Thailand Holiday 2022: Entry, Occurrence, Corona

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Many consider Thailand a dream travel destination. However, vacation in the most popular travel destination in Southeast Asia is still tied to special rules. Travelers should be aware of this.

  • Update: Entry rules are now simpler

  • Quarantine-free vacation with proof of vaccination or negative test

  • These rules apply to the site

  • Current infection rate: 116.2 cases per 100,000 residents in the past seven days

+++ Effective immediately, new Simpler entry rules: Even unvaccinated people no longer have to stay in quarantine if they can present a negative PCR test. +++

Corona situation in Thailand

Corona numbers in Thailand are at a low level. Currently occurring nationwide in 116.2 Infected per 100,000 residents in the past seven days (as of May 4, source: Johns Hopkins University) – much less than in Germany.

Thailand vacation: travelers need to know

New entry rules

Traveling with recordings already made

What is important

Return from Thailand to Germany

The most important rules of Corona in Thailand

The Ukraine War: Flights to the Far East

New entry rules

Thailand flights Since May 1 Much easier and involves less bureaucracy.

Traveling without quarantine

  • All vacationers You must register via Thailand Passport* and provide the QR code generated upon entry. Registration through the new system is free and available immediately. Important: It may take up to 48 hours for your order to process.

  • To avoid quarantine, everyone should People aged 18 and over Via Thailand Passport One Upload the following two documents:
    – which one vaccination certificate With proof of full vaccination. All vaccines used in Germany are recognized (Biontech, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Novavax, Johnson & Johnson; as well as cross vaccinations).
    – or negative PCR test, Which must be no more than 72 hours old upon arrival in Thailand.

  • provisions for Children and youth:
    – Children less than six years Generally exempt from the obligation to provide evidence.
    – Children and youth Between six and 17 years oldTraveling with fully vaccinated parents also does not require proof. If they are traveling with parents who have not been fully vaccinated, they need a negative PCR test to avoid quarantine (see above).

  • Also to be uploaded via Thailand Passport is proof of a file health insurance (Minimum coverage $10,000) which covers any treatment costs related to Covid-19.

  • After entering, vacationers are allowed to travel across the country move freely.

Traveling with Quarantine

  • If the vaccination certificate or negative test (see above) is not uploaded via the Thai passport application (registration is also mandatory in this case), you must first five days Spending in a quarantine hotel* and showing the corresponding reservation (including airport transfers and payment for the PCR test).

  • On the fifth day of stay, pre-booked becomes PCR test Superior. If this is negative, then vacationers can move freely around the country.

  • With this scheme also you should use Thailand Passport prove a health insurance (Minimum coverage $10,000) Covers any treatment costs related to Covid-19.

Traveling with recordings already made

  • Registrations have already been made via Thailand Passport still validEven if you entered Thailand after the 1st of May. In principle, the rules related to registration apply.

  • Passengers who have already registered before May 1 and who want to use the most convenient entry rules must now register Register again with the Thailand Passport app. You should bear in mind that processing the application may take up to 48 hours.

What is important

  • Travelers from Germany only need a visa* if they want to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days. You can only apply for a visa online.

  • A must for all vacationers auraMorChana app (Apple App Store * or Google Play Store *) on your smartphone. If necessary, the test results performed on site and the documents required for this can also be uploaded via the MorChana app.

What are the results of a positive corona test in the country?

Will one in Thailand Tested positiveRegardless of the time, regardless of vaccination status, accommodation and isolation will be in a facility designated by the Thai government quarantine hotel. The duration is usually ten to 14 days, but it is determined by the Thai authorities on a case-by-case basis.

partially very high cost They are from the traveler to wear yourself. So travelers should clarify in advance whether their insurance company will cover the costs of state-ordered quarantine or isolation even if the disease progresses without symptoms and, if necessary, take additional insurance.

Return from Thailand to Germany

Information at a glance

Registration before the return trip


Corona test to to feed And get well before returning

No (evidence of vaccination or cure is sufficient)

Corona test to not immune before returning

yes PCR or rapid antigen test (maximum 48 hours)

Quarantine commitment In Germany


This applies to children

Under 12 years old No 3rd generation proof required

additional information

Back to Germany

Announcement: ADAC Travel Insurance

ADAC International Health Insurance

For the first 63 days of each trip, ADAC International Health Insurance covers outpatient and inpatient treatment costs for medically necessary treatment abroad. In the case of a hospital stay, those insured under ADAC International Health Insurance have special patient status. In addition, ADAC doctors are ready to advise you and – if it is rational and medically justified – arrange for you to be taken back to a German hospital.

ADAC Travel Cancellation Insurance

With ADAC Travel Cancellation Insurance, you can relax and enjoy your vacation: it’s valid worldwide all year round, no matter how often you travel. It can be taken up to 14 days before the start of the trip, for last minute trips up to three days after booking. Depending on the tariff, payment is made in the event of a flight cancellation or interruption. You can also insure your luggage.

ADAC travel cancellation insurance does not exclude the pandemic in its contracts: this means that if the result of the corona test is positive, there is a disease causing the inability to travel. However, submitting a medical certificate to the insurance company is absolutely necessary to cover it.
Information about Corona’s benefits in travel cancellation insurance

The most important rules of Corona in Thailand

There is currently a health emergency in Thailand. Specific aura scales can vary greatly from region to region.

All over Thailand:

  • In public, wearing a mouthnosesprotection cause commitment.

  • Wearing a mask is also mandatory when driving in your own car car (from two people on board).

  • When entering public buildings and on local public transport, there is more temperature measurements instead of.

  • RestaurantsAnd Restaurants and shops are open according to hygiene procedures. When visiting, you usually have to log in and out using the MorChana app (see above) and scan the QR code.

The current situation in the most popular travel destinations

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