Study digitization in sports – the world of stadiums

Digitalization is a massive trend and is changing our daily life as well as sports business. For this reason, the University of Applied Management has introduced an industry focus ‘Digitization in Sports’ as part of its Sports Management (Master of Arts) course.

Whether it’s digital payment, digital tickets for major events, social media marketing, esports or fitness live streaming via the app, or selling sporting goods in online stores. New digital markets are being developed, new digital solutions are being invented. Digital technologies such as wearables (such as virtual reality glasses, smart clothes, chips and smart watches) and artificial intelligence or robotics are being integrated into business models and changing existing structures and processes in sports organizations in the long term. But digital changes are not only being sought and felt within the company, the customer journey, customer experience and CRM are also increasingly changing digitally. This is due to the constantly growing demands and needs of customers and fans in the field of sports. The principle of ‘quick and easy’ access to required information and products applies. But the diverse opportunities that arise from digital technologies, big data, and artificial intelligence always come with risks. Therefore, topics such as Internet law and data protection in sports are essential. Initiating and driving necessary and meaningful changes requires a new generation of professionals and managers with extensive knowledge in sports and in the digital sphere.

For this reason, the University of Applied Management has introduced an industry focus ‘Digitization in Sports’ as part of its Sports Management (Master of Arts) course. At the beginning of their studies, students deal with core topics in sport management, such as “Multidimensional aspects of sport development in international comparison,” “scientific theory and applied research methods,” “leadership,” and “market analyzes and competitors in the sport management sectors.” Towards the end of the first semester and in the second semester, an in-depth focus on industry is dealt with. Here are the topics “Digital Communication and Leadership Strategies in Sport”, “Integrating New Digital Business Models in Sport”, “Digital Marketing in International Sport Management”, “Pilot Project Seminar: Digitization in Sports and Sports Marketing”, “Online Law and Data Protection in Sports” Sports and “Journal Club: Digitization in Sports and Sports Marketing”. It is taught by experienced professors and experts with practical experience. In the last third semester, students deal with the topic “Deepening Research Methods” before writing their master’s thesis. Those who combine these skills They are more wanted than ever in the job market.At the same time, it never gets boring, because digital change constantly opens up new opportunities.

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Students are empowered to develop digital marketing activities strategically and implement them in practice. After graduation, they will be able to implement digital sponsorship activities in a sports context of funding on the one hand and awareness raising on the other. With a Sports Management degree, students learn how to develop and integrate digital business models. You will also learn how to develop communication strategies and digital management in sports during your studies. With this comprehensive and hands-on sports management training, all doors to the professional world are open for graduates to undertake challenging and exciting tasks in changing sports markets. The areas of business they can work in are varied: whether it is international and national associations and clubs, social media agencies and broadcast services, manufacturers of sporting goods, media companies, athletes and club consulting or even fitness centers or sports facilities – anything is possible. (The World of Playgrounds, 09.05.2022)

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