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Relationship testing: What’s behind partner testing?

So you’ve decided that you want to test your relationship, yourselves as a couple, and the balance of the couple. Before doing this, you must first understand why you feel the need for something to go wrong with the couple’s balance. Because it has to come from somewhere – If everything is great in your partnership and you have a great couple balance, you don’t have to put your relationship on the line. The following reasons can be hidden behind this:

  • Boredom / daily life: You have deteriorated in your daily life and the passion has settled since the beginning of the relationship. Since you both don’t attack each other like you used to but don’t argue either, but spend a “boring” everyday life together, you wonder if that’s all for you as a couple. In fact, you seem to have a great balance between the pair – but you’re missing something.
  • Distrust: The reason for a relationship test could be that you no longer really trust your partner. Maybe something happened that caused you to not be as confident as you were when you started, or maybe your partner changed over the course of the relationship and you weren’t as in love with this person as you were when you started dating. As a result, your balance between spouses has been disturbed.
  • Personal change: Or maybe it’s not your partner, it’s you who has changed. You may think about love and relationships differently today than you did when you met and fell in love. Maybe you’re looking for a different feel or want more freedom. This also upsets the husband’s equilibrium. That’s why you’re now wondering if you’re still compatible and if it makes sense for the two of you as a couple.
  • lack of communication: Many relationship problems also arise from the fact that you and your partner do not talk to each other enough and about disagreements. This upsets the couple’s equilibrium and leads to each imagining what the other is thinking and reacting to – although this imagining may not be entirely correct. So consider whether you really need to question the entire relationship or whether you and your girlfriend really need an open conversation.
  • comparison: You’re actually quite happy in your relationship, but when you’re talking to friends or meeting couples on TV, do you feel like something’s missing? Then the problem is probably less with your relationship and more with comparing your love a lot – with the result that you feel like you’re missing something as a couple. After all, it’s important to be happy and in love – not what other people think about your relationship.

Relationship test: questions for further communication as a couple

If you want to start “testing” your partner, the best way is through an in-depth conversation and exchange. Take the time to test the partnership and not only answer the questions, but also share the answers and your feelings. These questions can help you as a love test to see how well you know each other and what the couple’s credit is:

  1. What is his favorite dish?
  2. What is the name of his best friend?
  3. What is the sensitivity to it?
  4. Is he/she more than one parent or more than one child?
  5. Has he/she had pets? If so, what were they and what were their names?
  6. What would a perfect day look like for him/her?
  7. What is he most afraid of?
  8. In which country would you like to go on vacation next year?
  9. What was his or her favorite subject in school and in which subject did he always get the best grades?
  10. What has been the greatest achievement of his/her life so far?
  11. What are his best memories?
  12. What are his worst memories?
  13. What does friendship mean to him/her?
  14. What is his current favorite song?
  15. Name three personality traits you both have in common. Do they agree?

The more questions you can answer correctly about each other, the better you will know each other! But for a full partner test, You should also ask yourself the following questions about your spouse balance:

  1. What is important to us in our relationship?
  2. What do I look for in my partner?
  3. What do I bring to the relationship?
  4. What do we struggle with as a couple?
  5. What is easy for us as a couple?
  6. What have we already mastered together?
  7. What is the challenge that we still have to face?
  8. How do we deal with conflicts?
  9. Why did we fall in love with each other?
  10. Does our partnership need more freedom or more closeness?
  11. Do we trust each other?
  12. How do we imagine our future?
  13. What do we miss in our relationship?
  14. What makes us strong as a couple?
  15. Do we have a balanced pairwise?
  16. How do we think about our sexuality? What is missing, what is beautiful?
  17. What do we love about each other?

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What is the result of the partnership test? If you and your partner honestly answer questions together and exchange ideas, only one decision remains: Did the relationship pass the test? Do you enjoy the responses and exchanges you have had, or do you still feel dissatisfied, insecure, or resentful? Did you find your marital balance again? Unfortunately, no one can answer that in advance and no one can decide for you. If you are happy with the conversation and now see your relationship and the balance of the couple and you as a couple in a radiant new light – perfect! Then you definitely made the right choice of partner.

However, if you now have more doubts, From before or even you argued about issues, maybe it’s time to put an end to the relationship. This is of course easier said than done, because breaking up in spite of love can be very painful. Alternatively, there will also be the possibility of a break in the relationship, where you can think separately about what you want and what the balance of the future spouses should look like.

We hope that your relationship test will have a positive impact on your (love) life and that you are happy with your decision – no matter how it turns out. ❤️

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