only team that was clearly better than us in both games,” said captain Stefan Lakes.

The captain of the sixties is not entirely wrong, That the Blues, with the exception of Magdeburg’s exceptional goalkeeper Paris Atik, have not been played by anyone.

Season performance for TSV 1860 is not enough for promotion

But: a mere 2-1 win over 1. FC Kaiserslautern as the only win against one of the league’s “big” is not enough to seal a return to the second division. Curious: In the promotion race, everyone played 1860 (Brunswick and Keiserslautern also failed over the weekend) – only 1860 didn’t!

Black – they are and remain simply third-degree.

In evaluating the results, opinions differed Then correctly. “The 0:4 score is definitely very high, but Magdeburg has its quality, we have to accept that,” said Lex. Well: even if only the last two goals came in extra time, especially the very strong Paris Atec he would have had earlier could score two or three more goals, if you didn’t have it.

A final victory was needed in 1860 – the DFB Cup

Top scorer Marcel Barr remained without goals before handing over the Magdeburg Cup, Opponent Atik caught up with the six-pointer striker again. Because the German Turk will miss the last game of the season, Barr can still secure the top scorer (the only one).

But much more important: Stone (58 points) is under pressure due to VFL Osnabrück’s (58) 1-0 win in Havelsee and Waldhof Mannheim’s draw against Wien Wiesbaden (1-1) to finish fourth in the table and qualify for the DFB Cup to secure it. On the last day of the match, you must beat Borussia Dortmund 2 (Saturday, 1.30 pm).

Coach and Head of Sports: Michael Kollner (left) and Gunther Gorenzel

A trophy at TSV 1860 as a last goal: a lot of money against Borussia …


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Disappointed faces in the TSV 1860 after the defeat at Magdeburg.

TSV 1860: “Of course it hurts” – Lion heads hang after landing loss


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Michael Kollner wants to hold fourth place with his lions.

Competition results: TSV 1860 is now in 4th place


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What about the blue ones then? Kollner had recently left his future open and demanded a perspective so that such bitter shocks against ambitious teams such as FC Ingolstadt, Erzberg Ue and possibly Dynamo Dresden would not be repeated again in the future.

“Kolner is the right coach for the right club.”

“Michael Kollner has a contract and I suppose he will stick to it. I don’t just hope so, I presume it, because he’s the right coach for the right club,” president Robert Reisinger explained in Mercur.

Whether Reisinger is already with Köllner, Who discussed sixty possibilities in a meeting with Chief Financial Officer Marc Nikolai Pfeiffer and Sports Director Günter Görnzel last week?

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