Buy PS5 on Contract: O2 is tempting new console bundles – only for a while


You can get a PS5 from O2 as a reward for a new contract. We give you the offer. Note that the promotion only works for a few days!

At O2, the PS5 is currently available again under contract.

  • O2 is offering the PlayStation 5 in two new contract bundles.
  • Console bundles come with the new O2 Grow Anniversary Tariff and are valid until May 15th.
  • You can still get a PS5 with an electric contract.

Still unable to buy PS5? Still hard to get a device. You have better chances if you buy the console with a contract – for example with a mobile phone tariff.

  1. Quick overview of my PS5 collection

  2. O2 Grow – The tariff that grows with you

  3. Is the deal worth it?

  4. Your current alternatives

For a short while, O2 is offering you PS5 bundles as a bonus for a new contract. It is offered in conjunction with the new O2 Grow mobile tariff. There are two packages to choose from, which differ greatly in their content. For both, only 1 euro must be deposited, it is not necessary to deposit as with E for SIMPLE.

Quick overview of my PS5 collection

The core of the “big” package for the two consists of the PlayStation 5 disc version. You’ll also receive a second DualSense controller. The Gran Turismo 7 racing game is also included so you can start playing right away. The package with the tariff costs 49.99 euros per month with a minimum contract period of 24 months.

at O2 PS5 bundle insurance*


at O2 PS5 bundle lock (disc version)*


The second bundle contains the PlayStation 5 in the digital version. Here, too, you get a second console for free. However, the game is not included in this package. With a minimum contract of 24 months at O2Grow’s tariff, the package costs just €44.99 per month.

O2 Grow – The tariff that grows with you

In addition to the flat rate for the phone and SMS, the O2 Grow tariff offers you 40GB of data per month at the start of the contract. With a download speed of 300Mbps, you can enjoy high-speed internet on the go. O2 Connect can also be booked as an option.

This allows you to use your data volume via additional SIM cards on a tablet, laptop, or second cell phone. What sets it apart, however, is that the volume of O2 Grow tariffs “growth” with the term of the contract. After the first year you get 50 GB per month, the second year 60 GB – as long as you stay in the contract, you’ll get more volume for mobile browsing year after year – for up to 20 years.

However, you must hurry, because The offer is only valid until May 15th and only while stocks last. As always, it’s not clear what unit size is actually available, so you should decide quickly.

Is the deal worth it?

With package deals like these, it’s always worth taking a closer look. We’ve calculated the costs you can expect minus the hardware on offer and what you’re offered in return. In both cases the result was very positive.

If you deduct the non-binding retail price of all components of the O2 bundle with Disc Edition and Gran Turismo 7, you will get a monthly price of €23.20 for your mobile tariff. The second package is still €25.66. The standard tariff without extras costs €29.99 per month, and you save yourself the one-time connection fee of €39.99 that might otherwise be due.

In return, you get a comprehensive tariff at flat rates in all German networks as well as fast mobile internet with a maximum of 300Mbps and a 5G connection. In addition, there is also a “growth function”, which allows the volume of your monthly data to increase with each year. Good deal for mobile gamers and surfers.

However, the whole thing is of course not worth it unless you also use a mobile tariff or, when in doubt, pass it on within the family.

Your current alternatives

Alternatively, you can order the consoles at Media Markt / Saturn stores. Additionally, the console is still available with simplified E wie electric nodes.

Want to finally get a console in your next sale? Then you should follow our PS5 Insider. There we will tell you on a daily basis where you can buy a console and which promotions are currently especially worth it. Thanks to our tips, you will order your PS5 faster than many others.

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