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If you haven’t booked your summer vacation yet, you should do one thing above all: hurry up. Prices are high in 2022, but there is still room for bargaining.

Is there really one day or one time I can book a much cheaper vacation? Tamara Land of SWR Business says: No.

There are always studies on when it’s supposedly best to book a flight or hotel, but each study comes up with something different, and sometimes the data contradict each other.

But the holiday expert has one piece of advice: Always delete cookies when you book online. Because: Whoever calls the same page over and over may draw the provider’s interest – and then the price may go up. So: When it comes to saving money when booking a vacation, deleting cookies is more important than paying attention to the day of your booking.

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Those who book early have a clear advantage this year. However, there are still a few holiday destinations by the sea that can be cheaper than others. “Especially when it comes to holidays – it’s not easy to make another fish, but it’s not impossible either”, says Tamara Land of the Business Editorial Team at SWR. advise: The turkey It can be a potential destination for families. There are still relatively cheap deals here. Perhaps one of the reasons is the war in Ukraine, where many Russian tourists do not travel to Turkey, which affects the demand and reservations available for the holiday destination. So far, Russia has been Turkey’s most important target group, according to Land.

Have a look – for a summer vacation in Baden-Württemberg: you can get two weeks in Alanya for a family of four for less than 2000 euros – and that’s really very cheap.

Another possible target: Egypt. Here, too, there may still be free rooms due to the lack of Russian tourists. But the vacation probably won’t be that cheap anyway. Simply because everyone is experiencing higher energy prices and everything is becoming more expensive as a result – from kerosene to cooking to a hot pool. Air travel is becoming more expensive.”

Of course, if such high prices are too high for you, then there is no need to give up your vacation – vacations in your own country can be much cheaper. One way to save is the so-called 9 euro ticket. Here is the information.

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Whether the wallet has a file All inclusive holiday Land explains that you can’t say people suffer less. One benefit: cost control.

The huge advantage of being all inclusive is that I know exactly how much a vacation will cost before I go on vacation. In addition to the main meals, the all-inclusive scheme also includes snacks and drinks. This means that there are no nasty surprises at the end of the holiday.

But: An all-inclusive cost that’s not worth it in every country, according to a holiday expert. In Turkey, for example, the Turkish lira has lost much of its value. Land explains that since the value of the euro is currently increasing, German tourists can afford a lot in Turkey. “So you don’t necessarily need everything.”

If you can’t or don’t want to spend much on your summer vacation, a €9 ticket might be a cheap alternative. Applications are expected to take place over a three-month period from 1 June. During this time, everyone can travel around Germany on regional trains for nine euros. Here you can read how it works, where to buy a ticket and which destinations you can easily reach:

A woman rides the local train in the summer (Photo: Imago Images, West End 61)

Driving from Freiburg to Kiel for 9 euros? he goes! With a little planning and the new 9 euro ticket. Here we explain what to look for and how to get your ticket.

So if you haven’t booked yet, it’s not easy to get a cheap summer vacation. If you are still planning a trip, you can try to save on various points – for example on the topic of car rental. Because it has become very expensive.

According to the comparison portal Check24, the cost of renting a car is on average 80 percent more in the summer than it was before Corona.

According to Land, car rental prices are said to have exploded, especially in Mallorca. Her advice: Look for alternatives, for example, use local public transportation for excursions if possible. “Another alternative could be bike rental. This saves money and is also healthier than driving.”

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