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Summer vacation: these federal states have the best weather

School holidays have begun in the first federal states of Germany. Families are looking forward to a vacation or a trip – and to the sun. The analysis shows where the weather will be best during the holidays.


Kathryn Schulz

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Six weeks of rain during the summer holidays – it can really spoil the mood. After all, families with children look forward to free time from school for weeks and months. And what do they want for their summer vacation or excursions in Germany: long hours of sunshine, bright blue skies and high temperatures. It’s stupid that the weather doesn’t follow the vacation plans.

Here the sun shines more in the summer

But it works in the opposite direction: you can choose your summer travel destination based on the weather (report)! At the start of the holiday season, the online portal “Traum-Ferienwohnungen” has examined the most fortunate federal state in relation to the weather. Weather statistics for the 20 most popular vacation spots were included in the analysis: the duration of sunshine, average temperature and the amount of precipitation in the years 2015 to 2020 depending on vacation times in the federal states for the months of June and July were considered. , August and September. In general, Germans get an average of six hours of sunshine per day during their holidays.

Summer Vacation: These Federal States Have The Most Sunshine

The odds of the sun during the holidays are not the same in all federal states. According to the analysis, summer holidays in Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony and Bremen are sunny holidays – with an average of 361 minutes of sunshine per day. This works out to be a good six hours. It is followed by Baden-Württemberg (357 minutes of sunshine), Thuringia (356 minutes of sunshine) and Saxony (352 minutes of sunshine).

The sun shines least during the holidays in Brandenburg: The federal state gets 306 minutes of sunshine per day, about an hour less than the sunniest federal state. According to forecasts, things also look less well in Berlin (310 minutes of sunshine) and North Rhine-Westphalia (314 minutes of sunshine).

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Rain: In these federal states, the holidays come

Although the state of Baden-Württemberg advances a lot in terms of sunshine between June-July and August – at the same time there may be a lot of rain during the holidays: with a precipitation of 134 mm, free time from school will be especially rainy, according to the assessment result . But there will probably be at least a lot of rainbows!