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By declaring war on the CDU and committing to Hess, Nancy Visser virtually removed any remaining doubts that she wanted to run as a top candidate in the state election. A strong election result at the party convention helps her.

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Nancy Visser re-elected leader of the Social Democratic Party


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It is very different this time than it was two years ago in the bleak multi-purpose hall in Ponatal (Kassel), when Nancy Visser took the helm of the Hessian SPD. Once again, the state elections led by the miserable Thorsten Schaeffer-Gumbel failed for the Social Democrats, and in the federal government they struggled as junior partners in an unpopular grand coalition.

Nancy Visser, a state parliamentarian, took office in November 2019. At 88.8 percent, she got a decent result, but by no means was she enthusiastic. After all, someone had to do it, and I offered to do it.

This time the sun is shining at the party convention. This is mainly due to the fact that even though the Corona pandemic has subsided, people are meeting under the roof of the grandstand at the Gassmann Stadium in Marburg to be on the safe side. But otherwise everything is different.

Optimistic with a fighting mood

The female Member of Parliament at the time is now the Federal Minister of the Interior, and her people celebrate her, and the inconspicuous gentlemen in sunglasses stand to the right and left of the speaker’s podium, and her bodyguards. The mood among the Hessian comrades ranged from optimistic to combative. They want to return Hesse to SPD status.

When at last Nancy Weiser “My Heart is in Hesse!” Calls, the unspoken question is answered. No one at the Gasmann Arena in Marburg could doubt her desire to become the state premier of Hesse. When she adds that she wants to fight “because Hessen will blush again,” the applause in the stands becomes consistent and delegates get up from their seats.

Required signal

The coveted signal emanates from this party congress: the SPD hissing behind the whole party leader. And what’s more: If Nancy Visser has so far sidestepped the question of whether she wants to lead the SPD in Hesse as the best candidate in next year’s state election campaign, she clearly declared her right to do so on a sunny Saturday in Marburg. .

The video salute to Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz already gives the first indications of what is moving the comrades at the government party convention. When he says that the Ukraine war “cannot be justified by anything,” there is spontaneous applause. When he praised Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht for doing a great job, not a single hand moved in her government assembly. And when Nancy Weisser wished that her re-election as party leader would “give you support that you can use for your work in Hesse and in the federal government,” applause sank over the chancellor’s following sentences.

As if the chancellor is releasing his interior minister

It seems as if the chancellor is giving his home secretary her blessing that she is striving to return to Hessen. After 23 years of CDU-led state government in what was formerly Red Hess, it would be a huge success for the SPD to take back the state. That would also give the chancellor a tailwind.

But despite her now heightened awareness through the office of the Federal Minister of the Interior, despite her newly acquired government experience, it shouldn’t be easy. At the end of May, the CDU’s man, Boris Ryan, is scheduled to be elected prime minister. “A transparent maneuver for Boris Ryan’s office bonus,” says Visser, the Greens also likely to present a strong candidate for the state election in Tariq al-Wazir.

Re-elected with 94.3 per cent

As the party leadership ballot begins, Nancy Visser admits she is nervous. A companion asks: “Can we do something for you?” “You can vote for me,” Visser says. Your stress is unnecessary. With more than 94.3 percent, it will do a lot better than it did two years ago at Punatal.

She now has in writing from her party that she is undisputed as an outstanding woman. Minutes of cheering and applause in the stands: “Let’s go, Nancy!”

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