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Never before has sport been shown so much on German television and on live broadcasting platforms. But who best guides fans during competitions? SPORT BILD shows the best commentators in 16 sports.

Wolf Voss (45), football

The commentator is so popular that it can currently be heard on three channels: Sky, Sat.1 and MagentaTV. From Fuss, you get aphorisms (“He can hardly stand by everyone” about Cristiano Ronaldo or “Haaland – the single herd of buffaloes”) and accurate tactical analyses. It takes you away with great feelings. The perfect package!

Tom Bartels (56), ski jump

Nobody’s voice rolls so beautifully as an ARD commentator when there are German hits. With Bartels, snowboarding has been really big in Germany since 2000 – at the time on RTL – when he brought the successes of Sven Hannawald and Martin Schmitt to the living rooms. Also the first man in swimming and strong in football.

Heiko Wasser (64), Christian Danner (64), Formula 1

These two are only available in double packs in Formula 1! Wasser (left) has been providing colorful stories and feelings since 1998. Danner analyzes the race situation in a fascinating and understandable way. Their strength: They guide spectators during the races, always following the track even in the chaos. Unfortunately, it can only be heard four times per season on RTL because Sky has the exclusive rights.

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Florian Nass (53), handball

As a teenager he reached the right backcourt in handball teams and also played in the third division for three clubs (TSG Ober-Eschbach, Eintracht Wiesbaden and HC Büdingen). Personal profile: DHB Cup quarter-finals with Wiesbaden vs Essen. Due to his active time, the ARD commentator (since 2006) has a solid understanding of tactics. His wife (ex-Bundesliga) are both handball players.

Matthias Stach (59), tennis

The Eurosport guy is knowledgeable and has a love for details. With him – especially in a double pack with expert Boris Becker – the viewer learns something about technology and tactics. You can listen for hours. Stach has been on sports television since 1988, plays tennis (formerly in the top league) and becomes a world champion journalist.

Bernd Schmelzer (56), alpine skier

Born in Dortmund, he’s always off the microphone, but he keeps an eye on the skaters’ line and recognizes every mistake. Since he is always checking the slope before the race, he has a great deal of knowledge of the conditions, which he also conveys in a lively way. ARD has been suspended since 1991.

Karsten Suestmeyer with the 2021 SPORT BILD Prize

Karsten Suestmeyer with the 2021 SPORT BILD Prize

Photo: Malte Krudewig

Karsten Suestmeyer (61), riding

Nobody kindly tells us about horses! The winner of the SPORT BILD award in the “TV” category used to be the same as the jumper. He’s been a commentator at ARD since 1990, writing expertly and in flowery words (“It was more of a muddy hike than a ditch jump!”).

Tobias Drews (48), boxing

The guy from Braunschweig is the voice of the big boxing fights of the past 20 years from Klitschkos and Co. – Including RTL, Sat 1, Sport1 and most recently BILD TV. Drews has a lot of experience with a large private fund archive, and has trained Judge.

Elmar Polk (52), archery

Bergisch Gladbacher has been hanging around since 1998, initially mostly on tennis. In the context of the darts boom, he has evolved into the sound of darts since 2004. There he sparkles with many inside stories and turns away from the audience. Paulke was with Sport 1 until 2018, and since then exclusively with DAZN.

Christian Dixon (50), biathlon

Berliner provides interesting biathlon commentary for ARD (alternating Wilfried Hark/61). Dexne is known for his easy-going style as well as for his expertise. The then athletic director Stephen Simon (57) brought him to the ORB in Brandenburg in 2001 and used Dexne in biathlon (from 2007 as commentator).

Basti Shueli (46), ice hockey

The commentator from Sport 1 and MagentaSport conveys enthusiasm and experience. You can feel his passion for ice hockey every second. He played himself, among others, at DEL for Kufboren from 1994 to 1996.

Sigi Heinrich (68), athletics

The veteran Eurosport player has been on the channel since 1989. The Bavarian knows almost every track and field athlete, no matter how obscure, and can report on his life story – which is good for an hour’s broadcast. His enthusiasm for the sport is contagious.

Karsten Migues (58 years old), cycling

The guy from Bochum used to be himself a cyclist – as well as in the national junior and amateur teams. After a bad fall, he turned to television. He’s been hanging at Eurosport since 1997. His strengths: Specialized knowledge such as the bike encyclopedia and emotional reporting.

Ek Galli (54), sled/skeleton

At the 2022 Olympics, Brandenburger was the voice of the Ice Channel’s Gold Chain. His strengths: With the ARD suspension, the viewer feels like he’s on the train – he knows it all too well. In order to explain the skeleton’s command state, he lay on the supervisor’s desk. funny!

Edgar Melke (59), motorsport

No commentator covering more racing series: Mielke currently reports on DTM and Formula E on ProSieben as well as many years of motorcycle racing for various broadcasters. Strength: Great experience.

Stefan Koch (57), basketball

The two-time German Basketball League coach of the year (2000 in Frankfurt and 2005 in Gießen) changed his team in 2014 and became suspended. With his brilliant experience of 26 years as a coach, he gave the viewer a lot of information about tactics – always understandable. Koch’s voice can currently be heard on MagentaSport and DAZN.

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