Corona live tape from Monday (May 9) to Saturday (14 May): pandemic in Bavaria – news from Rosenheim, Traunstein, Molddorf, Altötting, Berchtesgadener Land

Head of the State Chancellery Florian Hermann.

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Munich / Upper Bavaria – The coronavirus continues to cause restrictions on public life in the region, in Bavaria, Germany and around the world. Developments from Monday (May 9) to Saturday (14 May) in the news ticker:

The number of cases at a glance:

  • Covid-19 cases in intensive care units in Bavaria: 190 (Source / As of: DIVI, May 10, 6:05 a.m.)
  • Infection rate in 7 days: City of Rosenheim 614.9, District Rosenheim 688.5, District Traunstein 593.3, District Berchtesgadener Land 404.4, District Muldorf 622.4, District Altötting 700.4 (Source/Status: RKI, May 10, 3:11 a.m.) *
  • People affected so far: City Rosenheim 25615, District Rosenheim 107.147, Traunstein 75425, Berchtesgadener Land 42208, Molddorf 50458, Alting 44.231 (Source/Status: RKI, May 10, 3:11 a.m.) *
  • Death cases: City of Rosenheim 125, District Rosenheim 710, Traunstein 355, Berchtesgadner Land 186, Molddorf 304, Altötting 329 (Source/Status: RKI, May 10, 3:11 a.m.) *
  • /* From now on, only the health authorities in Bavaria will hand over current case numbers to the RKI from Monday to Friday. Accordingly, RKI is updating the current Corona numbers from Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Services: Cases of Germany – Cases around the world – Overview of risk areas

Update, 1:45 pm – Cabinet lifts disaster in Bavaria

The statewide disaster in Bavaria, which was once announced due to Corona, will be lifted at the end of Wednesday. Cabinet decided, Tuesday, in Munich. It is actually purely official business – yet another sign that the crisis appears to be over.

disaster situation “Now no longer required”She said Head of the State Chancellery Florian Hermann (CSU) After the cabinet meeting. The trend of mitigation and mitigation of the infection process continues, and you can still see a steady decline. For example, Covid patients currently occupy only 192 intensive care beds, and for the first time in a long time there are fewer than 200. If necessary, disaster can be declared repeatedly at any time – But this is no longer necessary now.

The disaster management team, led by the State Chancellery, also met for the last time on May 5th. However, Health Minister Klaus Holleczyk (CSU) also confirmed that all preparations are being made to prepare for all eventualities next fall..

Update, 12.15pm – ICE’s Banned No-Nos Mask

a One of the masked rejecters is said to have been attacked by federal police officers after being expelled from an ICE train in Nuremberg. to have. The railway staff handed it over to officials at Nuremberg Central Station afterwards Train to Munich No Mask FFP2 She wanted to wear, Federal Police announced on Tuesday. Then on Monday evening, the forces found it An arrest warrant has been issued for the 31-year-old.

In the Federal Police Inspectorate, the man He was beaten after a 53-year-old officerThe spokesman said, but he missed this. According to the information, he later added a 29-year-old Federal Police officer to the fray abrasions to. He is scheduled to be transferred to prison on Tuesday.

Update, 10:21 a.m. – Altötting district has reported 423 coronavirus cases

The responsibility for the health department in Altötting now falls within its scope of responsibility 187 new cases of corona reported (as of May 9). Since the outbreak of the epidemic, a total of 44,231 people in Altoting city and district have been infected with the coronavirus. the Actual The 7-day infection rate in the Altötting region is 700.4. Currently there is a city and county 423 active cases. Most of them are in Burghausen (48), Burgkirchen (45), Altötting (41) and Garching (41).

Update, 8:28AM – Latest RKI numbers for the area

Development of the events of the seven days in southeast Bavaria (as of May 10).


According to RKI, the number of coronavirus cases in the region has increased since Saturday It is developed differently. While accidents have decreased in the counties of Mühldorf and Altötting, they have increased significantly in other regions of the region (eg Traunstein +101).

Accidents in detail: distract Altoetting (from 705 to 700), Province Muehldorf (from 653 to 622), circle Berchtesgaden country (from 310 to 404), province Traunstein (from 492 to 593), Rosenheim (from 587 to 615) and Rosenheim District (from 684 to 689). RKI reported to the area since Saturday Six more deaths linked to the Corona virus. Accordingly, four people died in the county of Rosenheim and one person each in the counties of Traunstein and Altötting. More information about age/place of residence is not available.

RKI records 107,568 new infections – 522.7

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has a nationwide Injury for seven days on Tuesday morning at 522.7 specific. This is evidenced by the numbers reflecting the state of the RKI dashboard at 5 AM. The day before, the value of new infections per 100,000 residents and the week was 499.2 (previous week: 632.3, previous month: 1097.9). However, the infection does not provide a complete picture of the infection status.

This was reported by the German health authorities RKI lasts 107,568 new cases of corona (Last week: 113,522 recorded injuries) and 218 deaths (Previous week: 240) in one day. Here, too, comparisons between data can only be made to a limited extent due to test behavior, late registrations, or transmission problems.

RKI has been counted 254,06868 SARS-CoV-2 infections have been detected since the beginning of the pandemic. The actual total number is likely much higher, as many infections go undetected.

Monday (May 9):

Update, 8.33 a.m. – Strauss-Holmeyer’s daughter must testify at mask commission

With CSU European politician Monica Holmeyer on Monday in Inquiry Committee of the Bavarian State Parliament The first prominent witness to testify. Must do the daughter of former CSU President Franz Josef Strauss Arranged contacts for masks stores during the Corona pandemic They have – but according to their own statements, as the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” wrote He did not ask for money and did not receive anything. The session begins at 11 am, and Hohlmeier is summoned to the Bavarian state parliament at 1:30 pm.

The committee aims to support the state’s state mask stores in the Corona pandemic, To clarify the possible participation of Members of Parliament and the partially high commission payments to Parliamentarians. The Ministry of Health has repeatedly emphasized that the Ministry has in no way paid commissions to elected officials.

RKI records 3350 new infections

nationally The 7-day infection rate of the new corona is less than 500 Projection. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave the value on Monday morning 499.2 at. Sunday’s infection rate was 514.0, compared to 639.5 a week ago. The value specifies the number of new infections per 100,000 population over a seven-day period.

As the RKI announced on Monday, citing data from health authorities, the number of people reported was higher New injuries within 24 hours at 3350, after 8,488 the day before and 4,032 a week ago (Coronavirus Index Saturday, May 7). The total number of cases recorded in Germany since the beginning of the Corona pandemic has risen to 25,299,300.

According to the RKI, five more deaths were reported within 24 hours Registered in connection with the Corona virus. The total number of corona deaths recorded in Germany has risen to 136,538.

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