A village with a future: Altenkleusheim is very beautiful

The county jury is currently on its way to taking a closer look at the 18 winners of the city and town competitions.

I understand the villages. It has been many years since village competition It was organized under the slogan “Our village should be more beautiful”. But it has long been said that “our village has a future” and the jury is no longer interested in the mowed village square or the freshly painted benches, but rather in the projects that make life in the country worth living. After a break due to Corona and the loss that resulted last year, District Committee Back on the road to visit the hamlets and villages that emerged as 2019 winners at the city or community level.

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The introduction began on Monday in Hützemert and continued to Essinghausen, Ottfingen and Elben. On Tuesday it was Altnkliusheim, Reringhausen, Hohl, Obervichde and Niederhilden. On Wednesday it continues via Sange, Lenhausen and Ostentrop, and on Thursday it is the turn of Welschen Ennest, Silberg, Brachthausen and Heinsberg, before the commission stops at Kirchveischede and Milchenbach on the last day of the round trip. For example, we joined the Altenkleusheim Tour, a place that participated in a village competition for the first time after a long break.

The bus with the district assessment committee headed by d. Ing. Roswitha Kirsch-Stracke, who until recently was the chairperson of the District Homeland Association and at the University of Hanover at the Institute for Environmental Planning, arrived at the bottom of the church, where Mayor Volker Köhler, accompanied by several residents, including representatives of several clubs, welcomed the jury.

“Church of Lights” in high technology

During a tour, the members of the commission were briefed on the special features that distinguish the village in several stations. St. Joseph’s Church, which is about 60 years old, is now the “Church of Lights”; By installing light and sound technology, visitors can invoke meditative texts, hymns or prayers, while the interior of the church is enveloped in appropriate colours. Built just a year before the start of World War I, the adjacent Lourdes Grotto is now unobstructed and invites you not only to pray but also to rest. The popular pilgrimage site is now wheelchair accessible due to renovations.

The sports club “Eintracht” maintains extraordinary cooperation relations, for example it shares the sports facility with the Turkish sports club (TSC) Olpe and maintains extensive contacts with “Lebenshilfe”, the friendly match that was held annually until the Corona crisis, this must be again A year of joy and sporting enthusiasm.

The village square is also flooded with water

Kohler drew attention to various aspects of village development that flow into the planning and implementation of community facilities. Heavy rains followed by floods resulted in the planned village square in the center of the village becoming a holding area at the same time and the paved canal in the future would quickly drain these volumes of water into the receiving waters. Koehler particularly emphasized the commitment of the village community, whether in specific projects through manual services and stringing or caring for the condition of roads, with shepherds taking care of certain sections.

The tour ended in an orchard under the auspices of the local kindergarten and on the site of the kindergarten itself, where the Stipex family greeted the commission with a happy song. “Our village has a future,” Kohler said of the lively offspring of the village, who are being cared for at the Max and Moritz Kindergarten supported by the German Red Cross.

The village was not involved for many years after the county changed its division of villages and thus Altenkleusheim was included in the group of larger villages. “In the meantime, so much has happened that we think we can compete with the larger villages,” Koller says.

The individual group winners – one for villages with a population of up to 500, and one for villages with a population of over 500 – will be announced on Thursday, May 19, from 6pm in the Schützenhalle Ennest. It is not only about winning itself, but also about qualifying for the state competition, which is scheduled to take place in 2023. But even villages that do not end up on the winner’s podium have won anyway, because each of the mentioned actions helps in Make life in the mentioned villages more attractive.

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