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Moscow on May 9: Lots of geese walks, medals, and fun, but no public mobilization, no victory celebrations and no new nuclear concerns. In “Hart-Aber Fair,” Frank Blasberg asks: “Putin’s motorcade – isn’t a threat a cause for hope?”


Michael Roth (51, SPD). The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee warns that “Putin has not achieved any of his war goals. He has failed miserably. But he will continue the brutal war!”

Rodrich Keswetter (58, CDU). The foreign policy expert and former colonel slams the “intellectual message” against arms delivery: “I am very sorry that Mrs. Schwarzer makes herself a Putin follower!”

Claudia Major (45). The defense expert advises: “Ukraine should recover as much as possible militarily, with our help, because it needs a strong negotiating position!”

Professor Wolfgang Merkel (70). The political expert hopes: “Weapons are certainly not the only option.”

Jessen Dornbluth (53). The journalist (DeutschlandRadio) emphasizes the “stark contrast between the ‘high-gloss images of the show and images of the war in Ukraine'”.

The individual tables with bar stools at Corona’s distance disappeared, and the guests sat together again at the table as they used to. Zoff-O-Meter also hopes to achieve as much consistency as possible in terms of content.

First disappointment

Expert Major explains Putin’s speech: “One can guess that there was a reality check, because he talked about fallen sons and families in mourning. It’s a bit like, yes, he admits that things are not going according to plan. “

But: “For me it was more than a confirmation of what Russia was planning,” the major admits afterwards. “This is not a departure from the objectives. The war is justified. That is why I see it as an affirmation of the previous policy. I see no desire for negotiations or appeasement.” Off!

The most important reaction

The talk show host would have liked to hear something else: “I’m looking for a glimmer of hope without being naive,” he sighs. “Is there anyone here who sees it differently?”

No reaction. Blasberg quipped, “Silence is the answer too.” “I’ll give you more time to think…”

Zoff-O-Meter starts working

With this key word the professor feels that it is his duty. “If Putin had talked about some kind of victory, he would have started saving face, and it could have led to new steps,” he says with disappointment.

“When I hear he needs a face-saving solution!” The SPD man gets angry. “Even if he fails miserably, as he has done so far, he alone has the power to explain to his people that he has won. Because there is no longer anyone who can contradict him.”

Roth’s advice: “We must continue the massive support for Ukraine, because only the worst can be prevented from a position of strength.” There is the first round of applause.

The smartest analytics

“Putin is under tremendous pressure,” DLR journalist Dornbluth comments. “For me, that rhetoric was a grandiose ‘keep it up.’ No retreat, no deviation, no definition of goals. It keeps the door open.”

Kiesewetter helped: “Putin had the opportunity to announce today that he has largely achieved his war goals.” “We must prepare for a longer war.”

coolest dialogue

“As Michael Roth has said very clearly, we must stand by Ukraine not to lose this war,” demands the CDU-Kiesewetter. The four parties supporting the state show that they have a common goal. There is no place for party politics there. Applause again.

“Mr. Ruth, will you accept this hug?” The talk show host smiles.

The SPD man replies: “It’s not a hug, it’s a very honorable move that I respect a lot.” “The CDU/CSU can also act differently. That’s why you deserve credit. You have to say it clearly. It might also remove some of the citizens’ concerns.”

Foto: ARD

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“Putin’s motorcade – isn’t a threat a reason for hope?” The title of the talk was “Difficult but Honest”Photo: ARD

The most painful illustration

The professor sprinkles itching powder on harmony: “We must reach a truce as quickly as possible in which the two sides can get to know each other,” he warns. If Putin loses his face, he will lean his back against the wall, “and then completely different disasters can happen!”

Major opposes: “Ukraine has no choice between war and peace.” “It has a de facto choice between war and annihilation or surrender. The second misconception is that Russia has a real interest in negotiations. Even with a ceasefire, we would only have frozen military conflict.”

The most proven manslaughter argument

“I do not understand how one can say that in a year the military situation is likely to be completely different, and after that the negotiating cards will be clearer from the Ukrainian side,” doubts Professor Merkel.

“That sounds a little cynical about the casino,” Blasberg rebukes.

I’m sorry what the political world is reluctant to accept instructions. “How many dead would my counter-question be, not at all polemical, but directed toward understanding, how many deaths can we actually afford before we reach a ceasefire?” Yes, not argumentative at all!

strongest objection

“Ukraine has decided it wants to fight,” the defense expert said. The goal should be to put Ukraine in the best possible negotiating position. This also means restoring as much of the territory occupied by Russia as possible. ”

Professor Merkel thumps his fist in the air and says: “How long will this war last?” “Can you say: Only when you have these lines will we negotiate, and then 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 may die?”

bitter record

Roth gets angry slowly: “For years, I shaped the policy of the West by not angering Russia despite its wars,” he recalls. “What is the result? We have a terrible war being fought exclusively by Russia and Putin!”

His concern: “We should not make ourselves dependent on Putin’s threats. Even if we only gave Ukraine five games, he would probably accuse us of massive interference. Therefore, only containment, deterrence and support will help us.”

Foreign politician from the Christian Democratic Union, Rodrich KeswetterFoto: ARD

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Foreign politician from the Christian Democratic Union, Rodrich KeswetterPhoto: ARD

Most reassuring realization

Major expert tells about Putin’s nuclear power in one-on-one interview. Since the beginning of the war, Russia has already directed more than 20 nuclear threats, according to its reports of “the rumble of nuclear swords”. Phew!

But, Major continued: “Russia continues to escalate, but continues to hold on to this threat. The president is stepping up, the Secretary of State is aware of it. We see in this war that nuclear deterrence has worked.”

The most terrifying information

“There is no red button that you can simply press,” the expert continues. “Not a single person decides this. In Russia they talk about the three-portfolio system: the president, the defense minister and the chief of staff.”

Why does Russia threaten nuclear weapons? “One message to the West, the USA and NATO: Get away from it!” Key Analytics. “The second message goes to a Western audience and aims to sow fear: Think about arms shipments!”

Her warning: “If we panic, we’ll do what Putin wants!”

perfidious coercive measures

The correspondent of the German Center for Refugees reported on the Russification process in occupied areas such as Cherson or Mariupol: “Mayors are sacked, arrested and kidnapped. Dozens of mayors have disappeared. Pro-Ukrainian politicians, activists and journalists will be intimidated or disappeared.”

And further: “There is only Russian state television and in some regions only the Russian ruble. This is treacherous, because because of the blockade, people can only shop there in rubles. “

clearer edge

“I am in favor of giving Ukraine a chance to defend itself,” Roth concludes. “And I say this with confidence, so that I can once again liberate the lands occupied by Russia.” Boom!

Watch it: “During our visit to Lviv, a young Ukrainian colleague told me that the best humanitarian assistance is when you hand over weapons. Every village and every region liberated by Russian forces is a lesser place where people are massacred, where war crimes are committed.”

The most reasonable conclusion

Even the anti-gun professor gave in: “Such destinies, you have to humbly follow what the people themselves say. I have no advice to give.” Trustworthy!

Quote from the evening

“People are accusing Germany of many things, but certainly not that we are too fast.” Thomas Roth


Politicians and experts are in a boring monotonous situation: always the same answers to the same questions, and that’s too long. This was a talk show in the “Stretching Exercises” category.

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