The tape: Atletico win the city derby against Real

The champions of Spain, Real Madrid, competed with the B-Elf team in the city derby of Atlético. In the end, Rojiblanco narrowly won 1-0 and scored three important points in the fight for the Champions League places. REAL TOTAL direct indicator for reading.

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Final whistle! Real Madrid lose city derby to Atletico. The only goal of the day was a penalty kick in the first half, which Carrasco converted. Royal B-Eleven showed a good game after the break and had many chances. But this does not matter to the current champions, Atletico will get three important points in their struggle for the Champions League. This is the first derby the Rojiblancos have won since 2016.

90 + 3. Real with a greater takeover of Atletico withdraw with all hands.

90. There are five minutes of injury time.

88. This should have been compensation for real! Valverde passes the cross to Nacho, who does not hit the ball with his head but with his shoulder and thus flies over the goal. Compassion!

85. After the corner, Vinicius gets the ball and then spins it around the goal. Oblak holds her securely.

84. Valverde is really having fun today. Uruguay tried again from a distance and there wasn’t much missing here. Oblak was still on him with his fingertips.

81. The last few minutes are running. Atlético is now the better, more energetic team, and nothing has come from the royal family for a while.

77. Fourth big chance for Carrasco! The Spaniard gets the ball and hits the post. Lucky for Real!

74. Cunha sees that Lunin is far from the goal and shoots from the center of the circle. The ball passes just over the goal.

73. After a free kick, the ball comes to Griezmann by turns. Then the Frenchman bowed clearly in the penalty area. You could have done more with her.

73. With the four substitutions, the royals are now more quality on the pitch. Will Blancos still be able to equalize in the final stages?

71. Nacho stops the attack by mistake and sees yellow.

70. Once again Valverde and again from the same position. This time the ball comes dangerously, Oblak saves hard in the corner.

68. Valverde takes his heart and pulls from a distance. Uruguay’s shot just missed. In the meantime, there are the following changes at Real Madrid: Militao and Kroos are leaving, and Modric and Mendy are new to the game.

67. Vinicius has the eye of Asensio. The Spaniard tries it directly in the penalty area, but one of the Atlético players repels.

Real delayed in the city derby directly – Photo: IMAGO / CordonPress

64 After what appears to be his 10th foul, Savic finally sees the yellow card.

63. Almost 2-0 to Atlético! Rojiblancos counterattacks and finishes in the penalty area, Lunin saves a shot from Carrasco very well.

61. Double change in Real Madrid: Vinicius and Valverde replace Casemiro and Jovic.

60. Chances are in minutes! First, Carrasco narrowly misses and on the other side, Casemiro misses.

59. But now something is going on here! Real blocked through Rodrigo and Casemiro, who scores the ball in the sixteenth. But his shot on goal is not too harmful for Oblak. There was more to it for Los Blancos, who are now getting better and better.

58. Kondogbia with a powerful ball on Griezmann who tries it directly from a distance of 20 meters is good. The shot just crossed the goal.

56. Kroos takes a corner kick to Casemiro, who has no problem with Oblak’s header.

54. Real Madrid have more possession now, and continue to get past Vazquez’s right, but the last pass is usually missing. In the meantime, Atlético awaits a counter-attack.

50. Members of the royal family come out of the cabin more energetic and aggressive. This gives hope for a better second half.

46. Let’s continue at Wanda Metropolitano! Atletico changes once: Griezmann comes to Korea. There is no change in the riyal.

Half the time! Real Madrid B-Eleven is clearly the underdog here and is behind against Atlético. The Rugiblanco had some serious chances but they didn’t take advantage of them. The host team was only able to advance after a penalty kick from Carrasco. Not enough comes from SR. We’ll report in the second half.

45 + 2. Jovic has a 1-1 chance here, but failed due to Oblak’s exit. Compassion!

45. Uiii! The first fitting achievement for Los Blancos. Kroos gets the ball from Rodrygo and shoots from a good 20 metres, and in the end he misses a good counter.

41. The goal is deserved because Rojiblancos have been more active and have more of the game so far.

39. Carrasco goes up and makes it 1-0 to Atlético!

38. There are penalties! Vallejo hits Cunha on the bottom of the foot and is booked for a foul.

37. Llorente complains loudly because there was no penalty and sees a yellow card. Soto Grado was summoned by VAR to watch the scene again.

36. Cunha fell for a run from Vallejo in the penalty area, but Soto Grado has no reason to award a penalty here. In the meantime, on the other side, there is the first bargain for Real. Rodrygo’s shot is not a problem for Oblak.

30. This could have been the lead for Atlético. He received the ball being inside the penalty area and had a clear shot, but Nacho is quick to get there. The defender blocks the goal here.

28. Vazquez received a yellow card after Carrasco’s foul.

23. Not much happened in the last few minutes. Atlético has more possession, Real have not yet been dangerous in the half of the opposition.

20. Jovic misses Jimenez and sees the first yellow card in the match.

14 The video assistant has not yet intervened. It doesn’t look like it was a foul play.

12. Casemiro missed Carrasco in the penalty area, but referee Soto Grado allowed play to continue for the time being. Let’s see if VAR reports.

VIII. There is a lot of fire here! Carrasco easily beats Casemiro and then shoots wide in the penalty area. Real defense hasn’t looked so good in some situations so far.

6. Oblak got a cross cross.

5. Savic with a brutal fist on Nacho. Surprisingly, the Atletico defender does not see a card for that. Free kick for Real from a distance of about 20 metres.

4. Uiii! Camavinga made a poor pass to Kroos, who was interrupted directly by Kondogbia and passed to Correa, who lost the lead.

1. The first uncertainty is with Lunin, who puts the ball straight at Kondogbia’s feet. The midfielder’s shot crosses the goal.

1. here we are! Real started the first half with the white shirt from left to right.

Lead the two teams to the field. Not ‘Basilo’ from Atletico as expected.

Atletico Madrid line: This is how the hosts compete: Oblak – Vrsaljko, Savic, Giménez, Reinildo – Llorente, Koke, Kondogbia, Carrasco – Correa and Cunha.

Seat: Lecomte, De Paul, Wass, Suárez, Griezmann, Simeone, Augusto, Monteiro, Herrera.

Real Madrid squad: Update! Mariano goes out for awhile, Luka Jovic starts for him.

Real Madrid squad: The formation of Los Blancos is an official start! Here’s how they deal with the derby: Lunin – Vázquez, Militao, Vallejo, Nacho – Camavinga, Casemiro, Kroos – Asensio, Jović, Rodrygo.

Subs: Courtois, Lopez, Carvajal, Mendy, Modric, Valverde, Vinicius, Benzema.

Ancelotti spins correctly, Benzema and Vinicius, among others, sit on the bench. Mariano can try again up front, while Vallejo gets the opportunity to form another at the back. As announced, Lunin in goal. Will Real win with this B-Elf team? Captain Ho Nacho today.

staff: Carlo Ancelotti should play against Atlético, among others David Alaba And Marcelo Who were in the team for the 3-1 win over Manchester City but weren’t actually tapped. Also missing IscoAnd Gareth Bale Like Daniel Ceballoswho is said to have hamstring problems. Eden Hazard As expected, the Belgian continues to work individually after removing the board from the right sliver. However, Ancelotti voluntarily abandoned Thibaut Courtois. The goalkeeper sits on the bench, takes a break, substitute Andrei Lunin chance for it. The Ukrainian faces his first match in the League with Real Madrid. So far, it has only been used three times in the King’s Cup. In the derby, Ancelotti is likely to spin big and give regular players a break. Expected lineup and other interesting information about Madrid derby As always in our initial report.

¡DÍA DE DERBI! All of Spain is looking forward to the Spanish capital today in the 35th round of the League. Atletico Welcome the newly crowned Mr. real madrid. A few days after the crazy match against Manchester City (3:1), the royals face their rivals in the city. From a sporting point of view, the game is explosive from several points of view for ‘Rojiblancos’, it is clear that last year’s champion feels pressure to practice ‘Pasillo’ and has to stand guard for Blancos. one will “Do not under any circumstances participate in this attempt to ridicule which completely forgets the true values ​​of the sport and creates tension and confrontations among the fans.”, so interpretation. ‘Basilo’ or not – Carlo Ancelotti’s team probably won’t care. Instead, they will try to continue their undefeated streak against “Colchoneros”. Atlético has not defeated Real Madrid in eight official matches (four defeats and four draws). Will this remain the case today? Departure at Wanda Metropolitano at 9 pm. You can continue the game as usual on DAZN or here at real totalLive tape.

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The tape: Atletico win the city derby against Real

The champions of Spain, Real Madrid, competed with the B-Elf team in the city derby of Atlético. In the end, Rojiblanco narrowly won 1-0 and scored three important points in the fight for the Champions League places. REAL TOTAL direct indicator for reading.

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