Controversial post-sort is not allowed after all

After criticizing the bill

Another turn by Lauterbach: the controversial post-sorting is not allowed after all

Berlin.Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has made a new turn regarding the management of the Corona pandemic. Lauterbach announced on Monday that controversial post triage – that is, ending a patient’s treatment in favor of another patient with a better chance at life – should not be possible after all. “Pre-screening after triage is morally unacceptable and the presence of doctors, patients or relatives cannot be expected. That is why we will not allow it,” the minister said. The Greens, among others, had previously criticized the proposed Lauterbach law on the distribution of rare curative capabilities in the case of the occurrence of a pandemic.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

The organization of the subsequent triage was originally a desire of Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP). Then Lauterbach, who had been a critic of the project from the start, pushed even bigger hurdles into negotiations with Buschmann last week: It was agreed that at least three specialists with expertise in intensive care medicine should be agreed upon. Then a legislative proposal in this version went to the so-called departmental vote. Now turned: Lauterbach withdrew his consent to the settlement with Buschmann and announced his final rejection of the subsequent count. The draft should now be changed accordingly.

After illegal vaccinations against Corona: The procedures against the doctor, Winfried Stocker, stopped

Lubeck’s doctor Winfried Stoker administered dozens of doses of the unauthorized coronavirus Lubeca Vax in 2021 before it was stopped by the police and the Public Order Office. The attorney general’s office has now dropped the case – but he still faces a penalty.

‘Breaking the taboo’

Corinna Rover, the Green Party MP responsible for disability policy, told the German Liberation Network (RND) at the weekend that including so-called post-screening in legislative plans would break taboos. “This means that seriously ill patients will have to live permanently in hospital with the fear that life-sustaining medical procedures will end up in someone else’s favour,” said the Green Party politician. Manslaughter.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

According to Lauterbach, the regulation of so-called pre-screening should continue to be regulated by law. It concerns any newly admitted patient to be treated first if the therapeutic capabilities are impaired. In this constellation, two specialists must agree. The planned law aims to prevent persons with disabilities from being disadvantaged in this decision.

With the bill, the coalition is responding to a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court in December. The judges had ordered the government to take immediate precautions to protect the disabled during the triage linked to the pandemic. Otherwise, the judges explained, it was feared that they would be at a disadvantage in allocating intensive care resources to treatment. Many people with disabilities and previous illnesses have complained.

Lauterbach recently agreed to a request from the federal states that people with coronavirus no longer have to self-isolate by order of the Ministry of Health. Shortly thereafter, he reversed the decision and spoke of a mistake.

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