Buy PS5 at MediaMarkt and Saturn – Rumors of a new big campaign for pre-order

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MediaMarkt and Saturn are the best places to buy PS5 supplies in Germany. When do sellers drop in may?

Updated from 09/05/2022, 07:56 AM: Of course, one does not know if the rumors about an upcoming domestic campaign for pre-order are true, but the parallel with Austria is not far off and the source from the scene was also right about the recent MMS campaign. As a precaution, you should keep a close eye on MediaMarkt and Saturn in the new week – also or especially local branches. Because there, appropriate advertising posters are often seen before such actions.

By the way, MediaMarkt and Saturn aren’t the only exciting PS5 providers at the moment. Other retailers are also currently offering new console supplies. For a comprehensive overview of the current state of supply and all relevant developments related to PlayStation 5, we recommend that you take a look at our PS5 live stream.

Update from 5/7/2022 at 8:45 am: Mediamarket and Saturn are likely to remain relatively calm today, and no declines or local campaigns are expected. However, there is currently an exciting development that raises hopes for a renewal of the MMS service in the near future.

Let us first focus briefly on Austria. Yesterday, another big local pre-order campaign started right there on MediaMarkt. The interesting thing for us in Germany: It wasn’t that long ago. And shortly after the last pre-order campaign in MediaMarkt Austria, a large-scale pre-order campaign in MediaMarkt and Saturn in that country also followed. Yesterday there was speculation in the PS5 hunter scene that things could be the same this time around and that the next local campaign could soon be launched in MMS.

What adds even more spice to the matter: A little later, an insider spoke up, saying that according to his sources, there will indeed be another big pre-order campaign at MediaMarkt and Saturn in Germany soon. This should certainly take place this month, that is, in May, and it will again bring with it large amounts of supplies.

We cannot verify the whole thing, so this purported information should be treated with the necessary caution. But even with the recent MMS campaign, these sources are correct, and the parallel with Austria is unfounded. So it remains exciting to see if MediaMarkt and Saturn will soon be offering pre-orders at local branches again.

Buy PS5: Big campaign for pre-order in Austria

Update from 06/05/2022 at 11:03 am: To Austrian readers: According to reports and official customer support emails, a pre-order campaign has started again at, in which many (but apparently not all) branches participate. So if you have a MediaMarkt near you – try your luck.

A local order campaign has been confirmed for branches in Haid, Graz, Vienna (Mitte, Lugner City, Columbus), Linz (Industriezeile and Passage), Vösendorf SCS-Nordring and Gerasdorf G3.

The exciting thing for PS5 hunters here in Germany: Shortly after the last MediaMarkt pre-order campaign in Austria, an extensive pre-order campaign at MediaMarkt and Saturn in that country also followed. Let’s see if it goes the same way this time.

Updated from 05/06/2022 / 08:55 AM: The renewal opportunities in MediaMarkt and Saturn aren’t that bad right now. No definite indications yet, but distributors come to the PS5 quite often. It wouldn’t be surprising if there were new consoles in the coming days.

Buying PS5: Domestic supplies to reopen

Updated from 05/05/2022 09:14 AM: According to MyDealz, the MediaMarkt branch in Bergisch Gladbach is reopening and offering the PS5 as an on-site bundle – to pull it off! The PS5 disc version with Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West sells for €644.99.So if you live in or near you – try your luck!

Updated from 04/05/2022 09:10 AM: Anyone who’s already locked out a PS5 and still needs the right TV for a console will now find what they’re looking for at Saturn. There is currently an exciting cashback on OLED TVs in Saturn. Anyone who hits can save up to 2,200 euros.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
the creator Sony Interactive Entertainment (You)
He writes Fixed game console
generation The ninth generation of the console
medium memory Blu-ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Update from 05/04/2022 at 8:24 amMediaMarkt and Saturn remain good focal points for the PS5 today. So far there is no evidence of a dip, but Wednesday is definitely a down day for Monday retailers. The current focus should remain on Amazon, because today’s console sale is more or less confirmed: Buy PS5 on Amazon: It looks like the next drop is already today – site on May 4.

The original message was dated May 3, 2022: Hamburg – MediaMarkt and Saturn sell most gaming consoles in Germany. Thousands of Sony PS5s are sold per drop. For now, the chances of new supplies aren’t that bad and buyers are hoping for a big drop again. We show you the current situation around the PS5 at MediaMarkt and Saturn.

Buy PS5: MediaMarkt and Saturn as a safe place to go – current status

When was the last time the PS5 was here? The last drop occurred on MediaMarkt and Saturn on April 28th. There was a somewhat chaotic resupply spree, but in the end there were thousands of consoles for buyers and only a few orders were cancelled. It has to be one of the biggest drops ever at MediaMarkt and Saturn. Here are the links to the sale:

What about renewal? The last drop on MediaMarkt and Saturn was just a few days ago. However, since then, a new month has begun and as a result the cards are changed quite often. The two dealers often sold the PS5 several times a month, so it’s possible to envisage a dip in the coming days. You can definitely expect the console to appear here again in May.

Drop times on MediaMarkt and Saturn vary greatly. Distributors have already been selling the PS5 every day of the week, and the time has also varied. You should keep an eye on MediaMarkt and Saturn around 9am, but also around 2:00pm.

Buy PS5: Location at MediaMarkt and Saturn on May 3. Renovation on the way?

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Buying PS5: Tips for buying consoles from MediaMarkt and Saturn

Here’s how to secure the console: Use the shopping cart trick on MediaMarkt and Saturn. If you still have an old drop-off controller in your cart because you can’t buy it, don’t delete it from there. With a new drop, this console can often be paid for faster and you have an advantage over all other buyers.

Also, the drops here come in waves. If MediaMarkt sells the console first, Saturn usually follows the same procedure after a few minutes. So watch both traders at the same time. We’ve summarized the general situation of the PS5 live bar console.

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