BKA Report Incidents in 2021: Peak in Extremism Crimes

Status: 05/10/2022 2:50 PM

The authorities did not count the number of politically motivated crimes at all as they did last year. For the Federal Minister of the Interior, this is a warning: the numbers are a reflection of social struggles.

The current statistics on crimes with a political background are alarming. The number of politically motivated crimes increased significantly in the past year than previously known. This applies not only to so-called propaganda crimes, but the curve is also rising for violent crimes.

This comes from the statistics of the Federal Office of the Criminal Police (BKA) for the year 2021. Accordingly, 55,048 crimes with a political background were counted in Germany over the course of the year. That was 23 percent higher than the previous year. The number of politically motivated violent acts increased by 15.5% to 3,899 crimes.

BKA statistics: 2021 highest level of political crime

Sarah Frohoff, ARD Berlin, The Daily News at 4:00 pm, May 10, 2022

Lots of work around the elections

The increase in crimes not assigned to any particular ideology by the police was the largest, increasing by more than 147 percent. According to the information, 21,339 crimes were committed by suspects who were not classified as right-wing, left-wing, Islamist or supporters of a foreign ideology.

BKA Chairman Holger Münch sees a connection to the protests against government measures to contain the Corona pandemic. Other crimes of a political background that cannot be attributed to any of the “classic phenomena” were committed in the course of the elections.

Wallpapers are becoming more popular

It is fitting that the number of criminal offenses against the state and its representatives will rise sharply again. Police here have recorded more than 14,000 criminal offenses – an increase of nearly 51 percent. Nearly three-quarters of crimes directed against public officials or elected officials involve suspects for whom the police cannot identify a particular ideology.

According to Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Visser (SPD), the fact that politically motivated business backgrounds “are becoming more diverse and diffuse” is a reflection of current social struggles. “We see very clearly that we have to protect our democracy with all our might,” she says.

More and more anti-Semitic crimes

The number of anti-Semitic crimes also increased significantly – by about 29 percent to 3,027. This is “a disgrace to our country,” says the minister. 84 percent of anti-Semitic crimes can be attributed to the far right. At the same time, the phenomenon of anti-Semitism with a vociferous Islamic influence became apparent.

According to a study by the American Jewish Committee (AJC), 73% of people see anti-Semitism as a problem for society as a whole. But at the same time, anti-Jewish prejudices are “supported by a large part of German society.” Up to 35 percent of the population share anti-Semitic sentiment. A total of 23 percent of those surveyed said that Jews have significant influence in business and finance. Nearly 20 percent see a significant influence of Jews in politics and the media. According to the authors, a survey of Muslims shows that discontent with anti-Semitism is more prevalent there than average. Anti-Semitic attitudes are also more common among mosque visitors than among other Muslims.

In light of the findings, the federal government’s commissioner for Jewish life in Germany and the fight against anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, called for all forms of anti-Semitism to be fought. This applies regardless of whether they come from the right, the left, or an Arab background.

Police union calls for closer monitoring

“In particular, audio-visual anti-Semitism and the increasing attacks on local politicians, media workers and police forces are by no means a temporary phenomenon,” says GdP National President Oliver Malchow. It is necessary to monitor extreme developments more intensively.

In general, according to the Federal Bureau of Criminal Police, most crimes were committed by right-wing offenders. Police counted nearly 22,000 criminal offenses here – that’s a drop of nearly seven percent. About 10,000 criminal offenses were allocated to the left – here, too, it was about 7.8 percent less than in the previous year.

According to Interior Minister Visser, right-wing extremism is the biggest threat to our country

tagesschau24 11:00 am, 10.5.2022

Double the number of anti-gay attacks

Crimes based on “foreign ideology” rose 14 percent to 1,153 crimes, including 140 violent crimes – primarily related to the Israeli-Palestinian and Kurdish conflict. In the field of “religious thought”, crimes remained at the level of 479 cases, at the level of the previous year.

The Federal Criminal Police Office recorded a 66 percent increase in “gender/gender identity” with 340 offenses. The number of homophobic attacks doubled to 870.

Politically motivated crimes increased in 2021

Bianca Schwartz, ARD Berlin, 10.5.2022 12:51 p.m.

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